My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C10 Lovely Family
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My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C10 Lovely Family
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C10 Lovely Family

Very quickly! Zeng Wang followed Zhang Dacheng and arrived on the oxcart. When he saw what was in front of Madam Lau, he was so shocked that his mouth could not even close.

Good heavens! Buying so many things at once.

It wasn't so amazing to purchase New Year's gifts for the Chinese New Year.

"What are you guys doing?"

Madam Lau pulled Zhang Qiao along as she said with a smile, "There are some flaws in these cloths. The shopkeeper said they were sold cheaply. Didn't we make it in time? So he bought more. Isn't the reason why we're living today is to take advantage of the situation to buy more and save some money? "

Zeng Wang was in disbelief.

Zhang Qiao kicked a large bag of rags lying on the ground, "Well, we even got the shopkeeper to give us a bag of rags." "My mother knows how to live, but my father has picked up a treasure."

Zhang Dacheng smiled foolishly.

Zeng Wei didn't think too much about it. He helped them put everything on the oxcart, but there was a lot of stuff piled up together. With the whole family included, they wouldn't be able to sit on anyone else.

Zhang Qiao: "Uncle Wang, it's still too early for everyone to return to the village. Take us back first, you still have time to come back. "As for us, we won't let you suffer any loss. We'll give you ten people's car money, how about that?"

Usually, when riding in an ox-cart, a person would get two cents, ten people would get twenty coins.

Zhang Qiao felt it was appropriate.

He also didn't want to be caught asking questions.

When Zeng Aowan heard this, he was very happy.

The family boarded the oxcart and returned to the village leisurely.

Zhang Qian had been fighting with her eyelids since a long time ago. She got on the oxcart and fell asleep in Zhang Dacheng's arms.

Madam Lau asked, "Qiao, you should also rely on your mother to sleep for a while."

Zhang Qiao shook her head as she looked around at the lush green mountains. "Mom, I'm not sleepy. I don't want to sleep." There were many good things on the mountain. She didn't understand them in her previous life, so she deserved to be poor.

Now, since she knew, if she didn't seize this opportunity, then she deserved to be poor.

Although she said that she wasn't sleepy, after smelling her mother's scent, the oxcart jolted and fell asleep.

The oxcart stopped at the entrance of the village.

Madam Lau shook her awake, "Qiao, wake up."


"Get off the horse. We'll take a detour around the foot of the mountain." Madam Lau pointed to a small path to the side, then turned to Zeng Awang and said, "Brother Wango, thank you for your hard work."

Zeng shook his head, turned the cart around, and went back to town to pick him up.

On the way, Madam Lau told him about the difficulties of her family and her unwillingness to return home from the village. She was afraid that if Zhang Family or elders saw this, they would go to her house and ask for things.

A person from a village, Zeng Aowang also knew about the morals of the Zhang Family two elders.

They agreed, and secretly sighed at their difficulty.

It would seem that these cloths were indeed bought at a cheap price.

The days were still tight.

The family carried the stuff home. On the way, Zhang Dacheng cut down the bamboo and told Madam Lau to wrap the stuff in cloth. He picked it up by himself.

Madam Lau carried the piglet in the basket.

Zhang Qiao held onto Zhang Qian's hand.

Carefully avoiding the villagers' line of sight, when they got home, Madam Lau exaggeratedly patted her chest, "We spent our own money to buy these things, why do I feel like we stole them? "This sneaky return home, it really is …"

He felt both sad and helpless.

Zhang Qiao smiled. "I won't dodge it next time. I'm not afraid!" Sooner or later, we will get rich, and we won't be able to hide forever, right? "

As she spoke, she took out her purse.

He waved at Zhang Dacheng and his wife, "Father, mother, take a guess. How many medicinal herbs have I earned in total?"

Madam Lau thought that she had already spent close to five taels of silver, so she probably didn't spend much. However, she didn't want her daughter to be disappointed, so she hardened her fingers.

