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C6 Amazing Amazing

At night, the weather was hot and stuffy. Even though Zhang Qiao was lying on the mat, she was sweating profusely. His body was sticky, making him unable to sleep.

Zhang Qiao got up, huffing and puffing.

Forget it, I'm not going to sleep anymore.

She went out into the yard to enjoy the cool breeze.

When Madam Lau heard the commotion outside, she immediately pushed Zhang Dacheng away, "Boss, wake up. There's a commotion outside. Could it be someone has come knocking on the door to cause trouble?"

Zhang Dacheng opened his eyes and quickly got up before running out on his bare feet.

"Who is it?" How dare you barge into my Zhang Tu household?

"Your daughter." A soft voice sounded. Zhang Dacheng instantly smiled and ran to Zhang Qiao's side. "Qiao, why aren't you sleeping?"

As long as he wasn't an outsider.

Zhang Qiao looked up at him and waved her hand.

Zhang Dacheng bent his body and put his ear close to his ear, "What happened?"

"Dad, I can't sleep."

Zhang Dacheng was surprised. He immediately put his hand on her forehead. "Are you not feeling well?" It was a bit hot, but he didn't know if it was a fever or not.

Zhang Qiao shook her head. "No!" "It's just annoying."

Zhang Dacheng quickly squatted and said, "Qiao, are you annoyed with that Lin Tianyuv? Don't worry! "As long as dad is alive, dad won't let him break the engagement."

Everyone from Zhang Family saw how much Zhang Qiao liked Lin Tianyuv.

"That's right!" "With father and mother around, they are not allowed to break off the engagement. In the past, it was their family that shamelessly engaged the marriage, but now that they want to break it off, there is no way they can do so."

Madam Lau dressed and came out.

Zhang Qiao lowered her head and said in a low voice, "I want to break off the engagement, so let us end it. I don't want Lin Tianyuv. It's not that he doesn't want me."

"What?" When Zhang Dacheng and his wife heard this, they were shocked.

Zhang Qiao raised her head and looked at them firmly, "I said, I want to break off the engagement, I don't want Lin Tianyuv."

Madam Lau burst into tears, "Qiao, what's wrong with you? "Tell Mother that Mother will bring you to town now to look for a doctor."

In the eyes of the Zhang Family people, even if Zhang Qiao died, she would never withdraw from the marriage.

Now that she said that she wanted to break off the engagement, she didn't want Lin Tianyuv anymore. This was definitely too much of a provocation, causing people to lose their minds.

Zhang Qiao was flabbergasted. "I, I …"

Qiao …

Before Zhang Qiao fainted, she heard her parents' terrified voices.

When she woke up again, the house was lit up by a beanstalk lamp. The whole family was waiting on her bed, and when they saw her eyelashes move, they all looked at her breathlessly.

Narrowing her eyes, Zhang Qiao asked, "Father, mother, brother, third sister, what's wrong with me? Why are you all standing in front of my bed? "

"Qiao." Madam Lau held her hand tightly and called out to her, tears streaming down her face. "You really know us?"

Zhang Qiao was not in a good mood and asked, "Dad, what do you mean by that?"

Zhang Dacheng scratched his head.

Zhang Qian's eyes reddened. "Mother said Big Sis was going to break the engagement, and then she fainted. She must have gone crazy from the shock. I'm afraid you won't recognize us when you wake up. "

Uh ~

How was this possible?

Zhang Qiao got up and sat on the bed. She swore over and over again that she would be fine, and that she wouldn't lose her mind. She fainted but didn't get a good night's sleep.

The people from Zhang Family believed this.

However, she had just been speaking angrily when she said that she was going to break off the engagement.

No one took it seriously!

After a day and a night of sleep, Zhang Qiao was no longer tormented by nightmares. The sun had been shining well these days, and her Poria Cocos had already been dried.

"Father, Mother, tomorrow I will go with you to a stall in the town. "When the pharmacy doors open, I'll go and sell this Poria Cocos." During dinner, Zhang Qiao explained her plan.

Everyone nodded. "Alright!"

Currently, Zhang Qiao was the family's group pet. Even the youngest Zhang Qian knew to spoil her elder sister. Everyday, whatever she said, her family did. Everything went according to plan.

It often made Zhang Qiao at a loss whether to laugh or to cry.

After dinner, Zhang Qiao packed the Poria Cocos and also put away the other herbs, preparing to send them to the pharmacy tomorrow. If the price was right, he would buy them all.

He then walked around the street, arranging some things for his family.

"Second Sister." Zhang Qian pushed the door open and stuck her head in, "Second Sister, can I sleep with you tonight? Tomorrow morning, I will accompany Second Sister to town. "

"Alright!" "Come on in." Zhang Qiao went over and locked the door when she came in.

When the two sisters got onto the bed, the little fellow immediately cupped its arms around her, found a comfortable position, and instantly went to sleep.

Zhang Qiao was dumbstruck as she stared at the little fellow's sleeping figure.

It really worked!

And so he fell asleep.

Maybe it was because there was someone beside her, and she had the aura of a family member that allowed her to relax, but Zhang Qiao slept well that night, with no dreams and no dreams. She slept through the night until Madam Lau knocked on the door.

The two sisters went to wash up sleepily. Zhang Leeding dug out a few roasted sweet potatoes that were still hot from the stove, "Second sister, take this. Wait for a while on the way, you and third sister will eat it. I'll carry it."

He got up too early and it wasn't even dawn yet.

Usually, when Zhang Dacheng and his wife went to slaughter pigs, they would not eat breakfast. They were all in a hurry to find a pig, so after killing the pig, they would set up a stall. Then, he would eat something to fill his stomach.

The road to town was a mountain road, and a carriage and two people could walk at the same time. The road was not small, but it was zigzagged and bumpy.

Zhang Leeding walked in the front, the two sisters in the middle, and his parents at the back.

Two sweet potatoes in five, a family of five, each point.

Of course, this was the result of Zhang Qiao and her sister's insistence.

It was still dark when he arrived at the house. Zhang Qiao really felt sorry for her parents, especially her mother. Before this, her father wasn't at home, but he was carrying two children on his back.

A man gets up early to be greedy for the dark, and does a job that none of the men are willing to do.

Sometimes, there were still people hiding on the road to scare her mother, wanting to take her mother's tofu. Every time, it was all because of the Pig Slaughtering Knife in her mother's hands that they were scared away.

Zhang Qiao really wanted to hug her mother.

"Aiyo, the pig ran away."

The host exclaimed, a fat pig rushed out from the circle and knocked Madam Lau away. Zhang Dacheng hurriedly supported Madam Lau, "Cuihua, are you alright?"

"I'm fine! "Quick, that pig …"

The pig was stopped.

No! Someone had grabbed his tail with one hand while holding his head with the other, leaving him frozen in the yard.

Time suddenly stopped.

Everyone looked at Zhang Qiao in disbelief.

How did she manage to be such a petite girl? A pig that weighed almost 200 Jin was actually caught by her two hands.

Zhang Qiao was also dumbfounded, frozen in place.

Just now when the pig rushed towards her, she reflexively went to pinch the pig, and that was it. She felt that she was much stronger than before.

Thus, she raised her hand and chopped down on the pig's head. The pig let out a howl and fell to the ground. She bent down to take a sniff of the pig's breath. Very good! Not dead!

She grabbed the pig by the front and back legs and carried it to the wooden rack that had been set up long ago.

"Dad, mom, you guys can start bleeding from the pigs. The pigs didn't die, I just knocked them out." Zhang Qiao dusted her hands and spread them wide open, looking at her thinning hands.

Amazing, amazing!

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