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My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C16 Skull-proof Foot
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C16 Skull-proof Foot

Elder Zhang returned empty-handed and couldn't find anything. He searched around in the Zhang Family but didn't find anything valuable.

When he got home, Zhang Laosan, who was lazy to eat, immediately asked: "Dad, how is it? Are they secretly making a fortune? "

"Why the f * ck are you getting rich?" Elder Zhang slapped away the hand that was reaching over to grab his pipe and glared at him, "Can you find a proper job? Your family needs your mother and I to help you raise your old bones? "

Zhang Laosan was a dead pig that was not afraid of boiling water as he smiled and said: "Dad, you and your mother are not old. You will live for a hundred years. I told you to ask my big brother, wasn't it because you want to work with him? "

"Don't fool me!"

Elder Zhang stood up and left.

Zhang Laosan leaned on the door and thought for a while.

That's impossible.

Zeng's wife clearly said that her brother's family had bought a lot of things.

He had to find out for himself.

A few times, Zhang Laosan tried to loiter around when no one was at home, but he did not find anything wrong, he only found that the clothes and clothes that were hanging in the yard were new.

This discovery made him feel like he was on stimulants.

He just stood there. If he didn't believe him, his big brother wouldn't reveal a single thing.

However, one thing soon distracted him.

A mysterious person suddenly appeared in the village. He spent money to buy the two mountains behind Zhang Dacheng and built a new house there.

The village labourers all went there to work and help with the construction of the new house.

However, no one had seen that mysterious person before. It was just that one of his attendants was taking care of this matter. With such a character suddenly appearing, the villagers were all curious.

After asking around, everyone realized that the man was a relative of the mayor. He heard that his body wasn't too good, so he decided to stay in this remote place to recuperate.

Elder Zhang pulled Zhang Laosan to work. The father and son duo's daily salary was 60 gold coins, and each of them paid the wages on the same day.

In this way, none of them were in the mood to care about Zhang Dacheng's family.

Zhang Qiao was also overjoyed.

Every day, the family was busy with whatever they needed to do.

A month later, the family put out the account book and the month-long earnings of silver. After counting it, Zhang Dacheng and his wife completely retracted their mountain.

He was no longer a butcher.

"Mother, we have earned a total of more than 100 taels. I would like to ask, how much is the cost of building a new house? " Zhang Qiao asked seriously.

Not only was the room shabby, but it was also small, no longer suitable for them.

Besides, Zhang Leeding was old enough to negotiate, so it was necessary to build a new house.

Madam Lau thought for a moment. "That depends on how much better you build."

Zhang Qiao dipped her finger into the water in the cup and drew a rough outline on the table, "I want a yard like this, a house like this." There were ten rooms, a hall, a kitchen, a storage room, and a clean room. "We'll dig a well here and break out a ridge along the courtyard wall. We'll plant some onions, garlic, beans and cucumbers."

Just listening to her, the whole family was so scared that they couldn't keep their mouths shut.

They didn't even have Begonia Village in such a big house.

Maybe the one on the hill.

When Zhang Qiao finished, she looked at them in shock and asked with a wink, "What's wrong? You think you're too young? If it's too small, we'll build a few more small courtyards. Father, mother, brother, and third sister, each of my own courtyard. "When Big Bro gets married, it'll be convenient for him to live together with Big Sis in the same courtyard."

Cough cough cough …

Zhang Leeding choked on his saliva and coughed when he heard that. His face was completely red.

"Second sister, why did you mention me? I don't need a yard, but I have a nice house right now. "

Zhang Qiao pursed her lips and smiled, "Big brother, what you said is not right. You need a separate yard most of all. In the future, if you are to get married, you will have children. "

Zhang Leeding's face turned even redder.

Madam Lau's eyes looked forward to it. However, when she thought about the amount of money needed to build such a big house, her eyes dimmed.

Zhang Qiao had seen all of this clearly.

"Father, mother, just tell me how much silver does it cost?" We'll build those courtyards. "

Zhang Dacheng shook his head, "If it really is built, it won't be the kind of building you said at the beginning. It's not good for a family to live in." When your big brother gets married, he'll probably get two rooms on the side. "

Madam Lau also joined in.

Zhang Leeding's face turned hotter and hotter. Why did he keep mentioning the matter of him getting married?

However, as he listened to them, he also began to let his imagination run wild.

He laughed foolishly.

It was as if he had already married a wife.

Zhang Qiao slapped the table and said, "Then let's go with the first method. How much do you think it would cost?"

Zhang Dacheng made a rough budget, "Including the furniture, it will probably cost at least two hundred silvers. We have over 100 taels of silver right now, but a family can't afford to lack some emergency money. I can't spend all this money. "

"Right, right!" You can't spend it like that. " Madam Lau nodded.

Zhang Qiao looked at them and said, "This way, I know what to do." We can earn money, and if we work together, we will definitely be able to build a new house this year. Let's try to get a date with big brother before the new year, find a good girl, and find a good day to get married next year. "This way, dad and mom will be able to pick up Fatty's grandson in the new year."

Madam Lau was extremely moved as she listened.

They made over a hundred silvers a month, and a new house of two hundred silvers could be made in two or three months.

She glanced at Zhang Leeding, who was laughing.

This gaze made her make up her mind.

"Good!" We'll listen to Qiao. "

"Yes, to earn silver, to build a new house, to marry my eldest sister-in-law and to carry my nephew." Zhang Qiao nodded heavily with a face full of satisfaction.

Outside, Gu Qian, who was dressed in black, couldn't help but curl his lips when he heard Zhang Qiao's words.

This girl seemed to have changed.

His personality had changed.

From the way he was speaking, he must be in high spirits.

However, it had changed!

He wanted her to be happy.

Gu Qian turned around and walked out. When he came, he left without a trace.

Qiao, wait for me.

I'll be here with you soon.

This time, I will protect you in a different way.


Without the sh * t stick, Zhang Family's days were very comfortable, and there was no need to guard against the old Zhang Family's people finding fault. While Zhang Qiao brought her family and filled the mountain with herbs, she also paid attention to the herbs that could be used to go to Scar.

Scar is not easy.

Herbs are harder to find.

After a few months of observation, she only found two herbs, eight less.

However, the food at home had improved recently. Her small bean sprout body suddenly became a lot taller and a lot rounder.

That should have been a long time ago, but the place where it did not grow at all had already been revealed.

"Hehe!" These few months have not been wasted on eating so much soya braised pig's feet. " As Zhang Qiao changed her clothes, she lowered her head to take a look. After a few jumps, she was quite satisfied.

Outside the window, someone's nose was bleeding. He covered his nose and quietly left.

Zhang Qiao blew the lamp and slept.

Zhang Qian woke her up as soon as she fell asleep.

"Second Sister, Second Sister, quick!" Come with me quickly, bunny. Bunnies have a lot of baby bunnies. "

The little guy was lying beside the bed in excitement.

Zhang Qiao was dazed as she listened to the rabbit's birth. She immediately sobered up.

"Give me a moment, I'm almost done."

She grabbed the clothes at the corner of the bed and quickly put them on. He ran his fingers through his hair a few times, then headed out while he braided his hair.

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