My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C3 The Smell the Stains
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My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C3 The Smell the Stains
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C3 The Smell the Stains

Zhang Dacheng, who was sharpening his knife in the yard, heard her and ran in anxiously, "Cuihua, how is Qiao?"

Zhang Qiao tightly held onto Madam Lau's hand, "Mom, can we not go?"

She wanted to try and see if she could sense anything new.

But no.

Zhang Dacheng stood in front of the bed, "Qiao, what happened? "Tell daddy."

Ladies were rarely like this.

Yesterday, he was shocked once again and felt cold.

They had always been worried.

Zhang Qiao looked at Zhang Dacheng with tears in her eyes, "Dad, can you and mom not set up a stall in town today? "I want you to stay at home with me, wuu …"

She used a killer's seal.

In this house, her tears were a weapon to make her family surrender.

This day did not fail.

Zhang Dacheng and his wife did not set up the stall and stayed home.

Zhang Qiao heaved a sigh of relief. She packed her things and got ready to walk around.

Since she was reborn, she couldn't take the old path anymore. Since Lin Tianyuv despised her, she would make it so that Lin Tianyuv wouldn't be able to climb higher in the future. The misfortune of the people from the former aristocratic families had started because of her. In this life, not only would she have to make up for it, she would also have to protect her family.

Since that day, Zhang Qiao had changed in the eyes of her family.

She was not unhappy because of what had happened that day. Instead, she had changed. Every day, he would run around the mountains with Zhang Qian and return with strange grass on his back.

Zhang Dacheng was a bit worried as he watched.

She always felt that Zhang Qiao had suffered greatly and was acting strangely.

Madam Lau, on the other hand, had a big heart. She cheerfully said, "My family's Qiao is such a nice girl, she shouldn't be looked down by others. They think we're going to hide away and be sad, so we have to live happily. "

Madam Lau was someone who had long lived and understood. A child's happiness was better than anything else.

They didn't know that Zhang Qiao was no longer the same Zhang Qiao as before. Everything she had learned in her previous life was stored in her mind. Medical skills, martial arts, culinary arts, chess, zither, poetry, painting …

Almost omnipotent.

She had been forced to learn, to learn this, only to have someone train her into a qualified minder.

It was just that she had never thought that she would actually set up a fake show against her target after touching on the rules. In the end, she was tricked by her target and died at its hands.

When she returned, Zhang Qiao was pestered by nightmares.

What had happened in his previous life, he would not let her off even in his dreams.

Zhang Qiao had been observing the mountain for many days, preparing to make her fortune with her family, using the knowledge she had learnt in her previous life. In this day and age, only with money and power could one be a level higher than others.

If she wanted to make Lin Tianyuv unable to climb higher, then she would have to start off with becoming rich.


"Big brother."

One day, Zhang Qiao came out of her room and called out to Zhang Leeding, who was about to leave, "Brother, are you going to work in town?"

Zhang Leeding nodded, he was confused.

He worked as a waiter in a restaurant in the town and had to work every day. He had been working for several years already.

Zhang Qiao quickly pulled him back, allowing him to see more clearly.

"Brother, I saw Poria Cocos Park on the mountain a few days ago. I want you to help me dig it out. Can we go today? "

She saw that Zhang Leeding was bullied by a few gongzis, and the shopkeeper let Zhang Leeding pass through those people to settle the matter. Zhang Leeding was full of guts. Of course he didn't want to. In the end, he lost a leg.

Hearing that, Zhang Leeding felt troubled.

If he didn't work, then it would be deducting his salary. In the worst-case scenario, he might even lose his job.

However, he couldn't bear to refuse Zhang Qiao.

These days, her family had always been obedient to Zhang Qiao and wanted to make her feel better.

"Second sister, how about you wait for me to come back from work? Or is it the next time we rest? "

Zhang Qiao shook her head and continued to hold onto his arm, "Big brother, we really can't wait any longer. If we don't dig it out, it will rot in the dirt. Brother, can you help me? "Un, is that alright?"

Zhang Qiao shook his arm and acted coquettishly.

Anyway, she couldn't let Zhang Leeding go to work no matter what.

Absolutely not!

She had already repeatedly confirmed this strange premonition of hers. There was not a single time that she wasn't sure of. Perhaps the heavens were trying to compensate her for the hardships she had gone through in her previous life.

Zhang Qiao quickly accepted the superhuman premonition that she had experienced during her rebirth.

Zhang Leeding didn't know what to do anymore.

In the end, he couldn't beat Zhang Qiao, so he accompanied her up the mountain.

"Big Brother, look. What is this?" Zhang Qiao came back with a few fat wild rabbits in her hand, her face full of smiles.

Zhang Leeding put down his hoe and looked at her in surprise, "Second sister, where did you get this from? There's a hunting clip placed on this mountain, what are you doing? "

"Big Brother, don't worry!" I hunted this myself. "

"You hunted it?"

Zhang Leeding was so shocked that he couldn't close his mouth.

Zhang Qiao nodded. "Yes, a few days ago, Third Sister and I went up the mountain. I put some hunting pointers there." When I went to look around, I found that these little things had been tricked. "

"…" Zhang Leeding looked at her and then looked at the fat rabbit. He did not feel conflicted and laughed, "My second sister is really capable. Fine! Tomorrow, Big Bro will take them to a restaurant to exchange for silver, and you can also save some money for your wedding. "

People sent wild game to everyone in the restaurant. Zhang Leeding knew the prices very well.

These fat rabbits were probably worth more than a dozen catties, which could be exchanged for over a hundred gold coins.

This would be equivalent to his income from half a month of work.

"Nope!" Bring it home and we'll have a good dinner tonight. The other few can be raised. " Zhang Qiao shook her head. She had her own plans.

Here is a hare already pregnant with a baby hare.

She kept one male and one female to raise, and later the rabbits gave birth to rabbits, raising them one nest after another.

Zhang Leeding looked at the blood stains on the rabbit leg, "But their leg?"

"I can take some herbs and apply some for them." Zhang Qiao had already thought about it and even picked some herbs.

Seeing that she had made up her mind, Zhang Leeding nodded with a smile, "Sure! "I'll listen to you."

While Zhang Leeding was digging for the Poria Cocos Park, Zhang Qiao went around to dig some wild vegetables and mushrooms.

"Yo ~ ~ Isn't this Qiao?" Second Aunt Madam Lee came out of the woods with half a basket of wild vegetables in her basket. It seemed like she was also here to dig up wild vegetables.

However, the women in this village rarely came to dig up wild vegetables. The main reason was that the trees were densely packed, and there weren't many wild vegetables. Wild vegetables usually grow on hills or by rivers, on small slopes.

Zhang Qiao ignored her, not even bothering to raise her eyes.

Annoyed, Madam Lee walked closer and said in a weird tone, "Qiao, Second Aunt is advising you, stop being so stubborn. Tianyuv is a scholar, my sister-in-law looks down on you. You, ah, don't be suicidal, it's no use. If they die, it will save them from having to withdraw from the marriage. "

"You should know your own limits. If you don't have a mirror at home, you should at least get a basin of water to look at yourself. In the past, you were rather well-behaved and delicate, but ever since you had a scar on your face, this … "Ai, you understand what Second Aunt means, right?"

As the wind blew, Madam Lee's scent drifted over.

Zhang Qiao frowned and silently walked a few steps away.

This smell?

She straightened up and looked Madam Lee up and down. Her face was filled with happiness, a smile, and a rosy complexion. In addition to the smell, she was stained …

Zhang Qiao already knew what Madam Lee did on the mountain.

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