My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C11 This Girl Is Extraordinary!
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My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C11 This Girl Is Extraordinary!
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C11 This Girl Is Extraordinary!

Zhang Qiao let go of her hand. She had already made up her mind.

"Big brother, I'm not angry. You care about me, you worry about me, I don't even have time to be happy. "Big brother, this is for you."

As she spoke, she took out a blue pouch.

It was a wad of money her mother had sewed for each of them in the afternoon.

"This is?" Zhang Leeding was confused.

Zhang Qiao motioned for him to open the bag. Zhang Leeding poured out two taels of silver and was immediately shocked, "Second sister, this is?"

"Brother, aren't I going to buy medicinal herbs today?" I've earned quite a bit of silver, and this is the cost of your hard work in digging out the Poria Cocos. "

Zhang Leeding put the silver away and gave it back to him, "I don't want it! "You keep it."

"Big brother, this is the one I left for myself. This is your share." Zhang Qiao pushed it back and spoke with a serious expression, "Big brother, the things that you've promised me must not be left out."

"What is it?"

"If my medicinal plants can earn money, you can quit the restaurant and accompany me up the mountain to gather medicinal herbs." Have you agreed to this? "

Zhang Qiao pointed it out.

Zhang Leeding scratched his head, "I did agree, but I still want to..."

"A manly man cannot renege on his promise." Zhang Qiao interrupted him and shouted towards the outside, "Dad, don't you agree?"

Zhang Dacheng was in the middle of making up Bamboo Basket s, and he heard what the children were saying.


Zhang Qiao laughed when she heard this.

"Big brother, you're not allowed to act shamelessly. Tomorrow, Father will go find the restaurant owner and accompany me up the mountain. "

"But I …"

"You're not allowed to act shamelessly."

Zhang Qiao waved as she walked.

Zhang Leeding hurriedly went to the kitchen to find Madam Lau. Firstly, he wanted to give her the silver. Secondly, he wanted Madam Lau to advise Zhang Qiao. Secondly, he wanted to go to the restaurant to work.

It wasn't that the work was good, but it was steady.

Madam Lau didn't accept the money nor did she help him persuade him. Instead, she advised him otherwise.

"Leeding, picking herbs in the mountain is not a simple matter. One thing is to be afraid of beasts, and two thing is to climb trees or to descend cliffs.

You are the eldest brother, and you will accompany your second sister up the mountain.

Your father and I are not worried either!

"Qiao knows about medicinal herbs, and she also earns money. You just have to listen to Qiao, or else you won't be able to work in the restaurant."

Madam Lau took out the dishes and asked, "How much do you think your second sister sold her medicine for?"

"How much?" Zhang Leeding asked.

Madam Lau pursed her lips and smiled, "It's a little over 18 taels."

"What?" Zhang Leeding was shocked.

Madam Lau patted his shoulder, "You didn't mishear me! "So, listen to your second sister."

Zhang Lixiang floated out of the kitchen and knelt beside Zhang Dacheng, "Dad, is there really a total of 18 silver taels?"

Zhang Dacheng grinned and nodded happily.

That night, the whole family was very happy.

As he ate the meat buns and drank the porridge, he was elated.

Zhang Qiao prepared to cook the noodles with a large bone soup the next day while the pork belly was still in the pot and the liver soaked in clear water and the pork bones were chopped and stewed in the oven.

After dinner, the family made some plans.

Madam Lau agreed. If Zhang Qiao's medical knowledge had stabilized, she and Zhang Dacheng would no longer be butchers.

With the support of her family, Zhang Qiao opened up her arms and prepared for a big fight.

"Big brother, accompany me to a place."

"Ah …" "Oh my god." Zhang Leeding's hands were tightly covering his chest. Just as he was about to take off his clothes to sleep, he was startled by Zhang Qiao, who suddenly pushed the door open.

When Zhang Qiao saw his flushed face, she giggled.

"I didn't see anything. I was waiting for you outside."

"…" Zhang Leeding heaved a sigh of relief, but he heard her muttering outside, "Big Bro's physique is quite strong. In the future, the heavy work can be handed to Big Bro."

