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This is a tale from a time when man understood and obeyed the SACRED LAWS of the COSMOS✨

A time when man was ALIGNED with his truth, hence he sat on the throne above all; overseeing and leading every other CREATION on this plain🐾🌳

He roamed the face of this plain in search of food, shelter and he dominated any territory he scouted🚶

As he evolved, his cognitive abilities became such that he organized tribes and societies so as to share resources, grow and multiply👬👫👭

At this point on his evolution, he was still in his natural state; so attuned to the shifts and tides of this plain, just like other animals🧘🏼‍♂️

Man had no speech, because he was CONNECTED to his fellows telepathically just like the CONNECTION that exists between ants and a host of other CREATIONS🕉️

But little did he know that EVOLUTION respects no man, neither will she ever stop and for this very reason he was tested and given the ability to speak🗣️

This became the start of his down fall

Disagreements and misunderstandings ensued amongst his fellow, each wanting to CREATE and COEXIST with only those that he resonated with👫

This brought distrust, disunity and the need to break away from any tribe that supposedly hindered GROWTH and SOVEREIGNTY🤼

At a point man saw this plain as his, hence there was no need to set boundaries or claim ownership but these disagreements forced man to invent weapons to fend for himself

He eventually started warring against his fellows over that which belongs to all and by so doing broke the SACRED LAW OF THE COSMOS, hence chaos spreads

He laid claims to certain grounds and named each animal/plant according to the language of the tribes he divided himself into

This was the story that was conveyed through the life of Nimrod and the tower of Babel

Every animal/plant knew and RESPECTED man for his position as the alpha, hence the first ecosystem THRIVED☯️

Building the tower was never to spite God, rather it symbolized a community of balanced individuals✡️

A community where man understood his place amongst all CREATIONS, hence he led them according to the law that guided all🔱

The popular christian story accuses God of being the one that disrupted this CONNECTION which is false🙅🏼‍♂️

This was just EVOLUTION taking it's course in the story we live, hence the great disruption began😩😱☹️

Animals obeyed a SACRED LAW that forbade them from attacking the ALPHA and man knew of this law, hence he was never afraid of any of his fellow CREATIONS, but this all changed when he turned on his fellow man🤼

He lost the understanding of these SACRED LAWS, thereby incurring it's consequences on himself🤕😔




Trees are beings that can live for a very long time and as such, they stock up WISDOM that circles around all they've seen throughout their lifetime🌳🌴

Shamans understand this and this innate knowing still rests within every man but EVOLUTION has warped man's mind into thinking that he is the only being worth staying alive🤦🏼‍♂️

Man RESPECTED trees for the fruits, shelter and GUIDANCE they offer but over time he sort out to provide for himself and saw no need of CONNECTING with other extensions of him🙆🏼‍♂️

Man's CONNECTION with other versions of himself, granted him ACCESS to explore WITHIN and tap into the CREATIVE FORCE that brought all into being✨

By accessing this CREATIVE FORCE within him, man became not just the ALPHA but also the physical manifestation of this CREATIVE FORCE, hence he had CONTROL over animals, plants and the elementals🐾🌪️🌩️🌞🌕

This creative abilities given to man led him into trying to prove that he can exist without that which brought him forth🤦🏼‍♂️

This ambition of his must come to fruition, even at the expense of the law that granted him ACCESS⚖️

Man's greatest gift became his curse, as he used what was given to severe his ties with other CREATIONS

He became a threat to his habitat, other life forms and himself🗡️🏹💥

Eventually man became consumed with the POWER he emersed and laid stronger claims to any land he could subdue🔒

He CREATED weapons of mass destruction to clear out any opposition to his ambition...both man and other CREATIONS

Man became too selfish, constructing dams to serve only him, thereby cutting off any creature that lived from it🙆🏼‍♂️

He CREATED heavy machineries to hack down his tree brethren, so he can construct amusement parks and more CREATIONS that compliments his EGO🤦🏼‍♂️

Man became GOD and ruled not just other CREATIONS but his fellow man, hence all these imbalances must play out somehow🤷🏼‍♂️

The more he waged war on his fellow CREATIONS in an attempt to prove a point and be happy, the more sad, lost and alone he became😔

This started as a quest to live independently from what was given but little does he know that he can no longer stop until he eventually ends his own EXISTENCE🙆🏼‍♂️

O man, when will you understand that you can never CREATE anything better than what you've already been given

When will you understand that you can't CREATE anything greater than what you already are?🤷🏼‍♂️

Take a look at today's world, it's almost impossible to imagine that all these CREATIONS "both needed and unneeded" started from a single ambition to become greater than what you already are

No matter how hard man tries, he can never replicate that which already exists until he retraces his steps back to where he strayed👣

