Mysterious Murders/C7 Neither of Them Is the Murderer?
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Mysterious Murders/C7 Neither of Them Is the Murderer?
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C7 Neither of Them Is the Murderer?

Li Chang heaved a sigh of relief, and finally she spoke. He tried to intimidate Xiao Lan by asking her questions while she was in a state of emotional breakdown. Xiao Lan was in a trance, so she said it out loud. This was a common method of interrogation.

Xiao Lan's face was ashen, limply lying on the ground.

"So the one who gave you the money and let you stab him in the ribs was also Lou Xun?"

Xiao Lan closed her eyes tightly, as if resigned to her fate. In the end, she nodded and said, "He gave it to me, but I didn't touch Miss's corpse."

Li Cheng said, "Tell me what happened on the night of the murder."

"After Miss saw that I had put the medicine in, she left me alone in my room on the same day. As it turns out, she had already discovered that Lou Sundang and I were together, but she had already eaten the food for five days and her lower body was already bleeding. She was so angry that she pretended to hit me, but her body was still too weak.

"I wrote a note in a hurry, ran to the east wing, and handed it through a small hole in the wall. That's where Losun and I sent our love messages."

"I waited about two hours and then ran to the wall. The letter told me not to panic and to watch the door while he dealt with the rest."

"After the time it takes for me to open the door, Miss has already become like that … He left a note on the table stating that the Miss was weak and in a rage, and that when he came, the Miss had suddenly died, and the matter was so urgent that he could only pretend to have been killed by the murderer of the remains of the corpse from a few days ago, in order to protect me. If he were to bear the guilt for my actions, I would immediately escape and destroy the note after I had read it. " At this point, he couldn't stop choking. Half of it was grief, and the other half was fear.

"Did you see Lou's man that night?"

Xiaolan shook her head no.

Li Zheng frowned. He already had the basic meridians in his heart.

Thinking that Lou Sundang had deceived the poor girl, Miss Gao, who had been poisoned day after day, had suddenly fainted. Lou Xun had pretended to deal with her, but she had done so in the form of a corpse.

However, the interior was full of flaws, and there were many problems that could not be explained.

A flash of inspiration passed through Li Chang's mind as he hurriedly asked, "Ever since Miss Gao discovered that she was pregnant, did you see Luo Xunzhen?"

Xiao Lan shook her head. "No."

"So you're saying that from giving you the money to secretly place food in Miss Gao's bowl to the moment she dies, all of you are sending a sound transmission through letters?"

Xiao Lan nodded.

Li Zheng narrowed his eyes when he heard this.

Lou Sundang and Xiaolan's confessions were so different that one of them had to be lying.

Li Cheng put Xiao Lan in prison and went straight to Yu Yang, he also had some details to ask him.

Yu Yang was drinking tea in the inner hall. Seeing him in a hurry, he asked: "Didn't you already bring him back? The interrogation is over. Why are you still in such a rush?"

Li Chang ignored him and asked, "What are the details of the three bodies?"

Yu Yang pursed his lips and said: "I was just about to tell you, I carefully examined the wounds of the three corpses. The cuts were accurate and fierce, all of them moving according to the muscles and veins."

"That means it was done by a person who was good at dissecting, right?" Li Lang said.

Yu Yang nodded and said: "Not only is he good at it, without a hundred people, it would be difficult for him to have such a familiar technique."

Li Zheng felt his hair stand on end and felt a chill on his back. He immediately turned around and returned to the county magistrate court. He wanted to interrogate Lou Xun to clear the doubts in his heart.

After returning to the county magistrate's office, he first went to the prison to see Lou Xun.

Seeing Lou Sundang, he asked, "Do you often write letters with Xiaolan in the east wing courtyard?"

Lou Xun was slightly surprised and nodded his head in agreement.

"Since when was the last time?"

Lou Sundang thought for a moment. "Starting about six months ago, the most recent time was when I told her Miss Gao was pregnant."

Li Lang's heart trembled as he thought this in his heart.

The next morning, in the front hall of the county magistrate, Li Zheng, dressed in his official robe, stood together on both sides of the hall and opened a court case!

Master Song spoke up after consulting Li Zheng: "Bring people to violate the imperial court!"

Constable Zhao then led the three to the front of the hall.

Li Lang stared at the three people in the hall and said, "Lou Xun, you and Xiao Lan are the two people who killed each other, do you know?"

When the two of them heard these words, it was as if they were struck by lightning. They stared fixedly at each other with complicated expressions in their eyes!

Seeing this, Li Lang's heart became firmer.

Then he said, "But neither of you are the culprits!"

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