Mysterious Murders/C1 Acephalic Corpse
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Mysterious Murders/C1 Acephalic Corpse
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C1 Acephalic Corpse

Fallen City had recently found three corpses in succession, causing the originally peaceful small city to be in a state of panic.

The body was found yesterday, abandoned on a slope in the wilderness on the outskirts of the city. The body was found by the woodcutter, and it looked completely different, as if it was the body of a fellow villager who had lost his footing, and he sent people to carry it back to the memorial hall.

The coroner was surnamed Lou, and had been doing coroner's work for several years.

"Remember, the dead man is five feet eight." The librarian at the side quickly made a note.

"Both of his hands are thick and thick, and his hands and feet are full of calluses. He should be someone who works hard all year round."

He then used the silver needles to stab his throat, abdomen and faeces. Lowering his head, he said, "Remember, the silver needles have not changed color. There are no signs of poisoning."

"No wound on the chest or abdomen, no visible wound on the head."

He then looked at the corpse's limbs and continued, "Both arms were cut off by blades and then reattached."

"Both legs were once cut off completely, and then reattached."


"Hiss ~ ~" Everyone in the memorial hall inhaled a breath of cold air.

Who exactly was it that had attacked so viciously?

After the autopsy, Lou Zhen wiped the sweat off his head, raised his head to look at Li Lang, let out a sigh of relief and said, "Sir Li, I have examined more than a hundred corpses over the years, but I have not seen any of these bodies recently. Needless to say, you have also seen them, their limbs were all affected, and from the looks of it, they were all dismembered alive.

He frowned and continued, "In my opinion, this is not a murder, but something …"

Li Lang looked at him and said, "What does it look like?"

Lou Zhen thought for a while before replying, "It seems to be a sacrificial offering from a cult that was recorded …"

Master Song, who was standing by the side, heard this and said, "You mean …" The Persian offering of the Food Devil? "

Lou Zhen looked at Master Song and nodded with a fearful expression.

Li Zheng heard the Persian sacrifice and was shocked.

In the first year of Grand View, there was a Mani Sect that came from Persia and was named the Divine Flame Sect. This sect's teachings were strange, and its actions were bizarre and cruel.

The Divine Fire Cult sacrificed living people easily, and the method of sacrifice was so cruel that it made one's hair stand on end.

According to the Records of the Grand Monastery, during the period of three years since the first year of the Grand Monastery, a total of five sacrificial acts have been recorded.

There were as many as twenty victims, from the dead children to the elderly, and even pregnant women.

Most of these people are engaged in farming or roadside beggars, the brutality of the murder is shocking.

For example, the pregnant woman had her abdomen cut open and the baby was taken out alive. Or the child had its limbs destroyed and its lower body castrated.

It was not until the end of the three years that the imperial government launched a large-scale army suppression campaign to quell the atrocities committed by the Cult of Divine Fires. In recent years, there had been no more cases of such evil, and many people had already forgotten the sacrifice of this evil.

Li Lang turned his head and looked at Constable Zhao, who was behind him, and ordered, "Investigate all suspicious personnel in Luo City, especially outsiders. Bring them back as soon as you find any suspicious personnel!"

Constable Zhao cupped his hands and said, "Yes, sir!"

He then turned around and said to Master Song, "Master Song, may I trouble you to return to the county magistrate court to look through the ancient records and see if there are any similar cases."

Master Song nodded and left.

Lou Zhen glanced at the two of them as he spoke, "Lord, if there's nothing else, I shall take my leave first."

Li Lang nodded, and Lou Zhen left as well.

Li Cheng was the only one left in the memorial hall. He stared at the corpse with a frown on his face.

There was almost no lead on this case, it was difficult to solve.

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