My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C8 A Carp a Decaying God
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My Wife Is A Village Tyrant/C8 A Carp a Decaying God
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C8 A Carp a Decaying God

Madam Lau screamed, "Qiao …" Then, as if she had suddenly regained her strength, she rushed over to help Zhang Qiao up. She looked her up and down and asked urgently, "Qiao, are you alright?"

Zhang Qiao only felt faint, but she knew she was fine.

Zhang Xuan waved his hands.

"Mother, I'm fine!" It seems to be him. "

There was a human cushion under her, which had caught her in midair, and then they both came crashing down. She heard him grunt.

Madam Lau lowered her head.

Zhang Dacheng quickly went up to help him, "Mister, are you alright?"

Gu Qian's face turned pale. He clutched his chest and suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Ah …

The onlookers screamed.

"Young master." Shi Soong ran out of the crowd and quickly glanced at Zhang Qiao. His eyes were filled with dissatisfaction. Zhang Qiao saw it just in time and couldn't help but rub her nose.

What happened to her?

It wasn't her fault.

She didn't let him come and save her, nor did she pull him down to the bottom.

Shi Soong looked at Gu Qian's weak appearance and said anxiously, "Young Master, I will carry you back. Shi Jin has not left yet."

He bent over and carried the man on his back. Zhang Dacheng held Gu Qian's hand and held onto Shi Soong's back. Shi Soong stood up and staggered and almost threw Gu Qian out.

Zhang Dacheng felt guilty. He thought that this person was trying to save his daughter, so he said, "I'll carry him. Lead the way."

Gu Qian waved his hand and pointed at Zhang Qiao.

The crowd was puzzled. What did he mean?

Zhang Qiao walked over and crouched down. "Come on up, I'll carry you."

Gu Qian curled his lips, went up softly and wrapped his arms around her neck. He said softly, "Thank you, Miss. I'm so sorry."

Zhang Qiao rolled her eyes and thought to herself, "You don't feel good, just don't let a little girl carry you." "You obviously have a thick skin. If it wasn't for the fact that you look like a bean sprout and have a scar on your face, she would have thought that he had taken a fancy to her.

Zhang Dacheng anxiously said, "Qiao, th-th-this isn't appropriate, right? You're a woman, you're carrying a man, and isn't he too heavy? I see it's heavier than that pig in the morning. Can you carry it? "

Gu Qian couldn't help but stiffen his body.

The future father-in-law comparing him to a pig in the morning?

To comfort him, Zhang Qiao even asked Gu Qian, "No problem!" Hurry up and set up the stall with my mother. I'll send some people back. Also, the owner of this carriage, look carefully at how well you've destroyed so many things and injured so many people.

The person was lifted up and slid down again. Her petite hand was placed there, and the owner, Gu Qian, almost jumped down from her back. Was he being molested in broad daylight?

Would she be responsible if he asked her to be responsible?

While his imagination was running wild, he had finally arrived.

"Miss, we'll stay here for the time being." Gu Qian frowned as he heard Shi Soong's words. He felt that this girl left too quickly.

Shi Soong went around to Gu Qian's side, "Young Master, let me help you to the bed."

"…" Gu Qian remained silent.

Seeing this, Shi Soong was anxious.

Am I knocked out?

He quickly ran to the door and shouted: "Shi Jin, Shi Jin, come here quickly, young master just vomited blood again. Come quickly. "

He vomited blood again?

Zhang Qiao caught on to the main point.

She put Gu Qian down on the bed and tried to pry away his hand that was still around her neck, "Lie down and wait for the doctor to come over. Don't worry! I won't run! "

Gu Qian wanted to laugh as he heard this.

It would be weird if she didn't run!

It wasn't easy for him to catch her, and in this life, he wouldn't let her escape from him.

Tap, tap, tap … The sound of hurried footsteps could be heard.

When Shi Jin saw Zhang Qiao, he didn't have any reaction. He sat in front of the bed and reached out his hand to feel Gu Qian's pulse. He didn't let go for a long time, and his frown deepened.

Zhang Qiao poked Shi Soong's arm, and under Shi Soong's gaze, she asked, "Is your Young Master weak? Does he often vomit blood?"

Shi Soong glared at her snappily, "You're the one who often vomit blood, shut up! If it wasn't to save you, how could my Young Master be injured like this? "

So angry.

Zhang Qiao looked at Shi Soong innocently, "You just said it, you vomited blood again. Again, was my understanding correct? Don't bully me because a little village girl like me doesn't know anything. I tell you, my family is poor, I can't afford it. Besides, this mad horse isn't mine. I was just doing a good deed. The owner of the carriage, I got my dad to watch over it. Come with me to settle the score with him. "

Shi Soong rolled his eyes.

This stingy fellow.

"I don't need you …"

"Miss." Gu Qian interrupted Shi Soong's words just in time. He opened his eyes and looked at her weakly, "There's no rush to this matter. Go and take care of your own matters first. "Shi Soong, you follow me. Let that person compensate all of the destroyed items and wounded people."

Shi Soong was unhappy, but he did not dare to flare up.

He looked at Zhang Qiao. "Lady, let's go."

Zhang Qiao waved her hand and looked at Gu Qian with a serious face, "Sir, you just said that you're not in a hurry about this matter?"

Gu Qian nodded.

Zhang Qiao said, "Isn't that a bit inappropriate? No hurry, or it doesn't mean it's none of my business. "You look like this. If I leave and you turn around to find me, then wouldn't I …"

Simulate two words, is the biggest trap.

"Miss, did you go too far? No matter what, my young master is only like this because of you, how can you say that it's not related to you? "

Shi Soong immediately flew into a rage.

Gu Qian clutched his chest, "Shi Soong, don't be unreasonable. This matter, this matter, and …"

Before he could finish his words, he fainted.

Shi Jin turned his head and glared at Shi Soong, "The Young Noble told you to do something, so go and do it. What are you talking about?"

Shi Soong said in an aggrieved manner, "OK."

Shi Soong urged Zhang Qiao to leave. After they had left, Shi Jin said to the person on the bed, "Master, they have left. You can wake up now."

Gu Qian opened his eyes. His eyes were clear and bright, with a faint smile in them.

"This little girl is devilish, it's not easy to fool her."

Zhang Qiao returned to the market and let Shi Soong deal with the matter. Since she wasn't injured, she couldn't be bothered to ask the owner of the carriage for the money.

Zhang Dacheng and his wife were relieved when they saw that she was unharmed.

"Ouch, it's something on my back."

"Miss, it's here." The white robed man walked over with a limp, and carried the Bamboo Basket on his back. "Thank you for saving me, Miss.

Zhang Qiao took her Bamboo Basket and bowed with her hands cupped in front of her, "Young Noble is too polite!"

The white robed man (Xu Wennyuan) looked at her with a smile, "Lady, I smell that the Bamboo Basket is a medicinal ingredient, right? Are you sending it to the pharmacy? "

Zhang Qiao's eyes lit up when she heard this. "Young Master, you know about medicinal ingredients?"

At this time, someone came over and shouted, "Young master, the lord is looking for you."

"Oh." Xu Wennyuan nodded and looked at Zhang Qiao stubbornly. "Does the girl want to go to the pharmacy?" My family owns a pharmacy, we can go together. "

The Xu family servants were all dumbfounded.

Zhang Qiao laughed. "Sure, I'm going to sell some herbs. However, you can't take my herbs just because I saved you once. You don't care if it's good or bad."

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