The week was indeed the fastest week for Sarah Desmond, it was already Friday.

Lola what do I do now, I spoke with Jude about coming to see my parents by tomorrow but he hasn't replied by text or called me back

"Are you sure or you were too busy to listen to his reply"

Lola is the only friend Sarah has, they grew up together but she didn't have as much luck as Sarah.

They are both from rich homes but Sarah always wanted to own a business.

While they were in the university, Sarah started her now company "SD Global". At that time she wanted to run it with Lola but Lola wasn't serious.

Lola believed business would only tie you down from having as much time to enjoy, she loves money but not the hard part of making it.

She ended up becoming a model in which she became popular and was picked for simple roles in movies

Sarah had started with running logistics and handling little contracts. Has luck will have it, after few years of hard work, she was contracted for a massive contract outside the country and that was the turn around.

She didn't relent and continue to grow and expand until she topped as the biggest company in country A.

Lola is always happy for Sarah but sometimes regret not joining Sarah at the beginning. At least she would be very rich while Sarah does the major work

Am sure Jude was also busy, why not give him a call, Lola sips her drink

Right now??

"Are you busy at the moment" Lola rolls her eye at Sarah

Won't he think am desperate?

Lola smirks her lips "arrogant b**ch" she picks up Sarah phone and searched for Jude number

"Hey! what are you doing, give back my phone now"

Leave the commanding tone to your workers, I said it, you are arrogant

You saved his name with "Jude who" she smiled as she dials the number

Lola what is wrong with you, please don't call him

"too late senorita"

You are driving me crazy Lola

Sarah could not hold her anger, yet she could only watch Lola frustrate her

Lola mocks Sarah as she extends her tongue out, na nani nana.

Lola is known to be a very playful person, and her favorite person to mock is Sarah

Why is he not picking, let's call him again

Sarah cannot control Lola, Lola has always been too free no matter what Sarah says. Let's say she is the only one that can look Sarah in the face and say rubbish apart from Mr and Mrs Desmond

"hehe....... It rings again, pick up pick up"

Lola uses her second hand to block Sarah from coming any closer to snatch the phone off her hand

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