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My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C19 My Life Is Priceless
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C19 My Life Is Priceless

After returning home, Madam Lau immediately asked, "Why are you back so early today?" What kind of medicine was this? I've never seen anything like it before. "

Zhang Qiao said mysteriously, "Shh, Shh, Shh. Mother, please be quiet."

"What's wrong?" Madam Lau was stupefied.

Zhang Qiao blinked and said mischievously, "You can't reveal your wealth."

Madam Lau was pleasantly surprised. "This is?"

"The Dendrobium s are called immortal grasses, they should be able to be exchanged for a new house." Zhang Qiao said as she pulled her into the house.


A loud sound came from behind him.

The mother and daughter turned their head and found Zhang Leeding sitting on the ground.

The two hastily went to help him up, "Big Brother, how did you fall down?"

Madam Lau said, "Are you hurt from the fall?"

Zhang Leeding asked anxiously: "Second Sister, can this grass be exchanged for a new house?"

Heh! So, he was overjoyed upon hearing this and was unable to stand up steadily and fall down.

Zhang Qiao smiled until her eyebrows curved into a smile as she nodded lightly, "Big brother, wait for me for a while, I will pack my things. Later, we will send the Dendrobium to Dr. Xu."

"Good, good, good!" Zhang Leeding nodded excitedly.

On one hand, he was excited. On the other hand, he was curious. Was this grass really worth that much money?

In the room, Madam Lau held Zhang Qiao's hand and asked, "Qiao, are you serious?"

Zhang Qiao: "Mother, when did I say I was lying to my family? This is absolutely true. I'm not lying at all. However, I am not sure how much this thing can be exchanged for, but there will definitely be a lot of it. "

As she spoke, she retracted her hand and retrieved the item from the Bamboo Basket. Carefully cutting off the old stalk, she left the tender He'er and the root behind.

"Mom, when my dad comes back, tell him to saw some tree stumps that are so big. When I come back, I'll plant these."

Hearing this, Madam Lau was surprised. "It grew up a tree?"

"It likes to grow on half-wet rocks, or on tree trunks, but it has to stay wet." Zhang Qiao explained.

When Madam Lau heard that, she said, "Then I'll ask your father to bring some big stones and put them in the backyard. Isn't that enough?"

Zhang Qiao shook her head. "It's not convenient. It's too eye-catching." "For now, we'll use wooden stakes. When we build a new house in the future, we'll plant it on stone."

Madam Lau immediately understood what she meant.

"Alright!" Leave it to me. I'll get your father to prepare the stake before you come back from town. However, Qiao, mother has to remind you.

If this Dendrobium is really so valuable, you guys should just keep the money in the village's bank. We'll get it when we need it. It's not safe to bring them back. "

"Alright!" I'll listen to my mother. "

Madam Lau laughed. "Then let me help you. How can you teach me?" You can cut out whatever kind of stuff you want. "

"It's like this."


"That's fine too."


The mother and daughter duo's hands and feet were nimble as they soon untied the old stem. Zhang Qiao took a piece of cloth and wrapped the Dendrobium with it. She first put in the medicinal ingredients that had just been dried, and finally placed the cloth bag on the top corner.

"Big brother, let's go."



Town, [Hundred Herbs Hall].

The apprentice was already very familiar with the two siblings. When he saw them enter, he immediately greeted them with a smile, "Leeding, Miss Zhang, are you sending the medicinal herbs over?"

"Yeah, where's Dr. Xu?" Zhang Qiao looked around and didn't see Dr. Xu.

"Oh, our Master is in the backyard chatting with a guest. How about, I go call someone for you guys?" The acolyte replied passionately.

Zhang Qiao waved her hand. "No need! We can wait. "

Since he was their companion, it wouldn't be good for him to interrupt midway.

The apprentice did not insist and sat them down before pouring them more tea. Not long later, Dr. Xu and a young man came out.

The apprentice went over and said, "Master, Miss Zhang has brought the medicinal herbs here. She has been waiting for a while."

Dr. Xu nodded and looked towards them.

"Leeding, lass, why did you come here today?"

Zhang Qiao walked over to him and said, "Dr. Xu, there's something good today. We can't hold it for too long. I'm afraid it might affect your business."

She looked around in surprise. "It's you?"

Shi Jin nodded lightly, "Lady, what a coincidence!"

Dr. Xu looked at them in surprise. "You two know each other?"

"I do!" "We've only met once." The two of them spoke at the same time.

Dr. Xu asked with a little interest, "How do you know each other?"

Zhang Qiao said carelessly, "The young master saved me when I was trying to scare the horse. When I carried him back to the manor, I met with this doctor."

Dr. Xu was stunned.

"You're carrying Young Master Qian?"

Zhang Qiao nodded. "Yes, I have a lot of strength."

Dr. Xu smiled and stopped talking.

Shi Jin lowered his head and bit his lips. He wanted to laugh, but he didn't want others to see him smile.

Dr. Xu stopped there and asked, "What kind of good stuff did you get today?"

Zhang Qiao took out her bag and opened it.

Dr. Xu and Shi Jin were very surprised and their eyes lit up, "You …" You actually managed to get a Dendrobium? "

Just now, they were in the backyard, fretting over the existence of Dendrobium. Gu Qian was in need of Dendrobium as a medicine guide. However, Dendrobium s could not be found, and they had already sent people to the four medicine halls to look for them, but they could not find them. Unexpectedly, someone would bring a pillow to him when he was sleeping.

What a coincidence.

Zhang Qiao asked Shi Jin, "You need this too? Does your young master need it? "

Shi Jin was surprised, "How did you know?"

"I guessed it. His body is weak, so it's normal that he can use this. When you all saw the Dendrobium, your eyes lit up.

Zhang Qiao smiled.

Dr. Xu pointed at the archway that led to the backyard and said, "Let's talk at the back."


Dr. Xu and Shi Jin inspected the Dendrobium together, each of them having a mature stem, with many fine and aged stems.

Shi Jin tilted his head and asked, "You know about herbs?"

"I know a bit."

"What about these tender ones and their roots?"

Zhang Qiao replied, "Naturally, it's to stay where it is. When it's done growing, I can still pick it up and sell it, right? It's such a waste to pick it now. "

Saying that, she looked at Dr. Xu, "Dr. Xu, and these, how much are you counting together? We have to get home. "

"I want these Dendrobium." Shi Jin took out three notes worth one hundred silvers, "Three hundred silvers."

Zhang Qiao did not pick up.

Shi Jin frowned and took out another silver note. His tone turned cold.

"I'll add another 100 taels."

Zhang Qiao took two pieces of silver from his hands, "It's not that I don't think it's enough, I'm just thinking that since your young master has saved me once, I might as well give him some Dendrobium. If you say that this Dendrobium is worth three hundred silver taels, I will take two hundred silver taels. Then, I will gift him the Dendrobium worth one hundred silver taels.

Shi Jin: "Lady, do you think that saving your life is only worth a hundred taels?"

Zhang Qiao shook her head. "No!" [My life is priceless. However, even if your young master didn't make a move that day, I would still be fine. This move of his actually injured himself. "

Hearing that, Shi Jin was displeased.

"You said that my young master is meddling in other people's business and saving you would instead involve you?"

Zhang Qiao said, "You were the one who said that. Dr. Xu thought I was the one who testified."

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