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C9 Feel Green

Xu Wennyuan was amused by her, and extended his hand in a gesture of invitation, "Don't worry, miss! If the item is not accepted, my father will not accept it, nor will he give any money! "

Zhang Qiao nodded. "That's for the best!" As a person, I am most unwilling to have my gratitude repaid by others, and also unwilling to have my own kindness repaid. " Her voice wasn't loud, Shi Soong could just hear her clearly.

"Hiss …"

Shi Soong hissed and turned his head to glare at them.

Zhang Qiao had already turned around and left with Xu Wennyuan.

Shi Soong clenched his teeth. Why did he feel that his master had been given the green? What this girl said clearly pointed to his grandpa and wanted to repay him.

At the entrance of the infirmary, Zhang Qiao raised her head to look at the signboard. That's a good name.

Xu Wennyuan followed her gaze and looked over, "Girls can read?"

Zhang Qiao retorted, "Do I look like an illiterate?"

"Puff …" Xu Wennyuan burst into laughter as he thought to himself, this little girl is really cute. Her words are very interesting.

"Kid, you still want to come back?" A gust of wind blew by, and immediately afterwards, Xu Wennyuan cried out, "Aiyo, dad, go easy on me, go easy on me …"

When Xu Xiangqiang heard him cry out, the strength in his ears grew even stronger.

"Damn brat, what are you wandering around outside? I heard that you were almost trampled by a horse, and still haven't come back? "

Upon hearing the words of the passersby, Xu Xiangqiang was already frightened out of his wits.

When he heard that someone had been saved by a little girl and that he had been saved, he felt his heart rise to his throat again.

"Dad, I'm going to save my savior. Didn't you always teach me to not repay kindness with kindness?" Xu Wennyuan hissed and grimaced in pain.

Xu Xiangqiang let go of him. "The benefactor …" This is the one? "

He looked towards the door and saw a young girl, who looked like a bean sprout, looking at the two of them with a smile.

Was this what passersby called a small body and great strength?

"Little girl, is that you?"

"Mm, it's me." Zhang Qiao nodded, "It's nothing. You don't have to be so polite, Dr. Xu." Dr. Xu, I'm here to sell medicinal herbs.

Her words were too much of a jump.

Xu Xiangqiang only came back to his senses when she brought up the ingredients for the Bamboo Basket and smelled the medicine.

Poria cocos, midsummer, wood paste, and mint.

The herbs were done well in the sun.

It was obvious that it was a masterpiece.

Xu Xiangqiang looked at her in surprise. "You did it?"

Zhang Qiao nodded, "Yes, Dr. Xu. Is he qualified?"


"Then what's the price?" Zhang Qiao glanced at Xu Wennyuan and said, "Young Master Xu said that Dr. Xu won't care about his face when he receives the goods. I wonder what the price of these medicinal herbs that I sent over would be? "

Upon hearing this, Xu Xiangqiang immediately understood what she meant.

She wanted a fair price, not any favors.

"Poria cocos are worth one catty, and Pinellia and Bupleurum are worth one catty each. The mint is cheaper, and the mint is worth one catty each. Since young lady is knowledgeable about medicinal herbs, you should know about the price as well, right? "

Zhang Qiao nodded, "The price is fair. Let Dr. Xu get someone to go through the scales." My parents and sister are still waiting for me in the market. "


Very quickly! Xu Xiangqiang had people check the medicinal ingredients, weigh them, write the receipts, and clear the goods.

Zhang Qiao took the hot silver and went to the market to find Zhang Dacheng and his wife. All of a sudden, she had never spoken to her parents properly.

Her parents must have been frightened earlier.

"Father, mother, I'm back."


Zhang Qiao looked at the table. Empty?

She asked, "Mom and Dad, why are you buying pork so quickly today?"

Madam Lau smiled and said, "Thanks to my family's Qiao, you stopped that frightened horse and saved a lot of people. People in the neighborhood, come here one by one to cut up the meat.

Zhang Dacheng sized her up, "Qiao, are you alright?"

Zhang Qiao circled in front of him. "It's fine!" Okay, so let's take a walk around the street and buy some things to go home to? Third sister wants to eat a big meat bun, and I even said that I would buy the flour and let my parents keep a piece of the meat. How about we go and cut a few catties of pork?

"No, no, no!" Madam Lau quickly pulled her up and pointed at the vegetable basket under the table. "I left a piece of meat, and the pig meat you asked for in the morning, as well as a large pot of bones."

"Mom, you're great!"

Zhang Qiao hugged her and whispered in her ear, "Mother, I've bought all my ingredients and I've also earned some silver. Today, our family is going to celebrate."

Hearing that, Madam Lau's eyes lit up.

"That's something to celebrate."

Zhang Qiao smiled and asked, "Mom, don't you know how much I earned?"

Madam Lau said with a smile, "My family's Qiao is capable. Being able to earn money at such a young age, no matter how much she earns, Mother will be happy."

Compared to how much Zhang Qiao had struggled for, Madam Lau wanted to know why she was so strong.

She had not asked this question since the morning.

The family put away their stalls.

Zhang Qiao didn't say how much she earned, but she forced herself to pay for it.

They went to the grain store and bought ten catties of flour, a stone of rice, two pieces of rice, and some seasonings.

Zhang Qiao pulled Madam Lau to the cloth farm.

There were five pieces of coarse cotton (pink, yellow, blue, gray, and limestone) and three pieces of thin cotton (pink, blue, and gray). The shopkeeper also gave her a large bag of rags.

Seeing that they had bought more, he asked, "I have five damp and mildewed muslin in my storehouse. If you want it, I can give it to you at a loss at the price of coarse cotton. "

The shopkeeper felt pained as well, but it was worthless if he didn't clear his stock and leave.

He would just treat it as buying himself a permanent customer.

Madam Lau waved her hand. "Shopkeeper, we've already …"

"Manager, get someone to move it out. I'll take a look first." Zhang Qiao interrupted Madam Lau. If the flaw is not too big, you can buy it.

The shopkeeper quickly told the waiter to bring it out.

Zhang Qiao checked and found that the mildew spots were a bit dense, but fortunately, they were all pure white. She could find a way to dye the cloth, wash it in the sun, make clothes, make sheets and covers.

"Shopkeeper, we want all of them." "How much do you calculate in total?"

"Sigh, alright."

The storekeeper's smile didn't even leave his mouth as he praised Zhang Qiao while settling the account.

Madam Lau smiled and agreed, but felt sorry for the silver.

After leaving the cloth farm, she didn't want Zhang Qiao to go shopping anymore.

"Qiao, we're not going anywhere. We're not going to buy anything. Did you hear that?"

Her heart really ached.

The grain store used more than two taels of silver, and the cloth farm used almost three. Now, they had spent almost five taels of silver.

Zhang Qiao smiled and replied, "Sure, sure, sure! That's it for today. "

Zhang Dacheng, who was waiting outside with Zhang Qian, couldn't help but be shocked when he saw the mother and daughter duo's arms full of cloth.

Was this a move to empty out their cloth farm?

"Cuihua, this is..." This is... Why are there so many? "

"Go home and ask your daughter. Don't ask so much now, how do you think we should get her home?"

It was impossible to walk home with so many things.

Zhang Dacheng scratched his head. "I'll go to the town entrance and call Zeng Awang over. Let's take the ox-cart back."

Madam Lau said, "That's the only way."

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