My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C2 A Strange Premonition
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My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C2 A Strange Premonition
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C2 A Strange Premonition

Madam Lau pushed Madam Lee to the ground, pointed at Lin Tianyuv and scolded, "Lin Tianyuv, you are such a pretentious person. You did get a virgin, but you still haven't become a high ranking official?"

"A scholar like you said that to my daughter, didn't you force her to die? Now, seeing that the person isn't dead and is disappointed, you're here to kill him off? "

"You've read all the books you've read in the past, haven't you? A person wouldn't say something that would force them to die. I tell you! "I have Lau Cuihua's breath, you can forget about getting what you want."

Zhang Qiao secretly praised her mother.

A good talker! Big aura!

Why did she think her mother was rude before?

Zhang Qiao glanced at Lin Tianyuv from the corner of her eyes and instantly understood. She used to have that misconception because Lin Tianyuv liked to be meek. Therefore, she loved him and hated her mother for being too intrepid.

Now that he thought about it, he truly regretted it.

Fortunately, the heavens had given her a chance to change her life.

Zhang Leeding rolled up his sleeves, looking like he was going to make a move if you dare.

"Yes!" My family will die with you. "

Zhang Qian calmly stood in front of her, seemingly wanting to protect her.

Her father, Zhang Dacheng, had a fierce expression on his face. His gaze was like a sharp blade, flying straight at Lin Tianyuv.

Lin Tianyuv reached out his hand.

Zhang Qiao immediately thought of an embarrassing scene. She hastily cried out, "Mom, I'm in pain …" After which, he fainted.

"Qiao …"

The scene was a mess.

Zhang Family people did not care about arguing with others and did not have time to settle the score with Lin Tianyuv. They carried the unconscious Zhang Qiao and hurried back to their home at the foot of the mountain.

Lin Tianyuv turned around and looked. He reached his hand into his sleeve and was still holding the letter of annulment that had just been dried.

The people from the Zhang Family ran too fast, and before he could even react, he had already run far away.


At night.

Zhang Qiao lay on the bed, tossing and turning.

She had pretended to faint in order to avoid the scene of the marriage annulment. However, she couldn't understand why such a scene would appear in her mind at that time.

Is it true, or is it?

Zhang Qiao couldn't sleep. Listening to her parents' conversation next door, she didn't feel sleepy at all.

It was already hard to accept that she had been reborn this year. However, her rebirth didn't seem to be as simple as it seemed.

"Head, this Lin Family person is too heartless. "They were the ones who came to ask for an engagement back then, and now they want to go back on their word, but are afraid of losing face and forcing Qiao to jump into the river."

"I really can't take this lying down. Qiao is my precious baby. Back then, when you went to the battlefield, if it weren't for your two children, I really wouldn't be able to hold on until today. I hold the child in my hands and don't allow others to bully me like this. "

Lau Cuihua was indignant.

Zhang Dacheng remembered the past and felt guilty towards his wife and children. He quickly comforted them, "Cuihua, don't ruin your body. I'll go and find out about this. "

Zhang Dacheng was also angry in his heart.

The people from the Lin Family were indeed heartless.

That year, he rescued Lin Shun (Lin Tianyuv's father) on the battlefield. The two of them were from the same village, and on the battlefield, they shared a deep friendship between life and death.

After the two returned home, Lin Shun advocated the marriage of the two families' children.

Lin Tianyuv was about the same age as Zhang Qiao. Lin Shun also liked Zhang Qiao, so he brought up the matter of engagement several times, but Zhang Dacheng and his wife didn't agree.

Later, seeing that he was sincere and that Lin Tianyuv was not bad, he agreed.

Unexpectedly, Lin Shun died within a few years.

At the beginning of the year, Lin Tianyuv was full of filial piety, and he had taken the examination to become a child student. Thus, he decided to end the marriage.

Lau Cuihua: "Anyway, no one is allowed to bully my daughter."

"Good!" "No!"

The moon was high in the sky.

Zhang Qiao got off the bed, got dressed, and left the room.

She desperately needed to confirm something.

