Lola has lost track of time of not going to the Desmond residence. Since she won't come by herself, she is forcefully invited over by Mrs Desmond.

Lola's parent and the Desmond parent can be said to have been very good friends

Knowing that she and Sarah are almost inseparable, the bond of the two families wades stronger. Just that Lola's both parents died in an accident few years back. Since then, the Desmond family had taken up responsibility on her and never allowed her to ever feel the lose.

She is the only close friend Sarah is recognized with and actually the only friend that has been with Sarah. Sarah Desmond cherish Lola so much and has kept her close for several years

Lola's parent owned a house that was left in Lola's care and a lot of money they had saved over the years

If Mrs Desmond needed an information about Sarah that Sarah herself won't tell, you only need to coarse Lola and she will spill everything.

It's not like Lola had a choice everytime she is questioned, Mrs Desmond has the best way to get information from her

She is not as strong as Sarah, so it is easy to get her talking

Mrs Desmond had tried to reach Sarah but couldn't as Sarah's number was not going through

Nobody knows Sarah had to go for a business trip outside the country, except for Lola and close working staffs. She initially wanted to inform Mark but he didn't pick her calls either.

The last person she would want to know about her movement is Mrs Desmond. She definitely won't let her concentrate.

Sarah had to force Lola to swear not to tell anyone about her whereabouts and threatened her

Mrs Desmond believed Sarah is ignoring her because she made her marry Mark at all cost

"Have you also neglected the family because Sarah is married?" she scolded Lola

"MA..... How can you even say something like that"

Lola folds her hands in front of her chest with her mouth pouted and with a childish look. Blinking her eyelids to show more cuteness

But Sarah has moved out very long ago, she just comes back here briefly. Why are you scolding me?

You should know Lola is like the puppy Mrs Desmond never had. No matter what is said to her, she will put on an alluring and sheepish smile.

Acting all cute and spoilt, Lola believes she is the supposed last child of the Desmond even if her name doesn't have a Desmond in it.

You are the closest to that girl and she let's you know more information about her. You should know where she is hiding. Mrs Desmond plays all nice and charming just to get what she wants from Lola

"I begged you to adopt me, but you wouldn't, am I not cute enough" Lola started to act spoilt.

She can't betray her friendship with Sarah this time, so she has to find a way to ease the tension on her by changing the topic of discussion

She had promised Sarah she won't disclose her present location, moreover Sarah is scary with threats

Mrs Desmond realizes Lola is trying to play her so she has to play along

"I really want to adopt you but Sarah does not agree"


Yes, I really want to adopt you. You are my cute little baby

That girl is not only annoying but greedy. She has everything, I just want to be her sister for real. Lola holds her hands out as she explained

How about I help you talk to Sarah so you can live in her house, there is plenty of space for you there. It is rather empty now that she is married. Then I can also adopt you without her permission

She rushed immediately towards Mrs Desmond. Are you really going to do that for me?

Mrs Desmond holds Lola in her embrace, you are my daughter so yes.

She walks into the kitchen and brings out some sweet cookies

Look I even made you cookies, don't let Sarah spoil our relationship. Have some

Lola took one of the cookies, oh my God, this is good

So Lola where is Sarah hiding?

Looking at the cookies and remembering the house, Lola almost lost herself but heard Sarah's voice.

"I will no longer have you in my eyes if you betray me this time"

Lola had to quickly control her emotions. Ehn.........

You should know Sarah is more scary compared to Mrs Desmond

MA, I really don't know where she is, I really want to help but I don't know anything

Mrs Desmond rolls her eyes at Lola and took back the cookies


You are just like her, you should go back on time, I need to rest.

Am your daughter too!!

Just go and hide yourself too. She turned around and walked away

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