You can try your best to CONTROL nature or to prove that she's not there but you should know that you'll always be her child and will never outsmart her until you work with her🧘🏼‍♂️

O man, stop fooling thyself for you are CONNECTED to that which brought you forth, hence you can never CREATE anything that can rival/rubbish it...the more you try, the more foolish you'll look🧙🏼‍♂️

Look at you, you can't even stop if you wanted to cuz that's the only thing you can think of

Man's desire for SOVEREIGNTY has severed his ties with other CREATIONS, hence he indirectly unleashed a COSMIC PURGE on himself⚖️

All that has befallen man since the dawn of this new era of his EXISTENCE is as a result of his quest to exist outside that which already is🧙🏼‍♂️

Every CREATION RESPECTED man but his wayward attitude towards the NATURAL WORLD has turned them against him🐾

Man started hunting animals for sports instead of feed and they retaliated but man subdued them with his heavy machineries💉🔫🗡️

Man rained hell on them and they retreated deep into the natural world where the law is somewhat being preserved

Man has unknowingly turned himself into a monster by driving away all his fellow CREATIONS from his vicinity, the only ones that remain are kept in captivity⛓️

Make out time to study the animals you call pets and you'll see that these guys still love man cuz he's their ALPHA but he is yet to fully claim that POWER again

They submitted and became friends with man again, despite living in captivity🧔

Tell me, how many of you would live in a cage for the rest of his EXISTENCE and still be happy cuz he's being fed?😕

This is so you know that these guys can survive out there just like their wild fellows but they stay back because they are still LOYAL to man🧔

They are intelligent and CONSCIOUS just like us, so treat them with RESPECT and you'll claim your dominion over them🤴🏼

Man neglects and thinks of animals as just animals, but countless times they've carried out incredible feats that humans couldn't do for themselves🤷🏼‍♂️

There's a lot to learn from these other VERSIONS of us but we gotta be open to LEARN before we can LEARN

Man's war on the NATURAL WORLD had gone on for far too long, but "EJE ANA BU ISI IJE", hence the age has come for man to rise back to his throne as the ALPHA OF ALL CREATIONS for only the will BALANCE be restored⚖️

This is the age of CONSCIOUS men, the ones that are finally seeing the chaos man has brought upon the NATURAL WORLD and himself; the age when man rights his wrongs and seek BALANCE🧘🏼‍♂️

We are increasing in number everyday and as more men wake up to the destructive nature of man, we seek more ways to enlighten others, rebuild our CONNECTION with the NATURAL WORLD and finally ACCESS this CREATIVE FORCE within us all✨

Though the CONSCIOUS men are increasing in number everyday, there are still men that follow the old ways of destroying to live instead of COEXISTING, hence the woke ones must constantly draw the line and keep enlightening others of the dangers man pose to his environment🤺

Ages went by for us to CREATE all these, hence we must take out the necessary time to DESTABILIZE our the CREATIONS that no longer serve us and CREATE more avenues that aid peaceful COEXISTENCE amongst all CREATIONS🐾🌳

We are the ones that brought this to be, we can still rewrite all these to serve everybody

Man seeks to experience PEACE/TRANQUILITY but he keeps causing harm/chaos to animals, plants and also himself😔

If you truly want the best out of life, look to the NATURAL WORLD, cease from causing harm to other VERSIONS of you cuz every CREATION deserves the PEACE you seek🧙🏼‍♂️

Do this and you'll discover that that which you seek has always been right before you🤷🏼‍♂️

Man has been trying to understand his place amongst all CREATIONS but he'll always fall short of this knowing until he claims his throne and cease from denying his roots

Man will understand his true nature when he realizes that his arrogance was what banished him from the garden of Eden...a metaphor describing a state of being that's in harmony with ALL...a state of being that understood that he is the greatest of all CREATIONS; THE GOD SELF👁️🧘🏼‍♂️

Man will rise to his throne and ACCESS this knowing when he seizes from trying to CONTROL everything and seek out ways to CO-CREATE and COEXIST with the NATURAL WORLD 🐾🌳

The animals and trees already know that it's time, they are already waiting for man to stop his childish games and become synched up like them🧘🏼‍♂️

They are already ALIGNED with this CREATIVE FORCE and are waiting on man to come to his senses and bring back the BALANCE he disrupted⚖️

Man wake up and RISE to your throne🔱

The world is yours for the taking but you have to surrender for you to own it⚜️

Take time to digest this and then start tracing your steps back👣

OBSERVE and you'll see the RESPECT/LOVE animals have for man🧔

It's so evident that it can't be hidden🐾

Man cease from all these destructions

Man seize your POWER and RISE to your throne as the ALPHA OF ALL CREATIONS🤴🏼🔱👸🏼

New chapter is coming soon
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