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C20 Floating

Dr. Xu quickly changed the topic, "Let me take a look at these herbs. How about you come with me?"

"Sure!" Zhang Qiao pointed to the Dendrobium on the table, "These are yours. The goods have been paid in silver taels. "

Shi Jin let out a long sigh as he watched her leave.

Why did this grandpa keep paying attention to such a little village girl?

He couldn't figure it out!

He kept the Dendrobium and left the [Hundred Herbs Hall] in a hurry. Taking advantage of the fresh Dendrobium, he had to hurry back to make it.

Perfect! With the pill, it would solve one of his biggest problems.

Outside in the lobby, Dr. Xu weighed the herbs that Zhang Qiao and the others had brought over and wrote out a receipt and paid the silver taels according to the usual practice.

Shi Jin said goodbye to Dr. Xu and left.

Zhang Qiao said half-jokingly, "Dr. Xu, is this person very familiar with you? This character of yours is rather cold. "

Dr. Xu nodded: "He's my Junior Brother, but his medical skills are better than mine."

"Huh?" Zhang Qiao was surprised.

Dr. Xu counted the silver taels and reminded her, "It's getting late. You two siblings can go back first." Also, you guys have to be careful of bringing so much silver this time. Why don't we first put it in the bank? "

Zhang Qiao nodded. "I have a plan. We'll head over first." "Dr. Xu, farewell!"

"Be careful on the road! Have a good trip!"

"Alright, I understand."

The siblings went to the bank and deposited two hundred taels of silver. They only brought the silver back home.


Begonia Village, Zhang Family.

Madam Lau stood at the entrance to the courtyard, tiptoeing as she looked at the path, rubbing her hands from time to time. "Why aren't you back yet?" It's almost dark and the sun is setting. "

Zhang Dacheng was sawing stakes in the yard. After Madam Lau told him about it, he immediately went up the mountain to cut down fresh trees.

"Don't be in such a hurry, to come from here to the town and then coming back from the town, don't you need time?"

Madam Lau turned to look at him. "How can I not be anxious?" I wonder how the situation is going? Head, why don't you go and take over? "

Zhang Dacheng saw that she was worried, so he put down the saw.

"Alright!" Hurry up and cook. I'll go get them. "

Madam Lau stood at the courtyard entrance and watched him leave. She waited until she was out of sight before returning to the kitchen to make dinner.

Zhang Qian sat in front of the stove and started a fire, "Mother, why are you in such a hurry? Big Bro will be fine if he goes to town with Second Sister. It's not like they're the first ones back to town. "

Madam Lau opened and closed her mouth.

She couldn't explain this to a four-year-old child.

As the rice was being steamed, the pot was filled with beans and eggplant.

Madam Lau instructed, "Ah Qian, go outside and have a look. I'll light the fire." "When you see your father and the others are back, quickly tell me."

"Understood, Mother."

Zhang Qian dropped the poker and trotted out.

Before long, Zhang Qian was shouting at the entrance of the courtyard, "Mother, my father and brother Second Sister are back."

Madam Lau stuffed a handful of fire into the stove and yelled.

When she ran to the entrance of the courtyard, Zhang Dacheng and his son had already returned to their doorstep.

Madam Lau asked anxiously, "Qiao, how is it?"

"Mother, let's talk inside."


They went straight to the kitchen. Zhang Qiao looked at Zhang Leeding, and Zhang Leeding immediately handed over the receipt for the bank.

He couldn't stop smiling, "Mother, Second Sister is right. We really did change our house. "Here's the banknote for two hundred liang from the bank, take it."

"What?" Madam Lau was stunned. She felt as if she was about to lose her balance.

Those things really changed into a house?

This was too unbelievable!

"Head, head, quick!" "Are you trying to pinch me again? Am I dreaming?" Madam Lau said anxiously.

Zhang Dacheng scratched his head and laughed, "I won't pinch you! This time, it's real. Hurry up and put it away. "

Following that, Zhang Dacheng and his wife felt that they had always been carefree and absent-minded when it came to everything they did. They were completely unable to recover from this pleasant surprise.

Zhang Leeding went to the courtyard to continue sawing at the stakes.

Zhang Qiao had already started to work on the Iron Skin Dendrobium.

Madam Lau finished cooking dinner while Zhang Qiao finished planting the iron-skinned Dendrobium and placed them one by one in the corner behind her window.

During dinner, Zhang Qiao looked at the family members who had not recovered from their shock and said, "Father, Mother, Big Brother, the iron-skinned Dendrobium that we dug out today looks like they have been here for many years. The Dendrobium would produce a seed, and the seed is very light. It might have been blown downwards by the wind, or it might have been in the vicinity.

"Sure!" Madam Lau replied immediately and asked again, "Where did you dig this up?"

Zhang Leeding looked at Zhang Qiao nervously.

He didn't dare to say this.

At this point, Zhang Qiao knew she could not hide it from Madam Lau, so she told her the truth.

Madam Lau and Zhang Dacheng broke out in a cold sweat when they heard that she had gone down the cliff during the day.

They couldn't bear to talk about her, so they scolded Zhang Leeding: "If she is too stubborn, why did you let her be too? How dangerous was it for a little girl like her to go down a cliff? How can you let her go? "

"Father, mother, this is not big brother's fault! I insist on going down. It's not like you guys don't know, but Big Bro can't beat me. Besides, I won't do anything without a plan. I cherish my life because I have such a good family. "

Zhang Qiao quickly explained to Zhang Leeding.

She was the one who insisted on this.

Madam Lau and Zhang Dacheng also knew Zhang Qiao's personality. They became willful. Zhang Leeding really couldn't do anything to her.

"Qiao, let's go together tomorrow. Don't go down, let your father and your big brother go down. Now that they know about it, there's no need for you to go any further. "

"Understood, Mother."

Madam Lau nodded. "Since we're going up the mountain tomorrow, let's rest early."


Lying on the bed, Madam Lau and her wife couldn't fall asleep no matter how hard they tried.

"Boss, I still feel like I'm dreaming. How come our family suddenly has everything?"

Zhang Dacheng pinched her palm. "Cuihua, I feel like I'm in a dream. I wouldn't even dare to dream of such a day." This is all because we have a good daughter, and because our daughter has had a fortuitous encounter, our family has lived a good life with her.

Madam Lau nodded. "Right, right!" A daughter's contribution. I wonder which Immortal Bodhisattva is protecting his daughter? "When you have time, accompany me to the temple in the county to burn some incense. Let's go add some fragrant oil to the pot. Thank you for your blessings, Bodhisattva."

"Good!" I'll listen to you, and we'll all go. Let Qiao personally go and thank the Bodhisattva. This way, there will be more sincerity. "

"Good!" "I'll listen to the boss."

"Go to sleep!"


The next day, Madam Lau and her wife woke up early and prepared breakfast. Madam Lau then called Zhang Qiao and Zhang Qian to wake up.

Zhang Leeding had already filled the two vats with water.

"Qiao, Ah Qian, wake up." "After breakfast, let's head up the mountain earlier."

"Mom, we'll be right there."

Zhang Qiao grabbed some clothes from the corner of the bed and helped Zhang Qian put them on. She told Zhang Qian to go wash up first before taking care of herself.

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