Mysterious Murders/C12 Long Dead
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Mysterious Murders/C12 Long Dead
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C12 Long Dead

As soon as they arrived at the West Zen Courtyard, they heard Miao Feng's voice. Yu Yang's expression changed slightly as he quickly walked towards the crowd, separating them. Li Xiong followed closely behind and entered the meditation room.

When Li Cheng looked carefully, he found that the one lying down was none other than Master Miaoyun, who stood behind the old Zen Master yesterday.

Yu Yang went up to shake Miao Feng's shoulder and asked: "Miao Feng, what's wrong?"

Miao Feng opened his eyes and saw Yu Yang. He said while crying, "Brother Miao Yun is dead …"

Yu Yang pulled Miao Feng's arm away and looked at Miao Yun's body. Miao Yun's face was pale, she had already died.

Just as he was about to take a closer look, he heard people exclaiming behind him. The monks cried out, "Abbot!" Yu Yang turned around and saw the old abbot sitting on the ground, unconscious.

Li Chao saw the old Zen master faint and rushed to the old Zen master's side. Seeing this, Yu Yang also rushed to the old Zen master's side, grabbing the old Zen master's hand. After a while, the old Zen master opened his mouth and took a deep breath, slowly waking up.

The moment he woke up, he looked at the corpse of Miaoyun on the bed. Then, large tears started to roll down his face.

Yu Yang worriedly whispered: "Master …"

The old Zen Master opened his mouth and said with a trembling voice, "Help me over there."

Yu Yang and a young monk helped the old monk to his feet. Li Kuang followed behind the old monk. He walked shakily to Miao Yun's side, touched his cold corpse and said, "Miao Yun, what happened to you? Hurry and get up to see Master. "

Miao Feng couldn't bear to look at him, so he kept wiping his tears away.

The two of them had followed the old Zen master since they were young, and Miao Yun's personality was calm, unlike Miao Feng who loved to dance and play with spears. The old Zen master loved to study Buddhist scriptures in the Pavilion, and he always brought Miao Yun with him.

"Sir Li, you came to the temple as a guest. I would not have allowed you to help out, but Miaoyun, who had always been at peace with the world, was actually killed in the temple. This is a great injustice, I have heard that you broke a case like a god, and I beg you, please do find out who killed him."

With that said, he stood up and clasped his hands together as he bowed to Li Lang.

Li Chao quickly helped the old Buddhist monk up and said, "The Buddhist monk is too polite. I dare not say I am unworthy. I will do my best to investigate this matter."

Miao Feng, who was at the side, said angrily, "What are you still investigating? Junior brother was obviously murdered, it must be someone from the Chu Qing Monastery!"

The old Zen Master turned around and scolded, "Miaofeng! "Without evidence, you can't simply accuse others wrongly!"

Wonderful Wind was still crying with indignation and indignation.

"Other than them, who else can it be?! They must be afraid that if they were to be defeated again, they will be able to kill junior brother Miao Yun! "

The old Zen Master angrily said, "Don't speak nonsense. Lord Li will naturally find out the truth. Don't you dare cause trouble here."

Miao Feng turned around and ignored the old Zen Master, but he was still furious. It seemed like he would have to find trouble with the people of Zhu Qing Temple.

The old Zen Master had tears in the corner of his eyes as he looked at the monks outside the door and ordered, "Before we find out what happened, no one is allowed to find trouble with the Zhu Qing Temple, otherwise we will expel them from the temple!" Especially you, Miao Feng! "

Miao Feng turned around and said anxiously, "Martial Uncle!"

The old Zen Master ignored him and said to Li Zheng, "If that's the case, then I'll have to trouble Lord Li."

Li Cheng bowed respectfully, turned around and said to Monk Miaofeng, "Master, before this matter is made clear, everyone in the temple is suspected."

"But Junior Brother has always been aloof from worldly affairs, everyone respects and loves him, so it is impossible for anyone to want to harm him. Besides, I really can't think of anyone else who would want to kill Junior Brother Zhu Qing Si if he were to be defeated while studying Buddhism. Besides, this kind of thing has never happened before!"

"Miao Feng!" The old Zen Master glared at him, as if he didn't want him to talk more about this matter.

Li Cheng said, "Master, please let all the masters leave first. Yu Yang and I will examine Miaoyun's body."

The old Zen Master nodded and called Miao Feng and the others out, leaving only Li Lang and Yu Yang in the room.

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