"Mum please am tired of going on these random dates"

Do you even have any right to complain. Look at you looking so beautiful and elegant yet no man, wasting every gift you have

Mrs Desmond and Sarah Desmond can be said to be very intimate except for the part of getting a man in her life


Don't mum me there. "I want a grandchild"

I am not forcing you to have many, just give me one that I can show off with to my friends

How can you even think like this mum, "is my life and future children something you should use to boast to your friends"

Yes! Oh yes!!

Look at all my friends, they have grandchildren, you are the richest among them, you have your own company that is rooted almost all over the world, even if they don't know you own it.

I don't know why you won't let me rub it on my friends face, they do the same too. Mrs Desmond suddenly felt wronged as Sarah would not let her expose their wealth.

They don't have as much as you but they are married with children

"I want children not money"


she pretends to cry as she increases her voice

Can you please stop, I promise you, I will find someone soon.

Mrs Desmond quickly dries her eyes, you don't have to, I already found you one

What!! Sarah could not believe her ears. When did this happen?

Mrs Desmond laughed at her daughter. Your fathers friend actually has this sweet boy who is also like you

"single and ready to marry" she laughs again happily.

Mum please you can't do this to me. She holds Mrs Desmond by the hand. I already have a boyfriend.

Sarah had to come up with an excuse to get Mrs Desmond off her trail.

What boyfriend! You are trying to play smart.

"I do have a boyfriend, I just haven't brought him home"

Fine, bring him home by weekend for assessment. She takes her jerks her hand off as she smirks and walked away

"am sure she doesn't have a boyfriend" Mrs Desmond murmur, let's wait to see.

Sarah bangs her first on the small table beside her. If I knew this is what she was going to say I wouldn't have come home

Ha! This is sabotage, pure evil sabotage

A phone vibrates "what is love when I can give myself plenty of it", Sarah picks the ringing cell phone, am not in the mood, what is it

There is a slight problem in the company that needs your attention, Alice responded lightly from the phone

"I will be right there"

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