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C18 Lower Cliff

The next morning, Madam Jiang and Lin Tianyuv went back to the Jiang family.

Zhang Laosan was found lying at the entrance of the village with the wine jar in his arms. The back of his head was broken, but he was fine.

Besides Madam Jiang and her son and Zhang Laosan, no one knew what had happened.

Zhang Laosan was also confused. He didn't know if he was too thirsty to hallucinate, or if he really entered Madam Jiang's house, touched her, and was knocked unconscious.

He didn't dare ask Madam Jiang to confirm something like that.

With a head injury, he lay groaning on the bed and had a reason not to work on the mountain. It really pissed Elder Zhang off to death.

"This daddy here has to go up the mountain to do his work. What's wrong with him? Drinking, falling wounded, and lying at home? What's wrong with him?"

Old Mrs Zhang quickly advised, "Head, don't bother with San'er. He didn't do it on purpose."

"You just know to get used to him, to the point of no end. A wife gives birth to three daughters, but not even a fat grandson can give birth to three daughters. The three daughters are all useless as well. They only know how to eat everyday! "

The more Elder Zhang cursed, the angrier he got.

Inside the house, Madam Shaw and her three daughters were trembling in fear. They didn't dare to go out at all.

If he appeared in front of Elder Zhang now, he would only get beaten up and scolded. Over the years, they had become very observant.

Outside, Elder Zhang's voice was getting softer and softer. From the sound of it, he was probably going out. The four of them let out a breath of relief before being frightened by the sudden knock on the door.

Old Mrs Zhang knocked hard on the door. "Are you all lazy to wait for dinner?" Why aren't you coming out to work? "

"Mom, we're almost done packing. We're coming out right now." Madam Shaw sighed, patted her daughter's head and went out together with her.

"Let's go!"


After they left, they would inevitably get scolded by Old Mrs Zhang.


The whole family gathered around to eat breakfast. Madam Lau asked Zhang Dacheng as she said that she heard about it when she was washing clothes by the river in the morning.

"Boss, I heard that Ol 'Three was drunk and fell down at the entrance of the village. It was only discovered that he had been carried home in the morning. Would you like to take a look at the eggs? "

Hearing that, Zhang Dacheng asked, "Is it serious?"

"I don't know. I only said that my head was broken and I didn't wake up." I don't know if you're awake now. " Madam Lau shook her head.

Zhang Dacheng thought for a while. "You can load up ten eggs and send them over. See what happens." "I'll go take a look at the ground. It's almost autumn, I'll go take a look."

Zhang Leeding looked at Zhang Qiao.

Zhang Qiao immediately said, "Big brother and I will head up the mountain."


The matters of the family were properly arranged during the meal.

After dinner, the family went about their business in order.

Madam Lau brought the eggs and said a few words to him before returning. Zhang Dacheng didn't go out yet. It didn't sound too serious, so he went to inspect the fields.

Over there, Zhang Qiao and her sister went up the mountain towards the cliff Zhang Qiao mentioned.

"Big brother, pull me from above. I'll go down and dig."

"No!" How can a girl like you go down a cliff? You're up there. "There's no need to pull the rope. I'll just tie it to the big tree."

Zhang Leeding immediately objected.

Zhang Qiao argued, "Big brother, you have to listen to me. I'm lighter and more flexible than you, and you know the herbs. Do you know what is a Dendrobium? "

Zhang Leeding shook his head, "No, I don't."

Zhang Qiao laughed. "Then what are you going down for?"

"Me?" Zhang Leeding scratched his head. Every time he was nervous, anxious, or unable to speak, he would scratch his head.

Zhang Qiao patted his shoulder and said, "I'll go down and ensure my safety."

"Then be careful." Zhang Leeding was still worried, "Why don't we change places or find some other herbs."

Carrying a rope down the cliff was way too dangerous.

Zhang Qiao shook her head. "No!" I must find this place. If Big Brother is not willing to accompany me, then I will secretly come here by myself. "

"No, no, no!" Zhang Leeding quickly surrendered, "I'll go with you. You can't come alone, do you know?"

"En, since big brother is here with me, I definitely won't come alone."

Zhang Qiao smiled like a little fox.

In fact, her family was very persuasive. As long as she was willful, they would give in.

Very quickly!

The siblings walked to the edge of the cliff. Zhang Leeding took out a bundle of hemp rope and examined it carefully. Then, he tied it under a big tree and gave it to Zhang Qiao on the other side.

"Second sister, shall I tie you up?"

"No need! I can do it myself, I know a very strong knot. "

She tied the rope around her waist and tied the knot.

"Big brother, I'm going down."

"Be careful!"

Zhang Leeding stood at the edge of the cliff and looked down. He felt dizzy and his feet went soft.

Zhang Qiao nodded and patted his shoulder. "Big brother, relax a bit. It's alright." This sort of thing was a piece of cake for her in her previous life.

Zhang Qiao took out the sewn cotton gloves and put them on, then grabbed the rope and descended the cliff. A few days ago, she had discovered that there were Dendrobium here. She chose to come today to dig because she needed to sew gloves and also because she wanted to stagger her father.

Her father wasn't as easy to persuade as her big brother.

Even an ox can't pull back its head because it has to.

He definitely wouldn't just watch as she descended the cliff.

Sand and stones continued to fall from his feet.

From time to time, her big brother's voice came from the top of her head.

"Second sister, are you alright?"

"I'm fine!"

"Second sister, will it hurt?"

"No way!"

"Second sister, did you see that?"

"I see it. There's still some distance."

"Second sister …"


Zhang Qiao was both warm and helpless as she dug up a large lush Dendrobium. She habitually scanned her surroundings and found a few more.

They dug it up together and threw it into the Bamboo Basket on his back.

She looked down, wondering if there were any Dendrobium at the bottom of the cliff.

Dendrobium seeds would form. The seed would be light, it could fall down, or it could be blown away by the wind, landing nearby, and then take root and grow into a plant.

She wanted to go down and look.

Up above, Zhang Leeding looked down and shouted, "Second sister, come up first, the rope is this long, you can't go down any further."

This sound dispelled her desire to investigate further.

He could only wait for the next time.

Next time, get some hemp rope.

Zhang Qiao reached the top of the cliff.

"Second sister, come, give me your hand. I'll pull you up." Zhang Leeding pulled her up and immediately patted her waist.

"Second sister, are you alright?" Did you get scratched by a rock or a vine? "

"I'm fine!" I'm fine. " Zhang Qiao put the Bamboo Basket down, looked at the Dendrobium inside, and smiled, "Big brother, this is the Dendrobium. Let's give the stem to Dr. Xu, leave the root and we'll plant it ourselves. "

"Good!" "I'll listen to second sister."

Zhang Leeding wrapped up the hemp rope and put it away.

Ye Zichen nodded happily.

On the way back, Zhang Qiao told him, "Big brother, you can't say that you found it on a cliff, just say that you saw it on a tree."


"Let's go home, pack up and take them to town when it's still fresh."


Actually, Zhang Qiao knew that it was impossible for her to make Dendrobium, but she could not act as if she knew everything, so she sent it to the medicine hall.

People shouldn't eat the fatty in one go.

She had to take it easy.

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