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C12 Sis Zhang Was Drunk

Qin Feng's heart skipped a beat, but in the next moment, he thought of the mysterious man.

He did not want Red Lotus Sect to be affected three years later when he fought against that mysterious person.

"How boring!" Thinking of this, he painfully refused.

"Why?" Zhao Wuji was puzzled. He felt that the conditions he gave were pretty good.

Qin Feng smiled bitterly. His fingers were stained with oil. He wrote the word 'hate' on the table and wiped it away.

Zhao Wuji was also a smart person. After pondering for a moment, he immediately understood Qin Feng's concerns.

At the same time, he had his own concerns.

As the son of the Red Lotus Sect Sect Master, he did not care about the main seat at all. However, he couldn't afford to not care about the existence of his Red Lotus Sect.

If he had offended an unknown enemy in order to recruit a wild martial artist, then, as long as this martial artist wasn't an existence that defied the heavens, he would absolutely not continue to recruit him.

In Zhao Wuji's opinion, for a self-taught wild martial artist like Qin Feng to reach the third level of Blood Qi Stage within three to five years, his talent was not bad. However, it was far from being called heaven-defying.

Unfortunately, he did not know that Qin Feng had reached the third level of Blood Qi Stage. He had only trained for three to four days.

If he knew, he wouldn't care about Qin Feng even if there was an even higher level Hierarchy level master behind him, and he wouldn't care about the Red Lotus Sect behind him either.

"Can you join Six-door Ministry?" Zhao Wuji rolled his eyes and gave Qin Feng a suggestion.

"Six-door Ministry?"

Qin Feng was suspicious, he had heard of this Six-door Ministry in the wuxia novels, but never thought that this organization, Six-door Ministry, actually existed in this world.

Speaking of Six-door Ministry, Zhao Wuji's eyebrows flew up in joy: "Six-door Ministry belongs to an organization of the country. Although their power is not the biggest, but their welfare is still pretty good."

"If it wasn't for my mother being the sect master of Red Lotus Sect, I would have long ago joined the Six-door Ministry."

"After entering Six-door Ministry, give me a room, give me a car, and more importantly, give me some paper."

"Last year, I introduced a wild martial artist to the Six-door Ministry, and they arranged for over a hundred girls to go out with me. Those ladies, their quality is extremely high and they are pure and clean. It is a pity that none of them have set their sights on me. "

"You exchanged me for a girl's paper?" Qin Feng said quietly.

Zhao Wuji burst into laughter: "How is that possible? I just want to talk about ideals and life with the girls. If possible, it's not impossible to discuss the art of human body art."

Seeing Zhao Wuji's mischievous smile, Qin Feng closed his eyes and pondered.

Just now, Zhao Wuji had simply told him about the martial arts division in the country. Although the national Six-door Ministry was not the most powerful organization, it was still considered a first-rate organization. More importantly, his Six-door Ministry was backed by the country, full of confidence. Even though there was a bit of procrastination and bureaucracy in the way he did things, it was quite fair and had super good benefits. Wild warriors like him were the most suitable to join.

"Do you have their contact information?"

"Yes!" Zhao Wuji took a business card and handed it to him. "You must remember to tell him that it was me who gave you the contact number."

"I know!"

After Qin Feng received the name card, he discovered that Six-door Ministry was truly rich: the entire name card was made of gold and there was even a diamond inlaid on it. However, there was no other sign on the business card other than a series of phone numbers.

"Six-door Ministry also has a branch here, but this branch is very small, only having a few big cats and kittens."

"If you join now, with your strength, you can definitely become the head of Lanhai City."

The two chatted merrily until night came.

"Let's go, I'm very happy today, we'll play together tonight."

Qin Feng originally planned to go back and intensify his training, but after being continuously invited by Zhao Wuji, he finally drove straight to the bar with Zhao Wuji!

Di Hao's Bar was one of the hottest bars in Lanhai City.

Stepping into the bar, the bar was brightly lit and the music never stopped. The hot figure of DJ Girl wriggled her body with all her might, looking extremely excited.

In the middle of the dance floor, the young men and women were wantonly twisting their limbs, venting out their inner emotions to their heart's content.

Qin Feng rarely came to the bar. He used to be a small employee, but he would occasionally accompany customers or managers to play here.

As soon as he arrived at the bar, Zhao Wuji left Qin Feng at the side and rushed to the dance floor to find a girl to dance with.

Sitting on the seat and casually drinking a cup of blue spirit beast wine, he closed his eyes to rest and condense the Blood Flood Dragon in his body.

"Three years is too short. I must seize every opportunity I can to continuously increase my strength."

"Let's go to the coffee shop tomorrow afternoon and see what that mysterious person wants me to do."

"Then, I should learn more about Six-door Ministry."

"Also, I have to find a way to contact the food producer and get them to make a batch of special food for me. Otherwise, every time I train, I'll have to eat for an hour or two. It's too much of a waste of time."

While thinking, he moved the blood in his body to condense the Blood Flood Dragon.

For a moment, the blood in his body boiled, forming a powerful aura of masculinity that spread out in all directions.

In less than half an hour, seven or eight women with thick eyebrows and big eyes and a fragrant smell came over to talk to him.

"No!" Qin Feng frowned and looked annoyed.

A woman staggered across from him.

"Not what?" Elder sister, can't you sit here for a bit? "

An extremely charming voice sounded out. Qin Feng opened his eyes and smiled bitterly.

That was because the woman standing in front of him who had drunk so much was none other than Beautiful Young Woman, Zhang Youyi.

"General Manager Zhang!"

"Sis!" Zhang Youyi chuckled. It was unknown what she was laughing about.

Watching his employer getting drunk during the day, Qin Feng asked worriedly, "Why is Sister Zhang drinking so much?" I'll take you home. "

"I didn't drink too much. Come, drink some more!"

Zhang Youyi giggled and waved at the girl to pour some wine.


After drinking a cup of wine, Zhang Youyi's charm became even more intense and her eyes became even more misty.

"Qin Feng, you made an appointment with a woman? What do you think of me? "

As she spoke, the drunk Zhang Youyi stood up with her hands on her hips. Her upper body leaned forward and her bulging breasts almost touched Qin Feng's face.

"Sister Zhang, you're so drunk!"

"Big Sis isn't drunk!"

Zhang Youyi's body swayed, almost falling to the ground.

Luckily, Qin Feng was quick, he helped Beautiful Young Woman's small waist.

Qin Feng carefully put Beautiful Young Woman beside him and frowned.

He did not know, nor did he want to know, why this expensive woman, Zhang Youyi, had appeared in the bar and why she was so drunk.

Qin Feng didn't want this charming woman to be taken advantage of by another man.

Similarly, he didn't want Beautiful Young Woman to interfere with his cultivation, so he decided to send her back.

"If I don't go back, how can I not get drunk!"

Zhang Youyi chuckled non-stop, her charming big eyes shining with allure.

"General Manager Zhang, this is what you got to stop the alcohol?"

At that moment, a young man in a suit and tie appeared.

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