Mr. Mark followed you to the car today

"I know"

Let him do as he pleases. Sarah smiles gently raising the corner of her mouth

So you saw him and you still let him follow you? Mark frowned, making him look ugly and ugly

"Drive Kelvin, am not stupid".

If he wants to leave his job and follow me about, let him. I will arrange for another route temporarily.

Kelvin looks at Sarah through the mirror, is it not risky since you don't want him to know who you are. Are you not concerned that he might follow you to work?

Sarah didn't reply, she focus on the laptop on her lap as she continued to work.

She knows Mark, so she thinks. At the least, they have spent some time living together, she can tell some of his limitations.

Why are you tolerating him this much, he isn't fit to be with you

Why do you think so Kelvin? Because am the owner of SD Global and he is just a small manager?

Kelvin is rendered speechless, he knows Sarah always does the right thing. He is just angry that Sarah is siding with Mark against him. At least he is far better than Mark but she might have fallen for Mark

"Kelvin, I understand your fears, Mark is really harmless, I got to know that already". Sarah did not look up while replying Kelvin.

He isn't that bad actually, he is just a proud young man, which is normal for his talent. You know, you both have a lot in common, so let's have fun for a while.

Kelvin does not like the fact that Sarah says he is alike with Mark.

We have nothing to compare similarity, Kelvin responded proudly

You were just lucky Kelvin. If he keeps this up, maybe things might change between us. He is also your boss if you look at it.

If you say so ma, Kelvin responded

"I think Alice likes you"

Sarah looks at Kelvin, I see you know already. You should not leave her hanging for so long. "I will bless you two's union"

Moreover she has a great outstanding result from Harvard and a good heart. You both fit perfectly like heaven made

Kelvin knows about Alice trying to lock him down for a while now. He only has his eyes on Sarah and is not interested in any other person at the moment. Moreover he has to compete with Mark at the moment, so he rather doesn't have time for Alice

Let's change the pick up location tomorrow.

Sarah could guess what Kelvin was thinking about, she shook her head disappointed

Yes ma. Kelvin replied between gnashing his teeth.

At least he cares about what I do even if he proves stubborn on the outside. Mark is never disappointing, Sarah said as she smiles

We would be gone in few days anyway, so let's have fun with him

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