My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C4 Hand-tearing Exquisite
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My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C4 Hand-tearing Exquisite
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C4 Hand-tearing Exquisite

When Madam Lee saw her actions, she became even angrier.

An ugly girl who was about to be annulled, what was there to be cocky about? When Lin Tianyuv gave her the letter of annulment, she would see Zhang Qiao again.

"Zhang Qiao, are you mute? I've already been talking for so long, and you're not answering back? "

"Go back to what?" Zhang Qiao turned around and looked at her, her gaze falling on her chest. "Oh, since you've reminded me, let me remind you as well."

Madam Lee asked, "What?"

Zhang Qiao looked away from her chest. "The buttons on your chest are open."

With that, he left.

Madam Lee looked down and exclaimed. She quickly put down the bamboo basket and buttoned it. She stared at Zhang Qiao's back, her eyes downcast as she tried to guess what Zhang Qiao had just seen.

"Zhang Qiao!"

"What else do you want?"

Zhang Qiao stomped her feet and looked impatiently at the person running towards her.

Madam Lee stared at her. "When did you arrive?" "How long have you been around? Have you been in the woods over there?"

Listening to these questions, Zhang Qiao secretly cursed Madam Lee for being an idiot.

[Is there no money in this place?]


"Say it, I'm not guessing." Madam Lee glared at her fiercely.

Zhang Qiao made a face at her. "I just didn't want to tell you that I met you right after coming here, and you said that Brother Tianyuv would break the engagement. I'm not happy with that, hmph!"

When Madam Lee heard this, she felt at ease.

This Zhang Qiao is still a fool, her thoughts are still on Lin Tianyuv.

Zhang Qiao ran away, laughing in her heart: The real fool, I don't know who.

It was impossible for him to tell Madam Lee even if he saw her, much less not seeing her. Could it be that he wanted to find an excuse for Madam Lee to deal with him? On the contrary, she was trying to follow this clue to find out who Madam Lee's lover was.

It would be easier to bully Madam Lee in the future.

Zhang Qiao walked around for a while and didn't have any big gains, so she went back to find Zhang Leeding.

Poria cocos have been dug out.

Zhang Leeding was just about to go find Zhang Qiao, but when he saw her return, he quickly waved and said, "Second sister, come over and take a look. What a big head you have here." However, what was this thing used for? What did you dig it up for? "

Zhang Qiao felt like laughing when she heard this.

This was her sis-con brother. He dug without even asking for anything. After digging for half a day, he finally found the answer he needed.

"Poria Cocos is a good item, it can be used for medicine." Zhang Qiao walked closer to take a look and couldn't help but exclaim, "Wow, it really is a big guy. "Big brother, let's pack up a bit before we head home. I'll cook something delicious for you in the afternoon."


When the siblings returned home, the house was quiet. Their parents had not come back from their stalls, and Zhang Qian had gone with them to town.

"Big brother, help me wash the Poria Cocos. I'll bandage the rabbit."

Zhang Qiao put the hare in the bamboo cage and washed it with herbs. After that, she smashed it into pieces and went back into the house to tear a strip of cloth. She then swiftly helped the hare to bandage its wounds.

Zhang Leeding, who was sitting next to the water tank, looked at her from time to time.

When did his second sister learn about medicinal herbs?

He lowered his head and looked at the Poria Cocos, then looked at Zhang Qiao and asked, "Second sister, how do you know that the Poria Cocos can be used in medicine? "Also, I found out that you know a lot of medicinal herbs."

Uh ~

Zhang Qiao's hands stopped moving, wanting to smack herself on the forehead.

She seemed to be in too much of a hurry.

He was so focused on earning money and relying on his resources, he forgot that he had overdone it when it came to understanding medicinal herbs.

"Big Brother, I'm telling you, you can't tell others." Zhang Qiao walked over and looked around mysteriously before asking, "Brother, didn't I fall into the river a few days ago?"

Zhang Leeding nodded and his heart skipped a beat.

"And then?"

"I don't know how to swim, I choke, I don't know how to feel. I thought I was going to die, but somehow it was like a dream in the water. A white-haired old man with a white beard and white eyebrows told me, "Little girl, you can't die. You can't let your loved ones feel the pain of an enemy." Come! I'll take you up. "

Zhang Qiao held onto her fingers as she looked at the stunned Zhang Leeding. "Then, when I woke up, I was hanging on to a rock by the river."

"…" Zhang Leeding swallowed his saliva and asked nervously, "And then?"

Zhang Qiao looked around again and lowered her voice even more.

"From that day on, the old man came to my dreams every night to teach me about herbs. He said that if I live, I can't be a coward and let me get rich with my family. "

Zhang Leeding found it unbelievable, but he believed Zhang Qiao.

No reason!

They just believed him!

"Second sister, does this old man really say that?"

Zhang Qiao blinked. "What do you mean?"

Zhang Leeding was infected with her, so he looked around mysteriously, "You want to get rich with your family?"

"That's right! Brother, you don't believe me? "

"I do!" If I don't believe in my second sister, who will I believe in? "

Zhang Qiao nodded. "Alright then. In the future, big brother will listen to me." The workers of the town, we're not going. In the future, we will be able to go up the mountain every day, and there will always be a way to earn a living. As for dad and mom, we can't just be a butcher and get out of bed before daybreak. It would be too tiring. "

"Yes, Father and Mother are tired." Zhang Leeding agreed, but did not want to lose the job at the restaurant, "Second sister, I will have to go to work for now. How about you let your parents accompany you up the mountain? "

Zhang Qiao didn't want him to go to a restaurant.

However, it was not good to advise him directly.

She took a detour to persuade him, "Big brother, if the herbs I've been working on these days can be exchanged for money, you'll agree to follow me up the mountain, won't you?"

Zhang Leeding touched the Poria Cocos unwittingly and nodded silently.


"Big brother, just you wait."

Zhang Qiao laughed until her eyebrows curved.

Zhang Leeding also grinned.

"Then I'll go and cook, brother, wash the Poria Cocos and clean that rabbit." Zhang Qiao estimated that by the time she had finished cooking, her parents would be back home.


The brother and sister duo busied themselves with their own business.

When Zhang Qiao went to fetch the rice, she found that the rice in the vat was running out. She scooped up a bowl of crushed rice and added water to the pot to boil the porridge. She dug up some wild vegetables today, just in time to make some porridge.

With the pot of porridge boiling, she put some firewood in the oven and went out to wash the vegetables.

Wild vegetables were cooked with porridge and mushrooms were used to stew rabbit meat.

A few days ago, she had soaked some sour beans and washed some as well.

Under the bamboo fence in the courtyard, there were cucumber and bean horns growing. It was the height of the season, so Zhang Qiao picked a few cucumbers, washed them and patted them together.

When she finished preparing the dishes, Zhang Leeding also came in with the rabbit.

"Second sister, let me chop a piece so that blood won't splash on your clothes."

Zhang Qiao shook her head. "No need!" I'll do it myself. Big brother, you should go and take a rest first. Since I've boiled water, it should be cold. You should go get some water. "


Zhang Qiao cut up the rabbit's internal organs, cut up some more rabbit meat, and also cut up some, preparing to stir-fry with Spiced Beans. Just like that, it was like there was another meat dish.

He also used the small stove. After boiling the hotpot, he began to braise the rabbit meat.

"Leeding, why are you at home today? What was being cooked in this kitchen? "So fragrant?" Elder Zhang walked in with his cigarette holder and stared at the kitchen door.

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