Are you intending not to go back home? You are a married man now, am sure she is worried sick about your whereabout

Mark came to hide in Adam's house after the wedding. Adam is the closest to Mark among his two friends

Who asked her to be worried, Mark scoffed. She just likes to pretend

"how do you know she is pretending, you haven't lived a day with her" Adam is so worried for Mark because he understands Mark and knows he is a very stubborn person. He only pities Sarah who is forced to be married to Mark

Mark does not show any interest in the discussion or have any plan to move out any time soon

Shane can you please tell your friend to go back home. It's not like she is scary or something.

Adam look towards Shane, are you not going to say something?

Shane could only laugh. "Everyone knows Mark can be very stubborn especially when making a decision" he replied. Moreover it's none of my business, she is his wife by law

Shane is hardly interested in conversations like this, amongst the three friends, he is a casanova and doesn’t believe women matter should be taken seriously

He is only concerned about pretty ladies he could get laid with, anything apart from that, he is less concerned

Before the marriage, Mark consistently complained to them but is rather still forced to marry Sarah. He had promised he wouldn't give her any attention or love. He was never going to love her and plans to divorce her after a year

He would give his parent face for a year and that's it

Shane knows only Mark could make the decision at this moment on

I actually find her pretty and fits you well, even though you are not good for her, although she is my kind of girl.

Shane is slapped in the head by Adam

Are you out of your mind? Adam shouts at Shane

"You know, she looks rather calm and reserved" I like her already. This time there is a big smile on Shane face

Mark would not be cajoled no matter what

If you think that highly of her, why don't I divorce her so you can marry her? I don't know what is pretty and calm about her, pretending b**ch

Adam looked at the both of them and wondered who was sane. Shane doesn't seem to help and Mark is head bent

Deep down he knows Sarah isn't so bad, he just wonders why Mark wouldn't give her a chance and why her parent made her marry this scumbag of a person

Why don't you give her a chance, you know, just to know her. I know it's forced and all but if you try to get to know her, she might just be more of a blessing

"That cursed girl" Mark immediately threw a cushion pillow at Adam, "she can never be a blessing to me!" he screamed back at Adam. She isn't pretty at all compared to Rachel

Your in and out girlfriend? Adam bluntly replied

Do you realize that Rachel girl leaves you for other men then comes back to you when they dump her?

So!!! Mark would not allow anyone say bad things about Rachel so he quickly dissolved the talk. Am just going to stay for a while, I have work to do anyway. Break ends in two weeks

"Your supposed honeymoon break you mean" Shane replied.

Mark could no longer understand the both of them so he left them and walked into his room

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