I think she is cheating

Mark has not been able to reach Sarah for two weeks. He reluctantly called her but no response. He sent her a threat message, still no response. He was forced to ask the family yet no news. Lola, Sarah's accomplice won't say anything, so it was a dead end

She probably has gone to meet her lover, which is a good thing for me. At least I will be free too

Mark's expression is the opposite of what he says

How do you know? You told me she said her company sent her on a project to another state Adam responded

Ever since Sarah disappeared, Mark has been frequent in Adam's house. First he felt released from the marriage but later on he started to feel different which is strange to him

That was the message she left me but am sure she lied. What is her role in the company that will let her travel that long. I have tried to contact the company but there is no feedback. Nobody is saying anything and she is definitely not missing

Adam is surprised to hear Mark say it was a lie. How do you know she lied?

I saw her with my very own eyes. I sneaked up on her to know if she really works at SD Global. To my surprise, she drove out then packed at a spot. There was this expensive car already parked in front. A guy in clean suit, this guy looks like a painting, everything was so sharp on him, came down and opened the back door for her. If I were a lady I would also fall for that guy

He was just the driver anyway. If the driver can be that good looking, imagine the boss sitter behind. She quickly got inside the car and they zoomed off. Someone came and drove her car away

Like the car was expecting her. There must be a very rich man inside the car, though I didn't see, couldn't go so close anyway

Even if what you are saying is true, I don't think she is the type to cheat, Adam replied honestly

What else will she be doing in that car.

Adam looked at Mark closely again then opened his mouth to ask. "Have you consummated your marriage yet?"

Seriously you are asking me that?

Just answer me Mark, have you had sex with her yet?

Well that doesn't give her room to cheat on me

So you haven't done anything together ever since? Adam sounds not convinced

Where is this going Adam?

Am just surprised that's all. You should blame yourself if Sarah cheats on you. What kind of a husband are you? You hardly stay home too

I haven't touched any woman since we married not even Rachel

"Not even the untouchable Rachel?"


This is unbelievable, am hearing new things. Adam smirked as he looked at Mark over again

Mark doesn't want to be seen as the bad guy, moreover it's not like Sarah would let him if he asked

"And you think she will let me touch her"

You never tried, so how will I know

I don't care if she cheats or not, I just want her to come back so her family can stop pestering me

Why not ask her about the man in the car. Am sure you are curious to know

Am not.....

And how do you, you know. Do you help yourself? Adam teased

"Get lost"

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