Mysterious Murders/C6 Many Suspicions
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Mysterious Murders/C6 Many Suspicions
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C6 Many Suspicions

"What is it?"

Yu Yang's eyes focused as he said solemnly: "Vivisection."

"And there's something else that's strange. Some of the knife marks on the corpse are very strange. It seems like they were cut by a very awkward kind of knife."

When Li Zheng heard this, his pupils constricted and his expression turned into one of shock.

Yu Yang continued: "If it wasn't for the fact that Miss Gao was killed, and the way this servant girl killed me, I wouldn't even think about it, and the person hiding behind this servant girl would not be noticed by you and me. Li Chang, you must understand, once a doctor is possessed by a demon, that is a very scary thing, you must definitely find this Little Lan. She is the key to the case, and the person hiding behind her is most likely the culprit behind these three cases."

In the end, the two cases were still linked.

When Li Zheng returned, he sent Master Song to visit Xiao Lan's home and the people he usually came in contact with.

The expected difficulty in tracking her did not happen, at least not as quickly as Li thought.

The day after Constable Zhao searched throughout the city to capture Xiao Lan, they found her at the city gate. According to Constable Zhao, although she was carrying a backpack, her expression didn't seem like she was trying to escape.

After being captured from outside the city and being escorted back to the city, her expression had always been very calm.

She stood in the hall, and before Li could open her mouth, she said, "I was the one who killed the person. It's none of Lou Xun's business."

"Why did you come back when you were running and killing people?" he asked.

She pursed her lips and said nothing.

Seeing that, Li Cheng did not pursue the matter any further, and continued: "Since you have admitted to it, you should at least spare yourself a lot of words, but you still have some questions to ask you."

"You knew from the beginning that Lou Xun had a secret relationship with Miss Gao. Why did he not commit murder at the beginning and instead did such a vicious thing when she was pregnant?"

Xiao Lan bit her lips tightly. After pondering for a while, she said, "I can't hide the fact that I'm pregnant …" Master is a man with an unyielding personality. He would never tolerate his own daughter getting pregnant before his fiancé. Lou Xun's fate would be hard to predict. "

Li Cheng said, "So you went and came back because of Lou Xun?"

She lowered her head in silence.

"So you were the one who made her eat Ma QiDun?"

Xiaolan said, "I tried to persuade her to take the medicine and let that child fall, but she refused to listen."

"So you secretly put money in her food? Do you know that strychnine is poison? If you consume it too much, you will end up with a lifetime of infertility or even death? "

Xiao Lan raised her head, her eyes filled with surprise.

Li Cheng's eyes lit up, thinking that she probably didn't know about the effect of Ma Qianzi's medicine.

He asked, "Then who told you that the ribs in the middle of your chest could be cut apart by blades?"

She lowered her head again and clasped her hands together in silence.

Your father was born in a concubine's house and was born as a concubine. Your mother and daughter were exiled from the house soon after you were born, so you sold yourself as a slave and became a servant girl of the high house. You had an affair with Lusheng, and you even knew about your daughter's affairs, and you were afraid to remember when you were pregnant. You were afraid that your mother would die, so you secretly gave birth to your mother while she was eating.

"You killed Miss Gao and her son for your own selfish desires, causing them to die on the spot and even after killing them, it would still be difficult for them to calm down. You are angry, actually dismembering your body and venting your anger. Do you really not know shame? "

Xiao Lan's face was covered in tears. Her expression collapsed as she wailed loudly, "I didn't maim her corpse! I didn't! I secretly drugged her. How could I have known that she had been living with him for so long, that she had read medical books, that she had seen through everything she knew about medicinal herbs. I killed her, but I didn't mess with her corpse! "I did not!"

Li Cheng shouted again, "Who was it that killed her body?!"

Xiao Lan lay prostrate on the ground, sobbing uncontrollably. She blurted out, "Lou Xun …" He suddenly realized that he had said it out loud.

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