Mysterious Murders/C19 It Was the Old Zen Master Who Killed Miaoyun
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Mysterious Murders/C19 It Was the Old Zen Master Who Killed Miaoyun
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C19 It Was the Old Zen Master Who Killed Miaoyun

"Master Crossing Waves began having headaches half a year ago and acted strangely sometimes. This is all because of his soul-leaving syndrome!"

"According to what Yu Yang said yesterday, a man has two wounds in his heart and he feels that he is a person with two wounds in his heart." Yu Yang said what he said yesterday, a man has two injuries in his heart and he feels that he is a person with two wounds in his heart.

"According to what the little monk said, half a year ago he had seen Zen Master Wuyou acting strangely in the middle of the night." According to what the little monk said, half a year ago he had seen Zen Master Wuyou acting strangely in the middle of the night.

"The only reason is that he knew very well the cause of the illness and kept it a secret, but he never thought that the old monk would kill him because he lost control of his soul."

Yu Yang asked: "But all of this is just speculation, and there is no evidence.

"You're wrong," Li Zhuang said sadly. "Old Zen Master's evidence for killing Miao Yun is conclusive!"

"The meditation room that Grandmaster Miaoyun lives in is very close to where Zen Master Crossing Disaster lives, much closer than the courtyard you and I live in. However, when he discovered Miaoyun's death that morning, he went there the last. This is completely illogical."

He turned around and asked Yu Yang: "Do you remember what our old monk said when we first met him and you told him to take care of his health?"

Yu Yang frowned and thought for a moment before saying, "He said that he had a headache that couldn't be cured after a long time, and my father was helpless as well. He could only endure."

"What else did he say?"

Yu Yang thought about it again and said, "He said that he suffered from wind chill in his early years, causing his joints to deform?"

"That's right, it's the joint that's deformed. Do you remember the wounds you saw on Master Miaoyun? There's something strange about his ribs being fractured."

Yu Yang was stunned for a moment, then said: "Are you saying that because of the deformation of the joints in the old Zen Master's hands, the force exerted by the palms is different from that of an ordinary person's? So Master Miaoyun's ribs are actually where the finger root of the murderer fell?"

Li Lang nodded slightly.

"That's right. I checked the remains of the old monk and carefully examined his hands. His fingers swelled and deformed, and this explains the peculiarities of Master Miaoyun's wounds. It also confirms that the person who killed him was Zen Master Du E!"

The people of the Lanruo Temple still did not believe that the normally benevolent and benevolent Master Du E could actually kill a disciple. Many of the monks had faces of disbelief, some of them even couldn't help but refute.

Lee Chang paused for a moment and said, "Masters, please be patient. Although the evidence of the abbot's murder is conclusive, but all of this was not his intention. It could even be said that he was deliberately pushed forward by someone with ulterior motives."

When the monks heard that he still had more to say, they restrained their temper.

"After knowing that Master Miaoyun was killed by the abbot, I couldn't understand it no matter how much I thought about it. Master Cross has already been suffering from soul-leaving disease for a long time, so why has he suddenly become unable to control himself and kill people recently? I found out the other day that the window in the room was a bit strange, and that the old Zen master's body couldn't withstand the wind, so the window should have been closed all year round and wouldn't have been opened. The dust on the window also proves that point, but that day, there were traces of someone opening the window. "

"Why the window? Until this evening, when I looked into Master's meditation room again. "

As he spoke, he retrieved half of the remaining fragrance from his bosom and pointed to the remaining half. "This fragrance is incomparably strange. If you smell it hard, it can actually make you feel slightly dizzy."

Yu Yang took it from behind him and sniffed it: "Black Mandara Flowers?"

Li Zheng said, "That's right! It was the Black Mandara Flowers, and it was a large dose! It was enough to cause one to hallucinate! Even death. "

"The old Zen master killed countless people in his early years and then converted to Buddhism. When he thought of it, he couldn't help but feel extremely guilty, and after accumulating for so long, he actually forced out a different personality. However, he normally chants buddhist mantras without much stimulation and won't go crazy, but that day he received some stimulation, and that was the Mandala Fragrance!"

"He suffered an attack of soul-leaving disease, and it was also extremely fragrant and illusory. This was why he was unable to control himself and mistakenly killed the person closest to him, Grandmaster Miaomiao."

Li Lang closed his eyes, a look of regret on his face.

"After killing Miaoyun, he went back to his meditation room and fell into a deep sleep. Because of the Mandala Fragrance, he woke up very late the next day. This also explains why the old Zen Master arrived so late on the day Miaoyun died."

Li Lang turned around, his voice sinking.

"Of course, all of this is thanks to that black hand behind me!"

"If someone did not secretly exchange his incense for a large dosage of Black Mandara Flowers, how could he have hallucinated so much that his soul left his body and he started to kill his disciples?"

"What kind of person is he, and why did he have to kill his beloved disciple before he died?"

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