Everywhere became silent almost immediately, Sarah felt like swallowing Lola completely

"Hello... Sarah are you there, hello"

Lola immediately gave the phone back to Sarah and whisper "he has a seductive voice" then she gives a kissing and hugging sign.

Jude was about to drop the call when Sarah finally spoke up

hi Jude

I was beginning to get worried, how are you?

Lola could not hold herself as the call was on speaker and she could hear everything, she put her hands on her chest and drew love as she rolls her tongue

I am fine, are you busy because I could call back later

Sarah wasn't sure if she should speak to him, if he wanted to go with her he would have contacted her before now.

Oh! No, its fine. Am never busy for your call

Lola was already silently singing I love you at the side.

Jude and Sarah met at a shopping mall 2 months ago and they had plenty interests as the same. Jude works in an oil company as an assistant manager which can be said to be a good position as he makes a good living from it

Jude will often call Sarah to check on her and most of the time she was busy.

Sarah wouldn't have asked him to come see her parents if she wasn't sabotaged by her parents.

I didn't hear from you again, it's tomorrow "I hope it's not a busy day for you"

About that, something came up so I won't be able to go with you.

The moment he said he wasn't available Lola stopped playing and looked angrily at Sarah, "it's all your fault"

I hope you are not angry, tomorrow just won't work for me. Maybe some other time Jude apologized

Sarah just made a ehn sound and dropped the call

"I know he is lying" Lola looks at Sarah as she spoke. You have not been nice to him so he turned you down, I would also do the same if I were him

"Will you shut your mouth" Sarah scolded, I didn't do anything wrong. She robs her forehead as she sigh. nothing is working in my favour right now, I guess I just have to comply with those old people at home

Lola could only smile as she takes her drink "he might not be that bad" do you know anything about him?

Sarah shakes her head to show she doesn't have any idea about him. I didn't ask but I will get the details tomorrow, drink up and let's get out of here

Lola only made a mmmmm sound as she blushed

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