Uh ~

Zhang Leeding couldn't help but feel exasperated.

What was this called not seeing anything?

He shook his head and put on his clothes helplessly.

"Second sister, what's wrong?"

"Big brother, let's go put out the mess." Zhang Qiao pointed at the Bamboo Basket at her feet. Zhang Dacheng had spent the entire afternoon making it up for her.

There were a total of ten jars.

Zhang Leeding replied and walked out of the yard with the Bamboo Basket above him.

Holding the torch, Zhang Qiao turned her head and asked, "Big brother, why don't you go somewhere else? What is it? "

"I'll listen to you and follow you. There's no need to ask."

"Hehe!" Brother, you are so good! "

"Silly girl, you're my second sister."

Zhang Qiao told him as she walked that they were going to set a trap for the eel. Zhang Leeding looked at the Bamboo Basket in his hand and thought: This thing can catch eels?

But he did not voice his doubts.

When they reached the stream in the field, Zhang Qiao stopped, stuck the torch in the ground and took the Bamboo Basket.

A twenty centimeter diameter Bamboo Basket was needed to lure the Yellow Eel. Two layers of gauze were wrapped around the mouth of the Bamboo Basket and there was a four centimeter round hole at the center of the gauze. The hole was sewn with a ten centimeter diameter cloth barrel, which hung down into the basket. Earthworm was placed between the two layers of gauze as bait.

After releasing the Bamboo Basket, Zhang Leeding asked: "Sister, is this enough?"

"Well, tomorrow morning we'll come and collect the baskets. He would know whether or not he had an eel the next day. Big brother, let's go. "Time to go home."

Zhang Qiao nodded.

In fact, according to her observation, there were quite a few eels in this stream.


When Zhang Qiao returned home, she lied on the bed thinking about the incredible scene that happened that morning. She got up and went to the yard to test her strength.

Lightly lift up half a jug of water.

She went back to her room and stared at her hands in a daze.

Powerful Woman?

This was something that he didn't have in his previous life. This was something similar to foresight.

She tried out a few more moves of martial arts. Because she didn't have any inner strength, her tendons didn't reach a certain degree of toughness. After a few moves, it became extremely painful.

It looked like she had to go step by step and pull the tendons first.

When she woke up in the morning, Zhang Dacheng and his wife had already gone to support her. She ate a steamed bun and a bowl of porridge while the pot was still boiling with porridge and meat buns.

Zhang Leeding's surprised voice came from the yard.

"Second sister, come take a look, I'm going to retrieve the Bamboo Basket."

Zhang Qiao ran out of the kitchen.

"Big brother, do you have an eel?"

"Yes, yes, yes. It's only half a barrel. Quick, come take a look." The corner of Zhang Leeding's mouth almost touched his ear.

Sure enough, there was a half a barrel of Eel, some big and some small.

"That's great! "First I'll keep it, and tonight I'll make some red-braised eel for my parents." Zhang Qiao swallowed her saliva and let Zhang Leeding carry the eel into the house.

She went to find the Bamboo Basket and the small hoe.

He then went to the kitchen and filled up four steamed buns and two bowls of water.

Today was the day to go up the mountain.

There were a lot of things in the house, so Zhang Qiao was a little worried. She happened to see Zhang Mu sticking his head out of the door and rushed out.

"Zhang Mu, sister will give you a big meat bun. As for you, find some friends to play around here today, and help me look after the house. "Can you?"

Zhang Mu's eyes went straight when he saw the white face and the large meat bun.



Zhang Leeding came out from the yard, looked at the two of them and asked, "What are you guys talking about?"

"No!" "Big brother, let's go."

"Let's go."

That day, they dug up two more big Poria Cocos, which was still near where they dug up the last time. The harvest was not small, and they could not rest at home. They would return home at noon.

"Aiyo, you're finally back."

There were quite a few people surrounding the entrance of the Zhang Family Academy.

The siblings felt their hearts thump, thinking that something had happened at home. Just as he was about to inquire further, a middle-aged man came walking out with the village chief.

"This girl is amazing!"

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