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C4 Horsetail Woman

He immersed his consciousness into his body and under his conscious control, a portion of his blood slowly took the form of a flood dragon.

The flood dragon's head was formed, its body was formed, and finally, there were scales.

After an unknown period of time, Qin Feng felt his entire body tremble as a flood dragon officially took shape.

After the flood dragon was formed, he pondered for a moment before pulling it to his left hand.

The flood dragon occupied his left hand, swallowing and spitting blood energy to nourish his flesh and bones, causing his strength to rapidly increase.

He reached out and grabbed the headboard of the bed, using a bit of strength. Kacha! The piece of wood as thick as a wrist was crushed into pieces like tofu.

"One dragon per night?"

Looking at the time, Qin Feng realized that exactly twelve hours had passed.

A wave of intense hunger struck Qin Feng. Without thinking too much into it, he rushed to the street to eat his breakfast.

After consuming more than thirty Herbal Tea Eggs, three catties of youtiao, and five big bowls of soy milk, the hunger in his body had slightly decreased.

Under the astonished gazes of the other customers, he ordered another ten Herbal Tea Eggs.

Seeing Qin Feng, who was not that tall, eating while walking, the owner of the breakfast was full of smiles.

"Take care of your friends!" Take care of your friends! I'll give you a 10% discount if you eat 50 Herbal Tea Eggs next time! "

Looking through the news on his phone, Qin Feng soon saw what happened yesterday morning on the local news.

When he saw the two red-haired men die and one injured, he felt slightly uncomfortable.

When he saw that a female university student had been cut more than ten times, possibly leading to permanent disfigurement, he felt quite displeased.

He checked his wallet and saw that there were more than ten red boards.

He took one and went to the fruit stand to buy some fruit. Then he took the fruit and went to the hospital.

"Hello, I want to see the girl who was in the emergency room last night."

The nurse at the front desk smiled and said, "You are also an enthusiastic person, right? The injured girl from yesterday had just finished her surgery, so she's not allowed to visit directly. She's only allowed to watch from the outside. "

"I'll take a look outside." Qin Feng's heart was heavy.

"Well, a lot of people came to see that girl today. The girl's family wasn't well, and many kind-hearted people came to donate. I heard that their school has also organized a donation campaign! " The nurse smiled sweetly and admired Qin Feng very much.

Qin Feng's expression was heavy. He didn't tell the nurse that it was because of him that the girl was hurt so badly.

The girl who was cut by the red hair was on the ninth floor of the Inpatient Department. When Qin Feng found the ward where the girl was, a crowd gathered outside the ward.

Casually putting the fruit basket aside, Qin Feng pushed his way to the window and saw the girl on the bed.

The girl's face was pale and her eyes lifeless. Fortunately, there was no wound on her face.

When Qin Feng saw the girl, the girl also saw him.

"It's him!"

The girl struggled to turn her head and look at Qin Feng. The surrounding nursing staff were all surprised.

"Who is he?" A girl with big eyes and a ponytail asked hastily.

The girl strenuously said, "That man from yesterday, quickly!"

"I'll go chase him." The ponytail girl suddenly stood up and prepared to find Qin Feng.

Looking at the changes in the ward, Qin Feng's heart skipped a beat. He picked up the remaining 10 + red boards and threw them into the caring box. Then, he turned around and left.

"Sir, please leave your name. Our Blue Ocean Academy will definitely repay you." A round-faced girl shouted towards Qin Feng's back.

Qin Feng didn't turn around. He waved his hand and quickly rushed to the safe passage and went downstairs.

"Where's that man?" The ponytail girl rushed outside, but did not see Qin Feng. She stomped her feet anxiously.

The round-faced girl said, "Just now, a kind-hearted man donated money and then left. He left through a safe passage."

The ponytail girl gritted her teeth and chased after him. Because she knew that if it wasn't for that man's sudden appearance yesterday, all of the girls participating in the tournament would have been hurt, and some of them would even have died.

"Find him and thank him!"

With this thought in mind, the ponytail girl became anxious. She took off her high heels and held them in her hands as she chased closely after him.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Qin Feng used both hands to support the armrest and jumped straight from one floor to the other at an extremely fast speed.

"Brothers, when we reach the ninth floor, we brothers will attack everyone we see, especially that bitch on the bed. We must beat her to death."

"Brother Hao said that he's in charge of killing the people. Five hundred thousand each. Let's go somewhere far away, no one will be able to find us."

Seven or eight young men in masks and peaked caps were walking up the stairs with steel pipes in their hands, swearing.

Qin Feng leaped and landed right in front of them.


The leader took the steel pipe and swung it at Qin Feng's head.

"You're courting death!"

Qin Feng was furious. He heard these guys talking about it from upstairs and instantly understood that they were looking for trouble with that girl.

When he heard that they were going to beat a girl to death, he became furious:

"A bunch of scum. They just killed someone yesterday and now they want to kill them. This is an unforgivable crime!"


He grabbed the steel pipe and a Blood Flood Dragon appeared in his hands. With a slight force, the steel pipe was instantly pulled into his hands.

"Fuck, you still dare to steal my steel pipe?" "Brothers, kill him." The man with the peaked tongue roared.

In the next moment, Qin Feng's face was filled with anger. He waved his steel pipe and crazily hit the group of people on the head.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The steel tube flew through the air and smashed into the heads of these fellows.

Every time it landed, a duck-tongued man would be knocked unconscious.

After knocking out these group of scumbags, Qin Feng recalled that he had been soft-hearted and had caused injuries to the girls yesterday. He hardened his heart and continued to whip madly after holding the steel pipe.

Ka-cha! * Ka-cha! * Ka-cha! *

The steel tube flew through the air and struck the four limbs of this group of fellows. In less than thirty seconds, their limbs were forcibly smashed to smithereens.

Ding dang!

After carelessly throwing away the steel pipe, Qin Feng unhurriedly tidied up his clothes and left the hospital.

The ponytail girl chased after him barefooted with her high heels.

When she saw seven or eight men covered in blood lying unconscious in the corridor, she covered her mouth and screamed.

After aimlessly going around in a circle, Qin Feng returned to his rented apartment and took out his phone to carefully read the news from yesterday.

"After questioning by the police, the suspect said that the deceased was seeking revenge and killing people since he had failed in his pursuit of the girls from Sea Blue Girls' Academy."

"The reporter interviewed Zhang Hao, the brother of the deceased. He claimed that the younger brother didn't pursue that girl at all, but that the girl seduced her brother for money and cheated a lot of her money."

"The following is the family relationship of the deceased: His father is the president of the Di Hao Real Estate, and his identity is worth ten billion, and he occupies the Lanhai City Real Estate!"

When the news reached this point, Qin Feng no longer had the mood to continue watching.

"Brother Hao, Zhang Hao died because of your brother, so you hired someone to kill him for revenge?"

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