My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C1 Long Legs in Water
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My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C1 Long Legs in Water
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C1 Long Legs in Water

Pain! Zhang Qiao's lungs felt like they were being squeezed by something. After she woke up from the pain, she found herself at the bottom of the lake, her body gradually sinking.

Many images rushed into Zhang Qiao's mind. She couldn't wait to digest this information, so she used both of her hands to splash water on the ground.

His body was too weak, and he was slowly losing strength.

Suddenly, she vaguely saw a white stump in front of her. She swam with all her might and hugged the stump.

Before she could surface, her shoulder was kicked by something. The pain caused her hand to slip and she almost sank back into the water.

Zhang Qiao's hands flailed wildly as she barely managed to stabilize herself.

Gu Qian's eyes were wide open as he looked down at the woman in the water. Isn't this method of seduction too old-fashioned? Hugging her thighs first before grabbing onto him?

Shameless woman!

Blood gushed out from Gu Qian's chest and he spat out a mouthful of blood. If it wasn't for … If he wasn't severely injured, how could he allow someone to get close to him?

Zhang Qiao came out of the water, gasping for breath. Her face was drenched in warm blood, turning her into a watery ghost whose eyes, noses, and mouths were all bleeding profusely.

What the hell?

She looked closer and could clearly see the killing intent in her opponent's eyes.

If he didn't run now, could he wait for them to kill him?

Zhang Qiao swam rapidly towards the river, but the other side reacted and grabbed her bare feet. Zhang Qiao's other leg kicked out forcefully.

He had originally thought that it would be a fierce battle, but the other party had actually let go.

Zhang Qiao didn't even turn her head around. She quickly made her way to the shore and ran upstream.


Wu Tie came back from collecting the medicine and found Gu Qian floating on the surface of the water. "Master." It startled him so much that he jumped into the river and pulled him ashore.

"Master …"

Shi Soong was flustered. He pressed on his abdomen and let the air flow again. Gu Qian finally spat out the water.

Shi Soong fell to the side and lowered his head to look at Gu Qian. His gaze first landed on Gu Qian's lips, then moved downwards.

Er ~ Don't look at me unless I'm being courteous, don't look at me unless I'm being courteous.

Shi Soong found Gu Qian's clothes on a rock at the side. When he helped him put them on, he couldn't help but glance at them a few times.

How envious.

Unfortunately, he didn't!

Since Gu Qian was injured, Shi Soong didn't dare to be slow. He quickly put on his clothes, carried the medicine on his shoulder and left with Gu Qian on his back.

Over there.

Zhang Qiao ran far away in a single breath, afraid that she would be seen. She turned into the reeds and sat down on the stone, panting.

Falling back, she needed some time to calm down and stroke.

She was reborn, back to the day she fell into the water at the age of sixteen.

It was a day that changed her life. She was so agitated that she couldn't think straight and immediately jumped into the river. Instead of drowning, she floated downstream and was rescued.

From then on, he was trained to be a spy and sent to that person's side. Not only did he not protect his heart, he even brought about a fatal disaster.

How ridiculous!

Stupid man, life of cannon fodder.

Zhang Qiao looked at the sky and grinned.

God must have thought her past life was a joke. She treated a person who destroyed her family and treated her as a pawn as her benefactor. So give her a chance to fix her life.

Since that was the case, her destiny in this life would be under her control.

Her family, protected by her.

Her grudges and grudges were to be settled by her.

Anxious shouts entered his ears: "Little girl, my Little girl, Mother's precious baby …" Where are you? "If you go, mother won't be able to live …"

Zhang Qiao got up and quickly crawled out of the reeds.

She looked at the few people who were running towards her. Her eyes quickly became watery as big tears fell down her face.

That's great!

His family was all there.

When they saw her, they all stood still. A few seconds later, all of them were running towards her.

"Mei Er, you scared your mother to death." Her mother Madam Lau hugged her, trembling all over.

They were probably scared.

"Second sister, what's going on with you?" "They said you fell into the river, so we kept looking for you, but..."

Her big brother, Zhang Leeding, gasped for breath and stopped talking.

"Wahh …" "Second Sister, you're okay. This is great." The four-year-old girl Zhang Qian hugged her leg and cried.

Only her father Zhang Dacheng was the calmest as he stood there staring at her.

Zhang Qiao was unable to suppress her emotions. The feeling of having her emotions returned to her after losing something made her break down.

She hugged Madam Lau and cried her heart out.

"Mom, dad, big brother, little sister, wuwu …"

The mother and daughter pair held their heads in pain. Madam Lau thought that she was too scared to realize that her daughter had come back from a lifetime of training.

"Little girl, don't cry! Father and mother will uphold justice for you, that Lin Tianyuv will definitely lose a layer of skin today. "

Madam Lau's words brought Zhang Qiao back to reality.

That's right, she had forgotten the reason why she was here. This debt should be settled, but she would have to delay it. She could not allow the tragedy of her previous life to happen again.

She wiped away her tears and released Madam Lau. "Mother, I …" "I'm cold, let's go home first. We'll talk about it when we get home, okay?"

Zhang Dacheng nodded, "Her mother, Ying'er's clothes are still wet. Let's go home first."

"Right, right!" Go home first, don't get yourself caught in the cold. " Zhang Leeding took off his short brown hair and put it on Zhang Qiao.

Madam Lau couldn't bear to let go, so she held onto Zhang Qiao tightly.

"Second Sister, don't be afraid! If anything happens, Big Brother will support you and Father and Mother will not let you be bullied for no reason. "

Before entering the village, Zhang Leeding's heart warmed.

Zhang Dacheng also agreed, "Yes! Father will take care of that brat Lin Family. "Wait a minute, whatever the villagers say, just take it as bullshit and ignore it!"

Madam Lau thought of her daughter and said angrily, "Who dares to speak such nonsense! I'll tear off her mouth!"

The family was protective.

Zhang Qiao nodded as she thought about what to do next.

The marriage between her and Lin Tianyuv, must definitely be annulled, but must not be annulled by anyone from the Lin Family.

Before they even entered the village, someone saw them from afar and immediately shouted at the top of his lungs, calling whole village to the two sides of the road.

"Wow, is he alright? "You can't just scare me like that, it's not sweet to force the issue."

"That's right! I am a scholar now, and will be a high ranking official in the future. Since you look like this, it's not appropriate to stand by Lin Tianyuv's side. "

"Wow, you're so …"

Madam Lau flew into a rage when she heard these inhuman words, "If you want to fart, don't say it in front of us. It's too smelly! If you want to hug Lin Family's thigh, then go to Lin Family, we won't stop you. "

Her daughter was forced to jump into the river. If these people didn't die, did they want to drown with their saliva?

Madam Lau had always been a valiant person, but she was also a reasonable person. This was the first time she cursed people like this.

The women were scolded and quickly formed a group to confront Madam Lau.

"Who's talking like that to Dacheng's family?" Too crude! "Like mother like daughter like daughter, no wonder my sister-in-law doesn't want to marry you."

The one who spoke was Lin Tianyuv's second aunt, Madam Lee, a well-known woman in the village with a long tongue. She was the one who had called for them when they had just entered the village.

When the people of Zhang Family heard this, how could they tolerate it?

Before Zhang Qiao could react, even Zhang Qian, the youngest of them, had been sent out to scold Madam Lee.

Madam Lee lost face and started to fight with Madam Lau.

"Stop! All of you stop! "

The person who followed beside the village chief was Lin Tianyuv, the first scholar to be born from Begonia Village, the pride of the whole village.

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