My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C12 Poisonous Widow
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My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C12 Poisonous Widow
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C12 Poisonous Widow

"You are?" Zhang Qiao had a puzzled expression.

Village Chief Lin Changqing was all smiles as he introduced Zhang Qiao to her. "Zhang Qiao, this is our town's Mayor Zhou."

The siblings shouted in unison, "Good morning, Mayor!"

Mayor Zhou nodded with a smile, "I heard someone mention that the lady in uniform was young, but I didn't believe it at all. I met someone today, she really is a little girl."

Lin Changqing smiled and said, "You're not even old yet, aren't you just a little girl?"

"Yo, that's really amazing!" Mayor Zhou looked at her in surprise, "Miss Zhang, you surprised us on the street yesterday to save us from stamping wounds. I came here today on behalf of my fellow villagers to express my thanks to you."

Zhang Qiao was neither arrogant nor proud. "The mayor is too polite. I'm just trying my best."

Mayor Zhou nodded, "She's a good girl with a modest heart." After saying that, he turned around to look at the people beside him. Immediately, he was given a silver medal.

Zhang Qiao narrowed her eyes in puzzlement.

Mayor Zhou handed over the silver medal, "Miss Zhang, to express my gratitude, the villagers discussed and made you a silver medal. "You can keep it. If you need it in the future, you can come find me with a silver medal."

Zhang Qiao would accept it no matter what.

Grabbing the silver medal, he looked down and was dumbfounded.

Can you make this silver medal back in time?

Why was there a female hero carved on it?

Afraid that others wouldn't know that she had great strength?

"Miss Zhang?"

"…" Zhang Qiao came back to her senses and bowed in thanks. Mayor Zhou waved his hand and said to the villagers, "This girl really understands manners."

The village chief forcefully smiled and joined in.

In the end, Mayor Zhou didn't even have time to drink the water from the Zhang Family and gave his silver medal to Lin Changqing.

For a time, the village's gossip about Zhang Qiao's uniform, the horse scare story, went viral.

"Big Brother, I'll go wash the clothes. I still have the bamboo that dad chopped down yesterday. Why don't you just make up a few dustpan? "

Zhang Qiao picked up two big buckets of clothes.

Madam Lau woke up early in the morning and was greedy for the dark. The clothes at home used to be washed by Zhang Qiao. During this time, Madam Lau told her to take care of her body, so she would come back in the evening to wash up.


Zhang Leeding was washing the Poria Cocos Park. Originally, he had been sent to the riverside to wash it, but Zhang Qiao didn't let him. She said that she was afraid that others would ask and would make things difficult for him.

There was no one by the river at this time.

This was exactly what Zhang Qiao wanted.

He had just washed half his clothes when an unexpected guest arrived by the river.

Lin Tianyuv?

Zhang Qiao saw a shadow in front of her and looked up. Then she lowered her head and continued beating her clothes with a wooden stick. She purposely hit harder so that the water on her clothes splashed onto the corner of Lin Tianyuv's robe.

Lin Tianyuv was surprised to see her so calm.

This was too abnormal!

If it was in the past, he would definitely look at her with eyes full of worship.

A single glance from him right now was ice-cold.

Wanted to capture him?

After a long while, Lin Tianyuv lost his patience and coughed a few times.

Waiting for Zhang Qiao's concern.

Who knew that Zhang Qiao pretended not to hear.

This infuriated Lin Tianyuv. He looked around in fear that someone might pass by. However, this time, he was in no mood to stay here.

"Hey, cow, stop."

He ran after the cow.

Upon hearing his words, Zhang Qiao burst into laughter.

Was he a bookworm?

How could an ox understand human speech?

After squatting for so long, his waist felt sore and his legs felt numb. Zhang Qiao stood up and twisted her waist. From a distance, she saw Lin Tianyuv staggering around with a rope in his hand.

Uh ~

A few clear images appeared in his mind.

