I already told you I won't go, this is wrong, Mark tries to walk away but is held back by Mrs Davies

I already promised we will meet by noon today, I can't disappoint them

How will I raise my head up in the future if we don't go? Mrs Davies tries to play hurt and sober.

I hear she works in the logistics sector, "SD Global". Do yo know how hard it is to get into that company? Do you know how hard it was for me to finally find the right person for you?

Mrs Davies understands her son the most, he won't bulge except she uses strict measures, she quickly grabs on his cloth and refuse to let go

Mark will not allow himself be convinced, he tries to free himself off Mrs Davies but her grip on his cloth is so strong and he won't want to hurt her

Can you let go of me please, you are ruining my shirt

She turns her head away like she didn't hear him say anything

It's just a shirt...... , she struggled to answer

At this moment she has to make him surrender to her, at any measures necessary. It took her time to plan the hole arrangement with Mrs Desmond. Moreover she heard Sarah works with SD Global, that was the biggest company in the country.

If her son marries Sarah she would have no choice but let her son also work there. This arrangement will not only benefit mark but increase the family status

MA! "why are you doing this to me"

I didn't ask for much, just follow me to see this girl.

But I don't want to, I barely know her

Mrs Davies patted his back as she smiled back at him. Now am asking you to get to know her

Mark is totally humbled as he couldn't free himself and Mrs Davies is definitely not letting him off, he just has to comply

"fine, ahhh..... But on one condition"

Mrs Davies looks at him as she was also willing to agree with anything if he would go with her.

Unknown to Mark, even if he refuses or says he doesn't like her, the parents have already made the wedding arrangements that will take place in a month time.

"what's your condition"

I get to refuse this arrangement if she isn't my type of woman. Moreover you know am seeing someone already

That slut?

Mrs Davies pretend to spit out pttttt "she can never be my daughter in law"

What is it you don't like about her, Mark tries to show his disapproval towards Mrs Davies

Mark and Rachel have been dating on and off for four years, there is always a reason for Rachel to break up especially when she meets a richer man.

Whenever she gets dumped, she comes back to Mark and he accepts her because he is blindly in love with her

Mrs Davies is aware of the situation and refuses to accept such girl as her daughter in law

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