Mysterious Murders/C2 The Murder Is Still Happening
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Mysterious Murders/C2 The Murder Is Still Happening
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C2 The Murder Is Still Happening

For three days in a row, there was no progress on the case. Other than checking all the inns and brothels, Constable Zhao even went from door to door and thoroughly checked all the people in Fallen City. He still didn't find anything.

Although Fallen City wasn't big, because of its geographical location, the daily traffic rate was not small. Such a large-scale investigation was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Master Song rummaged through all the files that had occurred within twenty miles of Fallen City County in the past five years. He found that aside from a murder case that had been committed in the last three years, there was no other similar case.

What made Li's head hurt even more was that the murder was still happening.

Today, in the morning, someone came to report and someone else was killed.

The deceased was the only daughter of a member of the Luo Cheng High Court who had yet to leave the house. This was the first time someone with a name had been killed inside the house.

When Li Zheng and Master Lou Zhen arrived at Gao Yuan's house, the old servant was in tears. He was an old woman, and now that he was old, he only had one daughter in his hands. However, she was struck by this disaster and fainted when she heard the grievous news.

Seeing Li Cheng and the others come over, the old official got to his knees and said sorrowfully, "Please uphold justice for this old man. This thief actually dared to harm my daughter like this! Master must find him and dismember his body into ten thousand pieces! "

Li Cheng supported the old official and said, "It is my duty to find the culprit. I will definitely find the culprit and ask for justice. Please grieve, Sir. We will first go to the scene of the investigation."

Tears streamed down the old servant's face as he nodded and let the maidservants lead Li Lang and the others to Miss Gao's room.

They walked into the east wing courtyard, climbed up the stairs, and entered the room. They saw Miss Gao's corpse.

The room was neatly decorated without any obvious signs of a struggle.

Miss Gao's corpse was lying on the ground with a blanket covering her body. The maidservant had said that it was from an official who had given her a blanket, so it was likely that the old servant had taken her daughter's innocence.

Li Lang removed the blanket from the corpse, and saw that the corpse was not missing a single inch, the blade marks crisscrossed on his body in dozens of places, his ten fingers were cut off, but there was no scar on his face, his features were graceful, and it could be seen that there was a beautiful lady in front of him, but her eyes were wide open, looking even more ferocious.

"coroner, examine the corpse!" He turned around and prepared to go to the other parts of the room to see if there were any more doubts.

After taking two steps, he turned around and said, "By the way, Constable Zhao, go find a midwife."

After all, in some places, it was better to find a midwife. Captain Zhao went to ask for a midwife, and Master Li and Master Song continued their investigation in the embroidery building.

Master Song said to Li Xuan: "Sir, I've just asked the servants of the Residence of Gao. This Miss Gao has a quiet personality, and she is not the type to criticize someone harshly. Besides her, she acts as a righteous person and is rich."

Li Lang nodded and turned around to ask the maidservant, "Who does your Miss usually interact with? What does she often do?"

The maid seemed to be scared out of her wits and said: "Miss is usually in the east wing. She rarely comes out and doesn't have any friends. When she has nothing to do, she just needlework, wait on the flowers, or read books."

Li Cheng leaned against the window of the embroidery building and looked out. He turned around and asked, "Has your young mistress always been living alone in the east wing?"

The maidservant said, "Miss originally lived in the west wing's courtyard. About a year ago, she moved to the east wing."

"Oh? "Why?"

The maidservant bit her lips and said, "Miss likes the peace and quiet. The east wing is very quiet, so you moved to the east wing a year ago."

Li Cheng then asked about Miss Gao's usual work and rest habits, and the little girl told him about them one by one.

Master Song walked around the room and returned to Li Zheng's side, saying, "Sir, the room is still full of precious jewelry. The expensive calligraphy and paintings as well as some scattered silver have not been lost. It seems they aren't for the money."

Master Song continued, "But the desk is a little messy."

Li Zheng followed Master Song to the desk, and saw that the table was covered with rice paper, the stone was placed on top, the ink in the left corner of the inkstand had not dried yet, and the rabbit hair written on the pen rack was still lit up.

Master Song said, "From the layout of the room, this Miss Gao looks like someone who has a peaceful life. She would not place Mo Shang's brush directly on the pen holder, and... The one on the right seems to be missing something. "

Li Lang was about to check on the situation when he heard Constable Zhao shouting loudly outside the door, "Sir, the midwives are here!" He looked up at the door.

It was the best midwife in the city, Mrs. Xu. Li Zheng quickly stepped forward and said, "Sorry for troubling Grandma Xu. Please examine the corpse of this woman."

Grandma Xu bowed and said, "My lord has lost his dignity. It is only a matter of duty."

The two walked up to the corpse. "Have you finished the examination?" Li Lang asked Lou Zhen.

Lou Zhen replied, "Reporting to my lord, the examination has been completed."

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