Sarah had called Mark several times but he won't pick her call.

She refused to tell her parent about it. Parents find it easy to misunderstand situation especially in the case where she was dragged forcefully to the court. They won't believe that easily that she didn't do anything wrong. Mark doesn't like her, which means he could lie if asked any question. She just has to manage and endure for the main time

Sarah had to move from her mansion which is located in the richest area to Mark house which is a three bedroom apartment. Mark can't be said to be poor but compared to Sarah, he is a poor man. Although she didn't go along with most of her things, she had to come back whenever she needed important documents and stuffs.

Sarah own many luxurious houses and Estates, the amount of luxurious cars is countless. She couldn't tell Mark about any of it and it wasn't like he was interested to know about her.

She had to buy a smaller car she could go out with, at least to match the kind of person she says she is.

Mostly she drives to a location where her driver is parked with the car she is meant to go out with. It would seem off if she goes to work without a CEO befitting car

If Mark has to love her the way she wants, she needed to manage the discomfort of changing cars and moving around

Mark is yet to return home after two weeks of marriage and still not picking her call. Today she decides to go back to her house to stay for a while since she had nothing to do at work.

She had finally reached the height of been bored alone

While going, she invited Lola who seem to be less busy and more interested in Sarah's life and love affair

Getting out of the car, Lola also arrived and could not but announce her arrival with a deafening scream

"Married woman wait for me!"

Can you stop screaming, you could be arrested you know

Not when my friend is the CEO of SD Global, Lola replied

Am going to ditch you one day just to teach you a lesson

Lola immediately ran towards Sarah and hugged her with her little body. She looked at Sarah with a wronged face

Stop been clingy, I know all of this is fake

Are you not going to miss me if am taking away?

Sarah always has this soft spot for Lola, you would think they were rather lovers

As they both entered the mansion, Sarah complained bitterly to Lola

I don't think this marriage will work, he promised he would never love me before leaving the house the same day of marriage

The cook quickly greeted and asked what they would like just as they stepped into the large living room

Welcome back ma, what should I get you. Miss Lola what would you like to have. It's been a long time ma

Lola quickly made order for what she wanted, she loves the food made by Mrs Fejiro

You should know that Sarah's house is like a luxurious hotel where all your dreams come true

The house has an in-house gym which Sarah uses often. She looks like a Sexy Monique put up for advert, you just have the feeling to touch. A big cinema room, a large game room, 13 big rooms including the master bedroom that is as big as a house itself.

There are paintings of high class artists you would not easily get anywhere, antique for beautification

Sarah loves to collect old precious materials that has history. An in-house 6ft swimming pool and a large 12ft outdoor swimming pool

There is a big garden and several expensive cars. There is a big BQ where the workers live and are paid heavy even more than what some company boss get as salary

Lola would have moved in with Sarah if she had been permitted, but Sarah can't deal with such disturbing crazy everyday

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