My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C13 Poke Him in the Chest
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My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C13 Poke Him in the Chest
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C13 Poke Him in the Chest

In the evening, Zhang Dacheng and his wife had packed up and returned home. When they were at the village entrance, they heard about the two big events of the day.

"Cuihua, it's quite early to pack up for business today."

Madam Lau: "The townspeople take care of the business. Meat is sold very quickly these two days."

At this time, someone said, "You, Qiao, have saved our people and subdued our frightened horses. They will definitely take care of your business. I came to town this morning and even gave you a silver medal. Qiao said that she would go find him if she had any business. "

Hearing that, Madam Lau was surprised. "Is that true?"

"How can I lie to you?" I heard that Lili was weak, but why didn't I hear about it in the future? "You really hid it well."

Madam Lau didn't know how to respond. She pointed in the direction of the house and said, "We'll be going back first."

"Wait a moment." That person pulled her back, "One more thing. Lin Tianyuv is going to the river to set the cattle, so he met your family's Qiao to wash clothes. "Results..."

"What's the result? What did that brat do to my Qiao? " Zhang Dacheng asked anxiously with his eyes red.

The village woman was stunned for a moment before she said, "It's not him doing anything to Qiao, it's your Qiao …" Sigh, why didn't you all listen to me finish? "

The wind blew past his ears.

The village woman stopped and turned to look.

Zhang Dacheng, with Zhang Qian in one arm and Madam Lau in the other, ran back to his house in a flurry.

"Qiao, Leeding."

"Father, mother, what happened?" The siblings were cutting up the Poria Cocos Park in the yard, and when they heard the anxious voice, they quickly stood up in fright.

Madam Lau rushed forward and held Zhang Qiao's shoulder.

"Qiao, are you alright?"

"No, nothing!" Zhang Qiao was confused.

Madam Lau frowned. "In the future, let me wash your clothes. Don't go to the river." It's not good for you to meet Lin Tianyuv by the river. "

She was afraid that her daughter would be provoked into jumping into the river again.

Although Zhang Qiao said that she accidentally fell into the river, Madam Lau did not believe her. She knew what her own daughter was thinking and doing.

Hearing that, Zhang Qiao laughed, "His family has gone crazy. I saved him once in passing."

"That's it?" Madam Lau asked.


Madam Lau asked again, "Are you hurt?"


"Niu is crazy, why did you take the risk to save him? "You treat him …"

Zhang Dacheng pulled Madam Lau, interrupting her, "It's good that Qiao is fine. We're all from the same village. We won't be able to save her even if we see her die."

Zhang Qiao shook her head and said honestly, "I really don't want to save such a person. "It's just that, there's only me and him by the river. I'm afraid that others will say that I was the one who harmed him. Even if I had the words to say it, I wouldn't be able to say it."


Zhang Dacheng and his wife looked at each other.

The daughter of his family didn't want to save Lin Tianyuv?

Seeing that her parents didn't believe her, Zhang Qiao started to criticize Lin Tianyuv again and again.

Outside the yard, Lin Tianyuv was carrying a basket of eggs. His face was green with anger as he walked towards his home.

She didn't want to save him.

He's an ingrate, she said.

She said she would never think of him again.

What else did she say?

Lin Tianyuv couldn't hear it clearly. These words were enough to make him angry.


Lin Tianyuv pushed open the gate and placed a basket of eggs on the stove. Madam Jiang unwrapped the cloth and glanced at it. "Why didn't you send it over?"

"I don't want to see you off!"

Madam Jiang frowned. "How can I not send you off?" We can't owe him a favor, we have to give him this egg. Otherwise, how will you bring up the matter of annulling the marriage in the future? She'll just help out and give her a basket of eggs. "

Lin Tianyuv said in a muffled voice, "You said it yourself, it's just a casual gang, why would you give me a basket of eggs?"

When Madam Jiang saw that he was so angry, she felt that something was off.

"This is the Zhang Family, did they give you a hard time?"

