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C15 Somatic Loss

When he returned home, Zhang Qiao was chatting happily with Zhang Leeding in the yard. From their point of view, this was forcing a smile.

"Father, mother, you came back."


Madam Lau rushed forward and hugged her, tears streaming down her face.

"Why are you … How could he let them get away with it? "Lin Tianyuv is not worth it for you to be like this, why are you so determined to be nice to him?"

"Mother." Zhang Qiao released Madam Lau and wiped her tears, "Mother, you also said he wasn't worth it. Isn't it great that he retreated? When they come to us, how passive are we? I can't lose face for my parents. I haven't even kissed my big brother. "


"Mom, let's go back to the room. I'll tell you in detail."


Madam Lau was dragged back into the house by her. The mother and daughter duo chatted for a long time, and when they came out again, Madam Lau was already smiling brightly.

Zhang Dacheng couldn't help but to be confused.

"Cuihua, what's going on?"

"My daughter and I will cook together. The two of you will make up a few dustpanes and a few drying racks. There will be no place for my daughter's herbs to bask in the sun."

Madam Lau smiled as she entered the kitchen.

Zhang Dacheng scratched his head and nudged Zhang Leeding. "Leeding, what's the matter with your mother?"

Zhang Leeding smiled, "I'm just happy."

When he had just received the news, he was both anxious and angry. After Zhang Qiao had explained everything to him later on, his mood had also reached its peak.

Now that I think about it, I'm still happy.

It was good that he retreated!

Humph! Lin Tianyuv did not have any eyes, it would be a loss to Lin Tianyuv if he missed out on his sister.

Zhang Qiao stir-fried green peppers with stewed pork intestines and liver to make a cold dish. She also stir-fried a plate of vegetables and poured the soup of Huai Shan.

She was the one who dug up Mount Huai.

She also dug up some potato chips, ready to buy some glutinous rice flour another day, to make glutinous rice flour potato cakes.

"Father, how about we all drink a few cups? Happy today, let's celebrate. From now on, we do not need to look at the faces of the Lin Family people anymore, we have no relation to them at all. "

Zhang Qiao went to get the wine and glasses.

She told Zhang Leeding to get a drink, and she was really happy, so she wanted to have a few drinks.

Zhang Dacheng nodded with a smile, "Alright!"

Compared to the joyful atmosphere of the Zhang Family, the atmosphere of the Lin Family was a little strange. It was a pleasure to be able to break off the engagement without losing one's dignity.

However, Lin Tianyuv just couldn't be happy.

Madam Jiang went out on a trip and listened to the villagers' evaluation. After thinking for a while, she finally realized that she was being used by Zhang Qiao.

Zhang Qiao obviously wanted to retreat in order to advance.

She took the initiative to withdraw from the marriage, and said that she didn't want to make things difficult for Lin Tianyuv, so on one hand, she hinted that Lin Family wanted to withdraw from the marriage, and on the other hand, showed her magnanimity.

Her elated heart changed as soon as she returned from a trip.

"Humph!" I say, why is she so kind? So it turned out that she was making a move to retreat. The good people let her do it, and hinted that our family was heartless.

I knew her mind was impure, and she was really ugly.

Tianyuv, it's a good thing that we're annulling the engagement now. Otherwise, you would be in trouble for her in the future. With such a woman at home, he had no face at all.

"Tianyuv, you …"

"Enough!" Lin Tianyuv suddenly stood up, his eyes were red, "Mother, I have to consider my reputation, so I took the initiative to end the engagement and let your heart go. What else do you want? Now, are you interested in saying something like that? In the end, who was the sarcastic one and who was heartless? Don't be too loud, and don't let anyone hear you, and don't let them laugh at us, okay? "

He released all of his emotions in one go.

Because Zhang Qiao had taken the initiative to break off the engagement, and also because of her appearance back then, he really felt that he was wrong, that she wasn't a person.

Madam Jiang was shocked by him, and only spoke after a long while, "Tianyuv, you..." How can you talk to me like that? Would it be easy for me to pull you up? It's not easy to see that you have a future today. I can't let an ugly girl drag you down, am I wrong? "

Madam Jiang cried as she spoke.

Lin Tianyuv looked at her and blamed himself. He quickly comforted her and comforted her.

However, this matter still left traces in his heart.

From that day on, when he saw Zhang Qiao, he always felt that she had become more beautiful.


Zhang Qiao was very busy. Every day, she would go up the mountain to pick herbs. He wanted the herbs, the wild fruits, the mushrooms, and the wild vegetables.

Very quickly!

She then sent the second batch of herbs to the [Hundred Herbs Hall]. This time, the Poria Cocos Park weighed more than 20 catties.

She had earned almost thirty silver taels in total.

The whole family sat together in the evening. Apart from Zhang Qiao, everyone else felt as if they were dreaming. Madam Lau took a silver ingot and put it in her mouth before chuckling.

It looked like a baby.

Everyone laughed so hard that they couldn't even stand up straight.

The people who make the most money.

Under Zhang Qiao's persuasion, Zhang Dacheng and his wife also suspended their butcher career. They were more prudent with their work. They just stuck red paper on it saying that they had something to do at home and had to temporarily stop for a month.

They thought, "Try it for a month first. If it doesn't work out, then go back to your old business."

Their changes were seen by the villagers and were also heard by the two elders.

Zhang Laosan put down his bowl, looked at his parents and said, "Father, mother, son heard something. You have to find some time to investigate."

"What is it?" Elder Zhang asked.

Zhang Laosan immediately went closer, "Boss, the couple is not going to be butchers, and Leeding has not gone to a restaurant for a long time. The family of five spends all their time on the mountain. He had no idea what he was digging for.

I also heard that their family made a lot of money.

The last time someone saw them buying an oxcart, they came back in an oxcart belonging to Wang-wang. Tsk tsk, they've gotten rich, but they're actually hiding it. This is clearly because they're on guard against us. "

Hearing that, Elder Zhang couldn't believe it.

He knew what his own son was capable of.

He had barely managed to get enough food, so how could this be sufficient for him to earn big money?

However, he had a hard and stinky temper.

However, he still remembered Zhang Laosan's words in his heart. The next day, he went to ask Zeng Awang, but nothing came up, so he had to go to Zhang Dacheng to ask.

Coincidentally, Madam Lau and Zhang Qian were at home.

There were a few drying racks in the yard, and the dustpan was full of what smelled like herbs.

Madam Lau quickly put down her wet clothes, wiped her hands on her apron, and walked over to welcome him. "Dad, you're here!" Come in and drink a bowl of water. "

Elder Zhang waved his hand and looked at the items on the dustpan. "Boss's wife, are these herbs? "I heard that you guys can't even hold your stalls anymore, and Leeding doesn't even go to the restaurant to work. Are you guys just making trouble at home?"

Madam Lau rolled her eyes as she thought to herself, So he was here to inquire about the matter.

Fortunately, Zhang Qiao had told her how to deal with it.

She nodded with a smile, "Yes, the person that Qiao saved on the street was Dr. Xu's eldest son. Dr. Xu saw that my family was not doing well, and he wanted to repay them, so he taught Qiao to recognize the herbs. We couldn't beat Qiao, so we played along with her. "

At this point, Madam Lau paused and her eyes turned red.

"Dad, you know it too. After that incident, Qiao's condition wasn't too good. Afterwards, this girl broke off the engagement without telling us. We were worried that something would happen to her at home, so we didn't set up our stall to keep an eye on her for the time being.

Since she wanted to go up the mountain alone, we couldn't stop worrying, so we let Dacheng and Leeding accompany her. More or less, yes. "

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