Zhang Qiao asked, "How much?"

Madam Lau swallowed her saliva and said, "One tael."

Those things could be sold for up to six taels of silver.

Zhang Qiao shook her head.

"Father, guess."

Zhang Dacheng stretched out two fingers, "2 taels."

Dang, dang.

Zhang Qiao poured out the silver from her purse. Zhang Dacheng and his wife stared at the silver and copper coins on the table in disbelief.

"Mom, you can count."

"Ai!" Madam Lau carefully counted, afraid that she had miscounted. Count it again, not believing it, count it again, still not believing it.

She looked up at Zhang Dacheng and said, "Count it out."

Zhang Dacheng could not stand it any longer, "I've already counted with you twice, you're right! "Here is a total of twelve hundred, four hundred and sixty-eight gold coins."

He was very nervous just now.

Madam Lau counted, and he followed her.

Madam Lau's eyes widened as her voice trembled. "Really …" Is there really a total of twelve hundred, four hundred and sixty-eight gold coins? "

"It's true!"

The couple looked at Zhang Qiao and asked, "Qiao, did you get this from buying medicinal ingredients?"

Zhang Qiao nodded with a smile. "Yes, I said before that my medicinal plants can be sold for money." "I didn't know how much I could earn long ago, but now it seems that this path is not too bad."

Still okay?

Madam Lau squeezed Zhang Dacheng's leg forcefully, "Aiyo, why are you pinching me?"

"Hahaha!" It wasn't a dream, it was real. My family's Qiao has really earned a lot of money. My family's Qiao is really great! "

Madam Lau burst into laughter.

Zhang Dacheng forgot about the pain and laughed along with her.

That's right! His daughter was doing very well.

Calming down from her excitement, Zhang Qiao left a tael of silver for Zhang Leeding and a count of 30 for Zhang Qian.

He left the rest to Madam Lau.

"Little sister, this is for you. You can keep it for later."

"Qiao, Ah Qian is still young. It's not good for her to have money on her, don't …" Upon seeing this, Madam Lau hurriedly stopped him.

The joy on Zhang Qian's face dimmed, and she withdrew her hand, waving it about.

"Yeah, I'm still young, so I don't need money."

"Here, take it." Zhang Qiao took her hand and put the copper coin in it, "Second Sister helped you string it up, for a total of 30 coins. At night, let Mom stitch a wad for you." In the future, whenever Second Sister makes money, she'll give you a share. You have to save up for snacks to eat, okay? "

Zhang Qian's face instantly lit up when she heard that.

"Good!" "Second Sister, from now on, I'll go up the mountain with you to gather medicinal herbs."

As Madam Lau watched, she turned her head to wipe away her tears.

She had several children.

Zhang Qiao nodded. "Sure!" "Now, let's wash our hands and let Father chop up the meat foam. We'll make a big bag of meat to eat, alright?"


Madam Lau took the silver and hid the things she had bought back before going to the kitchen to help out.

Zhang Qiao packed some ashes and went to the yard to wash the pigs.

Zhang Qian followed him out, pinched her nose, and hid far away. "Stinky."

"Second Sister, wash it and let it simmer. It'll definitely be fragrant." Zhang Qiao pointed to the back and said, "Go feed the rabbits, will you?"

The little guy immediately ran away.

In the evening, Zhang Leeding came back and asked about the event that happened in the morning. He had heard from someone that the one wearing the uniform to scare the horse was a little girl with a scar on her face.

When he returned home, he found out that it was indeed his second sister.

When he thought of this, his legs went limp with fear.

"Second sister, you can't take such risks in the future. You scared me to death."

Zhang Qiao patted him on the shoulder and was about to say a few words of consolation, but the image in her mind made her frown, and she instantly became as cold as ice.

Zhang Leeding quickly asked, "Second sister, what's wrong? I'm not blaming you, I'm just afraid that something might happen to you? "Big brother really isn't …"

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