When Zhang Qiao arrived at Lin Family, it was already late in the night but there was still candlelight on the Lin Family. She went around to the back of Lin Tianyuv's house and squatted under the window, listening to the mother and son conversation inside.

Lin Mu (Jiang Xiulan) sized up Lin Tianyuv and asked unhappily, "Tianyuv, why didn't you give them the marriage certificate when today is such a good opportunity?"

It was good to have so many people as witnesses.

She didn't understand, why did Lin Tianyuv suddenly change his mind?

Outside the window, Zhang Qiao was listening with shock.

The scene that appeared in her mind could actually be real.

At that time, she had witnessed Lin Tianyuv annulling the marriage and laughed mockingly at the villagers. Her family and the Lin Family people had made a breakthrough, and in the end, both of them had suffered injuries.

Lin Family people deserved it, but what crime did her family have?

She was anxious and didn't know what to do at the moment, so she pretended to be unconscious and interrupted Lin Tianyuv's public annulment.

Lin Tianyuv frowned, "Mother, the scene was a mess and everyone fainted, I can't possibly catch up to Zhang Family right? Let's talk about this later. "

Madam Jiang couldn't accept it.

"This cannot be dragged on for too long. You are now in your filial life, and Zhang Qiao is about to be old. If he didn't break off the engagement, then he would have to put the marriage on the agenda. "You need a strong and virtuous wife, not a family of living bandits and burden men."

The living bandits and the burden?


Zhang Qiao secretly disdained him.

You are an ingrate.

Lin Tianyuv: "I know!"

Madam Jiang asked, "You don't want to part with it?"

Hearing that, Lin Tianyuv found it funny, "Mother, you know how much I hate that family. If it wasn't for Zhang Qiao jumping into the river today, things wouldn't have gone awry. "

Zhang Qiao listened for a long time. When Madam Jiang left, the candle flame in the room went out.

All the way, Zhang Qiao wondered what to do.

"Darling, you must retreat!"

But it would have to depend on the Zhang Family.

The dignity of the Zhang Family cannot be stepped on by someone like Lin Bai.

When Zhang Qiao returned home, she didn't sleep for the entire night.

Creak …

Madam Lau pushed the door open and entered, lighting the oil lamp.

"Mother." Zhang Qiao sat up. Seeing that Madam Lau was dressed neatly, she asked, "Mother, are you and Father going out again?"

Her parents went out every day before dawn to kill pigs and then set up stalls in town to sell pork.

Her father was a butcher, and when her elder brother was three years old, he entered the battlefield. When he left, her mother discovered that she was pregnant with him. Later on, in order to support the two siblings, her mother found the Pig Slaughtering Knife and became the only female butcher in the town.

Another three years later, news came from the battlefield saying that her father had disappeared.

The family immediately separated the three of them from each other. An acre of land, some dry land, and a thatched hut at the foot of the mountain.

Her mother did not collapse because of this, but she held on for the sake of the two siblings.

However, there were always rumors in front of the widows' doors. Her mother had been forced to become intrepid. From then on, Lau Cuihua became the strongest woman in Begonia Village.

In her previous life, Liu Li had been like everyone else who didn't like her mother. Now, she felt that her mother was living a wonderful life.

Truly admirable!

Fortunately, good people get good rewards. Later, her father and Lin Tianyuv's father (Lin Shun) came back together, the message sent home was false. Her father hadn't died, but he had suffered quite a bit on the battlefield.

Madam Lau was happy to have her family reunited.

"Qiao, did you sleep all night?"

Madam Lau looked at her dark eyes with a pained expression. She sat down on the bed and put her hand on her forehead. She heaved a sigh of relief when she found that her body temperature was normal.

"Not bad!" It's not burning up. "

However, the moment Madam Lau touched Zhang Qiao, an image appeared in Zhang Qiao's mind. She quickly hugged Lau Cuihua and said anxiously, "Mother, please don't set up a stall with Daddy today, okay?"

Madam Lau was startled. She felt Zhang Qiao trembling and quickly pushed her away, "Qiao, why are you so pale? "But where is the discomfort?"

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