Mysterious Murders/C5 He Is Not the Murderer
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Mysterious Murders/C5 He Is Not the Murderer
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C5 He Is Not the Murderer

Li Lang looked up, it was Yu Yang.

Yu Yang's lips curled up. He first glanced at Lou Xun and then turned to Li Lang and said, "Lou Xun is not the culprit. I have evidence!"

"What evidence?"

Yu Yang said: "Last night, after my autopsy, because of the dim light, I did not manage to see anything clearly, but today when I went to investigate, although the two ribs on the female corpse were cut off, the cut surface was not neat, which shows that the killer's strength was not that great, and although Luo Xun was not that strong, he was not that weak. Of course the important point is, he was left-handed, but the killer used his right hand to kill people."

Yu Yang glanced at Lou Xun and said, "Ma QiDun may be fetal, but she is poisonous. I have examined her corpse and found brown blood on her lower body, which means that the child will pass out in a short time. However, the Ma QiDun residue in her body cannot reach this level, which can only mean one thing, this Miss Gao has been consuming Ma QiDun in a small dosage for at least five to six days."

Lou Xun's eyes were filled with shock. He cried out involuntarily, "Did she take a horse's money?"

Yu Yang nodded and said: "Moreover, the goal has already been achieved."

Lou Xun's expression was complicated, from shock to anger. "She still won't let her go!"

"She? "Who is it?!" Li Cheng asked anxiously.

Lou Xun gritted his teeth. He opened his mouth a few times but swallowed his words back.

"She carried your child in her womb, and now that she is dead in her boudoir, you have kept your mouth shut. If only she had known, she would have been truly disappointed!"

Lou Xun looked to be ashamed and struggled. He closed his eyes and said, "It's her personal servant, Xiaolan."

Li Lang's heart skipped a beat as he recalled the maid that he had talked to yesterday. He hurriedly said, "Constable Zhao, quickly go and bring that maid here!"

After Constable Zhao had left, Li Zheng said, "Tell me about yourself."

Lou Xun took a deep breath and said, "Master, you're right. I did have a relationship with Miss Gao because of the treatment, but... "But I …"

His face was ashamed as he continued, "But at the same time, I had a secret relationship with his personal maid … One month ago, Miss Gao said that she had not come for her month of business and was probably pregnant. I panicked a little and didn't have anyone to discuss with, so I told Xiaolan. "

Saying this, his face was filled with regret. "But I didn't expect that Xiaolan would give her some money to drink …"

"That Xiaolan knew about you and Miss Gao from the beginning?"

Losun nodded.

"Then why did she suddenly have evil intentions after knowing that she was pregnant instead of flaring up at the beginning?"

Losun shook his head to show he didn't know.

Yu Yang continued to ask: "But you tell that maid, the ribs near the center is cartilage, can the sharp blades cut through it directly?"

Lou Xun replied with a blank expression, "I didn't …"

Yu Yang frowned and lowered his head as he muttered: "That's strange."

After a while, Constable Zhao ran back to the county magistrate court while gasping for breath, "Sir, the maid is missing!"

"He ran away?" Li Lang was shocked.

Constable Zhao said while panting, "When I went to the Residence of High, the other servants said that no one had seen her since this morning. They must have escaped."

"Hurry up and send someone to look for her. We must find this Xiaolan!"

"Yes, sir!"

Yu Yang had his head lowered, deep in thought. He suddenly raised his head and stared at Li Cheng: "I want an autopsy. Those three corpses!"

Li Cheng froze for a second, and then his eyes lit up: "You think this case has something to do with those three?"

Yu Yang shook his head and said: "I still can't be sure, but if Lou Xun didn't lie and didn't say anything about Xiao Lan's weakness, then Xiao Lan isn't that simple."

"I must find this Xiao Lan. She has too many secrets."

Li Cheng put the Lou brothers in jail and followed Yu Yang back to Yizhuang.

This time, all four corpses had to be examined and compared.

Although they were trying their best to preserve it, the first two still began to rot in varying degrees, and the stench of corpses spread in the memorial hall.

Yu Yang brought his protective gear and opened the corpse's stomach. He took out the stomach that was already beginning to rot. He then did the same and took out the other two stomachs.

Li Lang looked at his movements and frowned. Most coroners would not dissect a corpse, and Yu Yang's actions were unreasonable, but there was a reason for the actions, so Li Lang could only allow him to do so.

Yu Yang placed his stomach in a pottery dish, turned around and looked at Li Cheng: "What? Or can't accept it? "You should return to the county magistrate court first. Since you're here, you won't be able to help much. Hurry up and find that servant girl. I'll tell you what I've found."

Li Zheng thought about what he said and left Yizhuang to go back to the county magistrate.

At night, when Yu Yang returned to the county magistrate's office, Li Zheng asked: "What did you find out?"

Yu Yang pursed his lips, and only after a while did he say: "Their stomachs still have traces of opium poppy in them. This is not a murder and sacrifice, it's very likely to be …"

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