Lin Tianyuv shook his head.

Madam Jiang asked again, "Then why are you angry?"

"It's precisely because she doesn't know me …"

"Eldest Sister-in-Law." Madam Lee brought in a bowl of meat and placed it on the stove, "Mother told me to bring a bowl of chicken to supplement Tianyuv, to calm down."

Madam Lee's arrival interrupted Lin Tianyuv's words.

He found himself secretly relieved.

Madam Jiang looked at the big bowl of chicken on the stove and smiled. "Sister-in-law, thank you so much." "Wait a moment, I'll give you the bowl right away."

With that said, she went to the cupboard to get a bowl, then washed Madam Lee's bowl clean.

Madam Lee wasn't in a hurry, so she took advantage of her busy schedule to talk about what happened during the day.

"Sister-in-law, I think this Zhang Qiao is not simple at all. Her family must have guessed that we were going to break off the engagement. At this moment, she casually saved him and even became Tianyuv's savior. He was afraid that he wouldn't be able to withdraw from this marriage contract.

Before I came over, my mother reminded me to remind my sister-in-law that we should not be soft-hearted about this matter. Our Tianyuv is going to do something big in the future, we can't have such an ugly girl by our side.

In the past, it was just because she had a bad temper and that she was ugly. Now, she had gained a lot of strength. Tsk tsk! How could Zhang Family raise such a girl?

I asked.

She was in the street yesterday.

However, what he had done was disgraceful. She hasn't even married into our Lin Family, but she has already given us Tianyuv some jade. "

Madam Lee said and carefully glanced at Lin Tianyuv.

As expected, his complexion changed.

Madam Jiang frowned with displeasure on her face. "What did she do?"

Madam Lee was waiting for her to say these words.

He immediately added details of what had happened in the town.

Hearing that Madam Jiang's face was getting darker and darker, Lin Tianyuv was also furious.

"Humph!" Lin Tianyuv was so angry that he turned around and slammed his fist on the table. No wonder she said she didn't want to save him. No wonder she said she wouldn't forget it. So that's how it is!

Zhang Qiao, good job!

"Arghhh …."

Zhang Qiao who went out to release the Bamboo Basket sneezed. Zhang Leeding asked with concern, "Second Sister, is it cold?"

Zhang Qiao shook her head. "I'm not cold. My nose is a little itchy. I think someone is speaking ill of me behind my back. "I'm fine!"

"…" Is there such a thing?

Zhang Leeding did not say anything, his hands moved faster. After he finished putting the Bamboo Basket down, he urged Zhang Qiao to go home.


"Zhang Qiao!" Lin Tianyuv walked out of the tree gloomily, "Why are you smiling so happily? How can those little brats of Zhang Mu satisfy you? "

He had been standing here for a long time just to stop Zhang Qiao.

Ye Zichen watched her chat happily with Zhang Mu from a distance and gave Zhang Mu a bag of stuff.

He was so angry that his chest hurt.

Zhang Qiao frowned and looked at him, "Lin Tianyuv, did you eat the wrong medicine? If you continue to speak such nonsense and your mouth is spitting feces, then this grandaunt will not be courteous anymore. "

Hearing that, Lin Tianyuv gritted his teeth, "What did you say?"

"I told you not to throw my face. If you have something to say, say it. Get out of my way!" Zhang Qiao's face also darkened as she said in an ice-cold tone, "Don't splash dirty water on me. Don't think that just because you've spilled dirt on me, you will be able to withdraw from the marriage without hurting your reputation." "To read the Book of Virtue, you have to be honest and open when doing things. You are scheming against me, are you worthy to read the Book of Virtue?"

"You?" Lin Tianyuv's face turned red. It was unknown if it was due to anger or shame.

Zhang Qiao's hand pointed at his chest, one after another. It was so painful that Lin Tianyuv's face turned green and twisted in a sinister manner.

He restrained Zhang Qiao's hand with his own and gave her a hard shove.

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