My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C17 Is This Possible?
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My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C17 Is This Possible?
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C17 Is This Possible?

"Go!" Let's go take a look. "

In the backyard, Madam Lau was in the middle of making a nest for the rabbits. Seeing that she had woken up, she smiled and said, "Qiao, there are a total of six rabbits."

Zhang Qiao was a little disappointed as she looked at the wrinkled and pink rabbit.

"Why is it so ugly?"

Madam Lau giggled. "Pfft …" The little rabbit grows fast, and in a few days it will look good. "Let's go, the nest is ready. For the next few days, the mother rabbit must be careful with her food and drinks. Don't be busy, I'll personally feed her."

The two sisters nodded.

They didn't dare to move such a small rabbit, afraid that they would accidentally pinch it to death.


Lin Tianyuv went to school in the town academy, which gave him three days' leave each month. That day, when he returned home, Madam Jiang was happily cooking delicious food for him in the kitchen, asking him to study inside.

He sat by the window and opened the book, but Lin Tianyuv was unable to get a good look at it.

He hesitated for a moment and then quietly went out.

"Zhang Qiao."

"You?" Zhang Qiao stopped and looked at Lin Tian Yu who was walking out from the corn field, asking coldly: "What do you want?"

Lin Tianyuv was quite surprised as he observed Zhang Qiao.

He hadn't seen her since she broke off the engagement in public.

In the past few months, every time he went to rest, Madam Jiang would go to the entrance to wait for him, then find a reason to accompany him to his uncle's house.

He wanted to come back and see her, but he didn't have a chance.

After a few months of not seeing her, Zhang Qiao had changed.

He had grown taller and more round. His face was pale and his eyes were watery. If it weren't for that scar, Zhang Qiao would have looked really pretty.

Especially those eyes.

"If there's nothing else, then please make way."

"…" Lin Tianyuv refused and said anxiously, "I just want to see how you're doing!"

Zhang Qiao threw up her hands. "I'm doing very well. You saw it too. I've gained a lot of weight from eating." "There's nothing to worry about in my heart. I don't have to worry about it normally, but I've unknowingly gained weight."

"No, not fat!" Lin Tianyuv felt a bit uncomfortable seeing her calm down. Would she not worry once the engagement was annulled?

Was this because his heart no longer had him?

For some reason, Lin Tianyuv felt even worse when he thought of this possibility.

"What do you want?" Zhang Qiao asked.

Lin Tianyuv slowly took out a silver hairpin from his pocket. "This, I want to gift …"

"Give it to me?"

When Zhang Qiao saw that he was stuttering, she helped him to finish.

Lin Tianyuv nodded and looked at her hopefully.

Zhang Qiao waved her hand and asked with a dark expression, "No! Lin Tianyuv, if you don't have a good memory, I can repeat it again that day. "To sever one's robe, to sever two swords, to sever both sides, what does that mean?"

Lin Tianyuv's expression changed drastically.

"Tianyuv, what are you doing here?" Madam Jiang rushed over and snatched the silver hairpin from his hands. "You, you, you …" You actually gave her a silver hairpin? You're really pissing me off. This ugly girl, what did she give you to drink? You finally got rid of her. What are you doing now? "

Lin Tianyuv opened his mouth, "Mom, no, I …"

Madam Jiang immediately said, "She forced you, didn't she? She's been pestering you again, isn't she? " Seeing that Lin Tianyuv didn't say anything, Madam Jiang thought she guessed right.

She pointed the spearhead at Zhang Qiao and cursed, "Zhang Qiao, are you even going to show your face now? You personally said that you would break off the engagement in front of everyone, and now that you are pestering my son, how can you be so shameless? "

Zhang Qiao ignored Madam Jiang and looked at Lin Tianyuv, "Did you see that? In the future, don't give me any trouble. I don't want to see you at all. Bind you? Is that possible? I, Zhang Qiao, never go back on my word. From the moment you let me jump into the river, I no longer have Lin Tianyuv in my heart. Nothing else! Do you understand? "

With that, he left.

Lin Tianyuv looked at her broken back and clenched his hands into fists by his side.

Madam Jiang put away the silver hairpin and reached to pull Lin Tianyuv away.

"You come home with me."

"Mom, I want some peace and quiet." Lin Tianyuv shook off Madam Jiang's hand and walked towards the river. Madam Jiang acted as if she was going to chase after him, but Lin Tianyuv said harshly, "Mom, if you don't stop, I really can do anything. Let me be quiet, please. "

Madam Jiang watched him leave in a daze.

At the riverside, Lin Tianyuv sat on a rock and stared blankly at the river.

Zhang Qiao's words rang in her ears again and again.

Nothing else!

Nothing else!


With regards to Lin Family, Madam Jiang returned home with a heavy heart and went to the kitchen to cook. A black shadow followed closely behind her, but she didn't notice.

After a while, the fragrance of food wafted out from the kitchen.

Madam Jiang heated up the food in the pot and looked out at the sky.

The sky had turned dark, but Lin Tianyuv still hadn't returned.

Sighing, she took out the silver hairpin and placed it on the table by the window.

This hairpin was left by her mother for Lin Tianyuv. Before she died, the old lady said she left it for his wife. She didn't expect Lin Tianyuv to give it to Zhang Qiao.

Ever since the day of Zhang Qiao's annulment, she keenly noticed that something was wrong with Lin Tianyuv. His attitude towards Zhang Qiao had changed.

I didn't expect him to be so serious.

He was lost in thought.

There was someone standing behind her, but she didn't know it.

Suddenly, someone grabbed her by the waist from behind and touched her with one hand. "Madam Lin, you have been a widow for so many years, you must be feeling empty, right? I'll stay with you tonight to satisfy you. "

With that, he moved closer to her and took a big bite on her neck.

Madam Jiang was both embarrassed and angry as she struggled with all her might.

"Let me go!"


"If you don't let go, I'll call for help."

"Shout! There's a lot of trouble in front of the widow's door. If you call the whole village over, I'll see who has no face." "Your son will become a high official in the future. If others know that his mother is such a person, will he still be able to become a high official?"

"Zhang Laosan?" Madam Jiang recognized the voice.

Zhang Laosan smiled proudly, "Madam Lin does indeed have me in her heart. You immediately recognized my voice."

Madam Jiang was so angry that she scolded angrily, "Zhang Laosan, stop!"

"Don't be so stubborn, your body is much more obedient than your mouth." Zhang Laosan's attacks were even more ruthless now.

Madam Jiang felt as if the sky was about to collapse.

He struggled and cried.

Suddenly, her hands stopped, and the person behind her slipped away. Madam Jiang turned around and saw Lin Tianyuv holding a carrying pole in his hand while Zhang Laosan's eyes were tightly shut and he was lying on the ground.

Madam Jiang was shocked.

"Tianyuv, th-th-th-could it be that someone died?"

Lin Tianyuv bent down and took a breath, "He didn't die!"

Madam Jiang's legs went limp as she sat on the ground and sobbed.

"Mother, does anyone come to disturb you often?"

Madam Jiang cried even more bitterly, "How good do you think it can be in front of a widow's door? I closed the gate before it got dark, and today is to go out and find you, and you … I didn't notice, so he … "

The more Madam Jiang spoke, the more she cried.

Lin Tianyuv dropped his carrying pole and knelt beside Madam Jiang, hugging her tightly.

"Mom, in the future, I will listen to everything you say. I will definitely study hard and test my name. I will definitely let you shine so that no one will dare to bully you."

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