Mum! "she will never be my daughter in law, forget her"

Mrs Davies gently releases his shirt. That girl Sarah is a good girl, if you get to marry her maybe she can introduce you to her boss in SD Global, you have always wanted to work there.

Do you think she will have any connection there, he hissed,, someone who works only at the logistics not even the administrative board.

Mrs Davies is not so concerned about what he thinks of Sarah at the moment. Since he has agreed to go with her, then everything is fine.

"You almost scared me to death Sarah" Mrs Desmond drags Sarah into her room.

What are you anxious about, you are not the one being forced to marry here.

Sarah looks at Mrs Desmond angrily, she is helpless in front of this wild woman

Compared to the calm Sarah, Mrs Desmond looks like she hasn't slept for days.

She is more concerned and worried about the arrangements she is making. To her, it has to work out and nothing must be left undone.

Mrs Desmond did not mind being laughed at by Sarah. You are late, I have been calling your number what happened.

Sarah could not hold it any more as she started to laugh.

Where you worried I would make you loose face by not showing up "don't you trust your daughters words"

If I say I will come, then I will come. Am also anxious to see this cute manager of yours, she smirked

Mrs Desmond looked at Sarah with a doubting face. She didn't know if she could trust the words from Sarah because Sarah could disappear if she wasn't interested anymore. Then why are you not dressed well

Sarah looks at herself in the mirror over again, "is the dress not beautiful enough?

Mrs Desmond touched Sarah's face to show displeasure of no make up. Why didn't you wear makeup?

..... I like how I look right now

But I don't. Instantly Mrs Desmond pushed Sarah to sit in front of the mirror as she begins to apply makeup on her face. Sarah has no choice once again.

In front of Mrs Desmond, she is not the fierce cold CEO of SD Global, she is Sarah Desmond, mummy's girl

Don't bother, I will do it myself. she takes the brush and gently applied the makeup. Step by step she made herself more beautiful.

Mrs Desmond stood by the side and appreciated the work done

"now you look more like an angel, any man will fall for you"

You could tell how happy and satisfies she is with the present Sarah

Do you mean any man, even his father? Sarah teased

Mrs Desmond gently hit Sarah's back, no other man is allowed to fall in love with you. They both laughed as they wait for the expected guest

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