You know you can't always be too hard on that boy, he is still trying to gain his ground. He is working towards his next promotion so he is very busy at the moment

Mr Davies ignores her, he looks away

If you continue to go about it this way, that boy will not come home again

"I can't allow that to happen no matter what" she folds her hands on her chest and pout her mouth

Mr Davies looks at her and becomes powerless, everytime he tries to act tough he is countered by her soft and crafty action, he has no choice but to surrender, she is is beloved wife. What do you expect me to do?

"pamper him like you do"

He is now a man he should be responsible already, he is just been unreasonable. I have a plan, it will only work if you support me

Mrs Davies acted like she isn't concerned, she replied by just blinking her round eye

"Do you think he would agree if we find him a wife"

Mrs Davies looks at her husband for a while then smiled, it's not a bad idea, if he can't get one, we can as well get him one

Just that that boy is stubborn. She looks towards the door

He is stubborn because of you, Mr Davies retorted at her

Fine, fine, "let's get him a wife". He won't reject it if I support it. It's not like he leaves me any choice either

Mr Davies hold his wife by the hand and coarse her.

Ehn..."I know you understand me the best"

But I will have to check the girl and her family background, Mrs Davies replies him

It's not like I will get a random girl, my friends have female children, we can look for the best one

He draws her closer to his body, we can look at the girls together, he always knew how to coarse his wife to be happy

Ehn.. Ehn.. Smile for me

It was then she smiled and completely rested on his aging body. This is perfect, am sure he will like the girl I pick then she smiles to herself

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