Guys, I think that girl is a tigress but am going to cut off all her claws. Sometimes I look at her and I feel fear. Her aura is too domineering, it is just too strong and strange

"How can a woman with no level in the society possess such outstanding aura, it's too fearful"

Adam payed much attention to every details Mark reported to them about Sarah. "Don't you think you are just been annoying"

"I know what I saw Adam, I have never faced such opponent before, and she is just a woman". Am going crazy already

Don't you think you are overeating? You have been pushing her too hard, maybe she is just trying to defend herself from you. Most importantly, what did you do to her this time Adam asked

I didn't do anything, she is just a fearful tigress, Mark replied

Shane who had only been listening and payed less attention to them sudden geared up at the mention of Sarah been a tigress

Did you say tigress, oh I love her deeply already

That's my wife you are talking about, Mark pointed angrily towards Shane. Take that stupid smile off your face now, you look too stupid right now

Since when Mark. It's been eight months and it's same old same old. You can't even confront her anymore, Shane replied angrily

This girl doesn't seem to be affected by anything I say or do. Like she has no fears. Sometimes she just let me, you know, do my thing and then she walks away. Other times she scared the hell out of me that I can't breathe for a while until she leaves. I don't know how she does it

Your thing!, you mean shout, scream, rant, nag, be crazy, Adam replied

She deserves every bit of it. Am going to find her weak spot and then I will destroy her. Who said I did any of that, you haven't witnessed her terror.

Maybe after you have killed yourself trying to break her. Have you even tried to smoothen things with her? Have you even tried to be a good husband?

I can't find myself doing that Mark replied "I know I am a good husband, she is just too proud to see it"

Adam looked at Mark with a worried expression. Don't you love her at all?

In the past Mark would have said how much he hated her and hate her but this time he actually didn't know how to answer

She is just impossible Adam, you won't understand until you are in my shoes he replied

Can I fill your shoes then Mark, Shane looked at Mark

Almost immediately Mark and Adam replied at the same time

"She is my wife Shane, She is his wife Shane"

Are you listening to yourself Shane, this is Mark's wife we are talking about Adam scolded

But he doesn't want her and I do, Shane replied angrily

I really can't understand this stupid boy. Adam turned to Mark, just leave him alone, he seem to have lost his mind of late.

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