Mysterious Monarch In The Mortal World/C13 How Can I Forget about It
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Mysterious Monarch In The Mortal World/C13 How Can I Forget about It
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C13 How Can I Forget about It

This young man looked to be 30 years old and wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. He looked gentle and refined, but Qin Feng saw a trace of viciousness in his eyes.

"Zhang Hao?"

"Who are you?" Zhang Hao pushed his eyes from the bridge of his nose and looked at Qin Feng with a smile.

Qin Feng sneered, "Does it matter who I am?"

"Brat, do you know who you're talking to?" The bald men behind Zhang Hao stared at Qin Feng with a ferocious look.

"Ha ha!"

Zhang Hao waved his hand to stop his men and said, "That's right, even if you told me your name, I wouldn't be able to remember it."

It was just a simple sentence, but the meaning was obvious: Who do you think you are? It doesn't matter to me, Zhang Hao, whether I have a name or not.

Qin Feng did not get angry and just sneered.

The reason he knew Zhang Hao was because he saw him online when he was checking out the village in the demolished city. He also knew that his younger brother's mind was twisted and he had killed to get revenge on the society. In the end, he was beaten to death.

If he hadn't appeared, the opposite party would have definitely killed the girl to vent their anger.

However, he did not understand how a real estate agent could be related to Zhang Youyi, who was in the import and export business.

"General Manager Zhang, let's go and continue drinking." Zhang Hao ignored Qin Feng and turned to look at the charming Zhang Youyi at the side.

Zhang Youyi giggled and got up to follow him.

Qin Feng stretched out his hand and grabbed Zhang Youyi's shoulder, pressing her into the seat.

"What's the point of a bunch of men drinking with a woman? If you want to drink, let's all drink! "

Cold light flashed in Zhang Hao's eyes as he laughed in a low voice: "General Manager Zhang, he can drink? Was it you who asked me to drink with you? "

Zhang Youyi was stunned. Just as she was about to shake her head and deny it, Qin Feng lightly patted her on the shoulder.

"Sister Zhang, isn't it just a drink? You can't drink it, I'll drink it for you. "

Zhang Youyi said anxiously, "Qin Feng, since you know Zhang Hao, don't get involved."

"He wanted to get me drunk today, but I've been through a lot and I'm not that easy to mess with."

When Qin Feng heard this, killing intent flashed past his eyes.

Drunk Zhang Youyi? What did the other party mean by doing such a thing?

It was nothing more than getting Zhang Youyi, this Beautiful Young Woman, drunk, and then something that shouldn't have happened.

If it was in the past, he would never care about this. However, the victim today was Zhang Youyi, a woman who had just hired him.

More importantly, Zhang Hao was too much of a scumbag. His little brother's mind was twisted, and he wanted to kill to take revenge on society. As an elder brother, he actually took the initiative to hire murderers in order to take revenge on society.

He definitely wouldn't allow a bastard like this to harm anyone else.

"Serve the wine!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As the boxes of wine were piled up, Zhang Youyi, who was beside him, held onto Qin Feng's arm tightly: "Qin Feng, you can leave, I'm fine!"

Qin Feng comforted Zhang Youyi by patting her on the head, "I'll call you sister. I'll take care of your problem for you."

Zhang Youyi's face flushed when she was slapped on the head by this little man. She actually felt a sense of belonging in her heart. She felt like a cat in trouble, softly comforted by her master.

"Either you drink it, or we drink it."

Wu Tie lit up a cigarette and sat on the seat. He stared at Qin Feng in a refined manner.

"Ha ha!"

Qin Feng sneered and casually took out a bottle of wine. Then, he put his five fingers together like a knife and swept through the bottleneck.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bottle after bottle of foreign wine was instantly broken through the bottleneck under his hand.

The place where the cut was made was incomparably smooth. When he used his hands to touch it, he couldn't even feel a single hair.

Zhang Hao's eyes suddenly contracted as his fingers trembled.

The few bald men behind him were even more shocked. They were scared by Qin Feng's methods.

They all knew that to break through a bottleneck with a single hand meant that the opponent's speed and strength required quite a bit of effort. None of them could do it.

What was even more terrifying was that the cut was incomparably smooth. Not even a single hair could be seen on the wound. This meant that Qin Feng was not only stronger, his hand speed was even faster than they could imagine.

"Bring me the biggest wine cup!"

A girl drinking with him carefully brought over a huge wine cup.

This wine cup was a bar decoration that could hold seven to eight catties of wine.

Under the astonished gazes of the men, Qin Feng poured all seven or eight kinds of wine into one wine cup.

Then he picked it up and drank it.


A group of people had gathered around to watch Qin Feng drink seven to eight catties of different wine in one go. Everyone was extremely shocked.

Zhang Youyi clenched her small hands so tightly that her nails pierced into her heart. She nervously looked at the man who had stuck his head out for her, fearing that something might happen to him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Seven or eight kinds of foreign wine were poured once again into a large cup. Then, Qin Feng slowly pushed the cup to Zhang Hao.


Zhang Hao pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose. The ruthlessness in his eyes became even stronger:

"You drink!"

The few bald men looked at each other. Finally, one of them swallowed his saliva, went up to the group and picked up a glass of wine to drink.

Gulp! Gulp! Gulp!

He drank seven or eight different kinds of wine, and after drinking less than half, his eyes rolled up as his entire body spasmed.

When he was a third of the way down, he tilted his body and fell to the ground.

Under the expectant gazes of the other men, the huge wine cup fell and was about to shatter into pieces.

However, in the next moment, a slender hand appeared and grabbed the wine cup. At the same time, the bald man who had fallen to the ground was also grabbed by the neck by the other hand and lifted up.

"We haven't finished the wine yet. How can we pour it?"

Qin Feng smiled as he lifted the bald man's head, then he opened the man's mouth and put the rest of the wine into his mouth.


The bald man knelt on the ground, his hands covering his stomach. He let out a strange cry and spat out mouthfuls of wine and even blood.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A few bottles of foreign wine were once again mixed into the big wine cup. In less than half a minute, Qin Feng drank it all again.

"Who's next to drink?"

Pointing at the wine cup that was once again filled to the brim, Qin Feng looked at Zhang Hao with a smile.

Seeing Qin Feng's ordinary yet sincere smile, the surrounding people felt a chill run down their spines.

They were not looking at Qin Feng, but at a demon god.

Especially Zhang Youyi, she looked at Qin Feng's smiling face and felt an unprecedented sense of peace in her heart.

"Qin Feng, forget it!"

Zhang Youyi stood up and lightly pulled Qin Feng's sleeve.

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