Mum you can't announce that am the CEO of SD Global, he might get scared since he is just a manager

I actually didn't think that way, you are correct, he should find out later, you are a smart girl. He should count himself lucky to be introduced to you

Having a big CEO as you as his wife is a rare gift, he better make use of the opportunity

Sarah could only shake her head, Mrs Desmond mind could swerve so easily.

Sarah's actual reason for not wanting Mark to find out about her position was actually different from what Mrs Desmond had in mind.

She doesn't want him to accept her because she is a billionaire as she also wish to pursue true love. She wants him to love her for who she is and not be attracted to her because of her money

Mrs Desmond won't mind since Sarah already agreed to meet Mark the weekend she was supposed to come home with Jude

Mrs Desmond can be very fast in making arrangements, especially the one that is to her benefit. She knew Sarah would not be able to produce any man as promised, she made contact to Mrs Davies instead

"so what will you tell him I do for a living"

Mrs Desmond looked at Sarah for a while before snapping her finger, "we shouldn't lie you know" let's just say logistics. Say you work at SD Global logistics, it's not totally a lie, you might own it but you also work there, the same thing right?

she laughs cunningly

That's a good idea, I was wondering where I got the brains from?

Sarah pouted her lips looking up as though she was thinking the answer

Definitely me, Mrs Desmond smirk. What does your father know with that his round head, he can't even manage a business until he retired from service.

I have always wanted to have my own business but your father won't allow me, made me a full house wife

"But you spent most of dad's money" Sarah pouts her mouth

Don't change the topic, now that we have agreed, come home tomorrow which is Sunday or you can stay over instead.

Mrs Desmond was not so confident that Sarah would come back if she let her go

I still have things to do, she holds Mrs Desmond by the waist, I won't disappoint you, I already agreed don't worry.

You are so rich yet humble, Mrs Desmond hold Sarah by the hand as she soothes it

"Should I be arrogant towards the family?"

Mrs Desmond suddenly had a worried face, why do you not appear on TV and other stuffs? Mrs Desmond looked at her daughter as she spoke. I only see your workers, even if you are humble don't let them take your place

"Mum" nobody is taking my place, they do it under my authority and permission. When I get as large as I want, I will come on stage. Moreover, all they do is promoting the company which is why I pay them

Mrs Desmond only replied with "hmm......That is good then"

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