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Mysterious Murders/C17 Another Personality
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C17 Another Personality

"When an ordinary person strikes, it is mostly at the base of the palm, which is the part close to the wrist where the force is exerted. As such, when Grandmaster Miaoyun broke the ribs, it should be at the base of the palm, which is very hard to hit the base, but the wound on Grandmaster Miaoyun's finger is actually at the base of the ribs, which is against the logic of force exertion."

The corners of Li Cheng's eyes slightly trembled. He hurried over to the corpse of the abbot, lifted his hands, and began to rummage through one section after another. After a long while, he said in a deep voice, "So that's how it is!"


Li Cheng was deep in thought and ignored Yu Yang. He shook his head again and again as he thought, "But why?"

Yu Yang saw him mumbling and blabbering all the time, but he didn't know what he was thinking. He was so anxious that he scratched his head.

He couldn't help but mutter, "How mysterious. When it comes to investigation, you seem like a completely different person."

Li Lang's expression suddenly changed, he turned and looked at Yu Yang: "What did you say?"

Yu Yang looked at him in astonishment and said in a daze: "I say you're being mysterious, what's wrong?"

"No, that's not it!" "The next sentence!"

"You seem like a different person from usual?"

Li Cheng repeated, "It's like a completely different person …"

Hearing him mutter nonsense, Yu Yang raised his hand to rub his forehead and said: "I don't have a fever …"

"Do you remember the story that young monk said about Master Crossing Disaster?"

Yu Yang was stunned for a moment before saying: "I remember, so what?"

Li Cheng frowned and said, "You have read all over the book. Have you ever heard of any illness that makes people seem completely different from normal people?"

Yu Yang thought for a moment and said: "Are you talking about soul-leaving disease?"

Li Cheng was stunned. "What's soul-leaving disease?"

"Dialectical Record. From what the Soul Divergence Sect has said, a person has two wounds in his heart and kidney. Once the person feels that he is of a different identity and becomes two, the person who has yet to see him will become a patient with the illness of leaving his soul. "

Li Cheng pursed his lips and repeated, "As someone of my status, I am only a person of two …"

"What is the cause of this disease?"

"Most of it is great happiness and great sorrow, or perhaps under the stimulation of too heavy of a memory, he was able to force out another type of personality."

Seeing his confused expression, Yu Yang asked: "What's wrong? The murderer is related to the soul-leaving disease? "

Li Cheng ignored him, and after pondering for a while, he sighed, "This matter is probably not that simple."

He turned around and said to Yu Yang, "Maybe we should go to Zhu Qing Temple and find some clues. This matter has nothing to do with Chu Qing Temple from the very beginning. Maybe Master Du Ku can solve the doubts in my heart."

Li Chao and Yu Yang went with him to the Northern Zen Courtyard to meet with Zen Master Ta Ku. Just as they arrived at the entrance to the Zen Courtyard, a monk came over and greeted them respectfully when he saw them: "This little monk greets empty space. Greetings, two benefactors."

Li Cheng replied politely, "We have some things that we would like to ask Master Ku Ku. Please let him know."

Xiao Kong said, "This little one is a disciple of the Lanruo Temple, I am only in charge of receiving the high monks of the Chuqing Temple. I can only bring the two of you to the meditation room where Master Xiangshu lives, as for reporting, this little one can't help the two of you."

Li Cheng was slightly surprised for a moment, and then asked, "I wonder which master of the Lanruo Temple is in charge of receiving everyone from Chu Qing Temple?"

Martial Uncle Miao Feng.

Yu Yang said in surprise: "Oh? It's actually Miao Feng?

It was no wonder that Yu Yang was surprised. Miao Feng had hated the death of Zen Master Shuiyun and Shuai E, but he was actually responsible for receiving Chu Qingsi.

Li Fang smiled and said, "If that's the case, then I'll have to trouble Young Master to lead the way."

"You're too kind, Almsgiver." The leader led them to the room.

He walked all the way to the door, before saying goodbye.

After a young monk reported to Chu Qingsi, Li Zheng and Yu Yang met Zen Master Du Ku.

The two of them sat down, and Au Ku said: "The two of you must have come to investigate the culprit, but this matter has nothing to do with our Chu Qing Temple, the twelve of us, after coming to the Orchid Heaven Temple, only study the Buddhist scriptures and activities in the North Zen Courtyard, they can't kill people."

"Master, you misunderstood. I just asked you some questions. I don't suspect Chu Qingsi."

"This humble monk will definitely tell you everything he knows."

Li Fang smiled and said, "May I ask Great Master, what was the reason for that Master Miaozhen's violent killing six years ago?"

"Miaozhen's temper is so bad that it's hard to blame her."

"Even if he has a violent temper, to be able to make a high monk start killing people would not be an easy matter."

Obviously, Li Cheng did not believe that it was that simple.

"No need to use words, but this matter is related to the secret message. Please forgive me for not being able to tell you." Ouyang Shuo pursed his lips and said.

Li Cheng's thumb rubbed the joints of his index finger, and he suddenly asked, "Does master know who is the one with the round tattoo on his left arm?"

Fu Ku's pupils contracted, but he forced himself to calm down and said, "This humble one does not know."

Seeing this, Li Cheng said in a deep voice, "Master, the Buddha has Yun who saved a person's life, which is better than building a seven-level pagoda. With two people dying in the temple today, no one can guarantee that there won't be more deaths."

He lowered his head and muttered, "Amitabha, it's a sin."

Li Lang said, "I've investigated him a few times, and I'm well aware that master Cross is probably not a simple person. However, I've been suffering in my heart and clearly know that master Cross is hiding secrets, but I'm unable to uncover them."

With that, he bowed deeply.

"Since it concerns the reputation of the two temples over a hundred years, it would be really difficult for this poor monk."

Li Lang said in a deep voice, "Master, life and death are at stake!"

In the end, he sighed and said, "Forget it, I won't be able to hide this matter for long."

"Take a seat first and listen to what I have to say."

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