Zhang Qiao sighed and ran towards him like the wind. In order to prevent herself from being falsely accused by others of injuring Lin Tianyuv, she had no choice but to save that bookworm.

Sure enough, the cow was running like mad.

Lin Tianyuv was thrown onto the ground and dragged on the ground. Zhang Qiao chased after him and pulled on the rope with all her might, dragging her along as she ran.

Zhang Qiao turned her head and shouted, "Lin Tianyuv, you pig, let go! "Do you want to die?"

Lin Tianyuv let go and saw Zhang Qiao being dragged away.

"Hey, Zhang Qiao, let go …"

Zhang Qiao rolled her eyes. Relax! Wait until the cow runs up the mountain, can't find it, let his family's widow come to claim compensation?

Zhang Qiao ran as she tried to find an opportunity.

There was a big tree in front of her. Her eyes lit up as she made her way up.

"Zhang Qiao …"

Lin Tianyuv saw Zhang Qiao crash into a tree from afar and felt his whole body go soft. He shouted and looked straight ahead.

Zhang Qiao pulled the rope around the tree and quickly climbed up.


The cow crashed into a tree.

The tree shook a few times before it stopped.

Zhang Qiao looked down and saw that the cow was panting heavily, its eyes no longer filled with the craziness from earlier.

However, there was something fishy going on everywhere.

Why did the cow in Lin Family suddenly go crazy?

Zhang Qiao climbed down from the tree and squatted down to check on the cow. There was a bloody wound on its leg, and there were a lot of ants on it.

Something was strange.

"You, you, you, you … Are you okay? "

Lin Tianyuv, with a pale face, staggered over. He sized up Zhang Qiao with concern and anxiety in his eyes.

Zhang Qiao secretly mocked herself.

He must be tired from running, and he must have felt concerned about her.

"Lin Tianyuv, there's something wrong with your cow, where did the wound on its leg come from?"

"…" Lin Tianyuv looked towards where her finger was pointing. There really was a deep cut, and blood was still flowing from it.

"I don't know either. My second aunt said that Niu Sui was grazing by the river and told me to come and take it back. "

Madam Lee?

Zhang Qiao started to understand.

She took out the silver medal, smeared it on the wound on the cow's leg, then handed it to Lin Tianyuv, "Look."

Lin Tianyuv couldn't help but squint his eyes when he saw the silver medal darken.

Was the wound of the cow poisonous?

Zhang Qiao stood up. "Your cow went crazy because the blood from the wound attracted the ants to bite it. "Also, whether the cow lives or dies later has nothing to do with me."

She pulled at his sleeve and wiped the blood from the silver medallion.

Then, he got up and left.

Lin Tianyuv turned around and looked at her, "Hello, Zhang Qiao, you …"

"Zhang Qiao, what did you do to my cow?" Madam Lee brought many villagers to stop Zhang Qiao.

Madam Lee looked at the unmoving cow under the tree and cried out.

"Zhang Qiao, you bastard, even if you blame Tianyuv, don't kill our family's cow. "You will compensate me with a cow, otherwise, I will take you to the officials."

Zhang Qiao turned around to Lin Tianyuv and said coldly, "Explain."

Lin Tianyuv was a bit annoyed when he heard her tone.

Why did this sound like an order to him?

However, thinking of how she would sacrifice herself to save him, he made things clear in public.

Madam Lee did not believe him, "Tianyuv, you spoke up for her?"

Lin Tianyuv scowled, "What I said was the truth. I didn't speak up for anyone." The wound on the leg of the cow is still there, we can get a doctor to examine it. "

Zhang Qiao turned to the crowd and asked, "Do you still have the Village Head's house for Mayor Zhou? If you're here, why don't we go to the town and take charge of this together? "

Hearing that, Madam Lee quickly said, "Since Tianyuv said it has nothing to do with you, then forget it. This cow must have been cut by some poisonous vine. "

Zhang Qiao said mockingly, "It should be those Vines of the Poison Widow."

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