Sarah rushes down to the company as she had found out there was a problem with one of the delivery they made and the client would not stop yelling on the phone at the Secretary

Such incident had never happened before, they had never delivered a wrong product.

The goods belonging to the client had been mistakingly switched with the goods that was supposed to be delivered to a closer region

They had delivered it to the wrong location and sent a different one

With that, the company will fall behind schedule and have to retrieve the wrong products and resend the right one

They still have to pay a compensation fee since the delivery date will be far past before it is delivered

"Get me the manager"

Alice is the personal assistant to Sarah, she nods her head and quickly rushes out to call the manager

At the moment everyone involved is on their toes. Sarah pays her staff well to do their jobs perfectly. She can be brutal when handling matters and is very decisive in business.

All of her clients and customers love her company because they fulfill every promise made.

Her board of directors are always alert because she is so smart and shrewd, she is not afraid to lash anyone that is wrong.

"Why is everything just going wrong today" put me on the call she instructs the Secretary Jane

She pressed the phone receiver and spoke to the client herself.

She was able to pacify the client and promised to sort it out in time and take responsibility for any added cost

Sarah holds her forehead as she gives a light squeeze, she can't get her mind off what Mrs Desmond has said to her

"Think girl think, what do I do"

While she was at it a light knock came and brings her back to reality

"come in"

A middle age man walked in with light steps as he quickly spoke. It was my fault, I was careless, I didn't check the goods properly ma

"So what are you going to do about it"

I will fix it ma, he looks down as he spoke. His heart beating more than normal, if it was possible for the ground to swallow him he would prefer that

What do you want to do concerning the money lost in your mistake, Sarah looks coldly at him

The manager was silent for a while. He is the bread winner of his family, how will he survive if his salary was slashed

what are you thinking about, you made me loose money and almost made the company loose face, how will you take responsibility?

Mr Patrick started sweating and could not respond.

You know the rules Mr Patrick, I want to hear you say it

Ma'am am really sorry about the lose, I will take responsibility, he had no better option

She shakes her head as she looks up at him, you want to take responsibility, how!!! just go and amend the mistake first, I will think of how to punish you later

"I have more pressing issues to deal with first"

The manager could only walk out sober, he has indeed made a big mistake shipping the wrong goods to a client oversea

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