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C8 Permian

His face was filled with astonishment. Li Cheng turned his gaze to Lou Zhen and asked, "You said that it wasn't a coroner?"

Lou Zhen walked into the hall with a serious expression without saying a word. When he heard Li Lang's question, he suddenly laughed and said, "Master must be joking. How would I know who the culprit is?"

Li Zheng slammed his hand on the table and bellowed: "Audacious lunatic! Still trying to argue! "

The first two Japanese officials had interrogated Lou Sundang and Xiaolan. Although they were forced to accuse the other party of being the culprit, they both initially wanted to protect him. If it were not for my plan to break through their defenses, they would not have even said anything about it.

Yesterday, I interrogated Xiaolan and she told me about her correspondence with Luo Dong. Many flaws in her confession were leaked out, and last night, I asked Lou Xun again and found out that the time of the letters they received and the letters they wrote was not good at all. Not only that, during the letters, I haven't even seen them myself.

"Those who know about the letters can be counted on one hand and you, Lou Zhen, are one of them!"

Lou Zhen was expressionless as he looked at Li Zheng.

"Yesterday, Master Song came to visit you and Lou Xun. You lost your mother when you were young, and my father brought you up. Lou Xun might not have been born from the same mother, but he was born from the same father. He kissed you when you were young, and there was no place for him to talk to you about his relationship with Miss Gao. So, I told you, my eldest brother, and you actually took the opportunity to include him in your conspiracy!"

You and Lou Xun have been together since you were young, so you naturally know his handwriting, so it's not hard to imitate it. After learning that Miss Gao was pregnant, she intercepted the letter, and using the name of Lou Sang, she gave the Ma QiDun to Xiaolan to secretly drug her. You know that Ma Qizi is poisonous, even if you consume it in low doses, the consumer will eventually faint from the poison.

Lou Xun looked at his cousin's face in disbelief.

Lou Zhen looked at Li Chao and said, "Sir, what a good story. I just don't know why I went through so much trouble to kill Miss Gao and frame my own cousin."

Li Zheng took a deep breath and stared at him. "For those three corpses!"

Lou Zhen's pupils constricted.

A few days ago, I was sent here by the government to solve the case. After you had examined the body of the man whose limbs were crippled, you said that it might be a Persian sacrifice. At that time, I didn't think it was anything strange.

"Yu Yang examined the corpses. First, he examined the remains of the opium poppy in the stomach, and then he compared the corpses to each and every inch of the body. He came to a terrifying conclusion, that these three corpses had gone through an inhumane, living autopsy before they died, and the person who killed them was an old Daoist. It was obvious that they were people who had interacted with human bodies for years."

"And Miss Gao was killed, your brother must have been the first suspect to be discovered by the yamen because of his relationship with each other. It is impossible for a doctor to kill a corpse, and with Lan being deceived by you as a witness, it is certain that he would kill someone, and you would harm Miss Gao's body, leaving everyone else with the possibility of being deceived. Besides you, your younger cousin is also the most likely culprit in the entire city, and he is also not a stranger to human bodies."

"These things combined to form a clear vein. That is, you, Lou Zhen, first dissected the human body alive, and your corpse was discovered. After the imperial government sent me to investigate this case, you tried to stir up trouble by taking the blame for your actions."

"But, you miscalculated something, you did not expect Xiaolan to come back, much less that she would come back to collect the charges. Her confession caused all the previous evidence to be pointed towards the wrong place, the testimony was full of contradictions, and the matter regarding the letter was also exposed, all of this made the previous flawless case look like it was filled with loopholes!"

Lou Zhen's eyelids drooped, he did not look at Li Zheng.

In your eyes, love is worthless. In order to avoid being trapped in jail, you killed your own cousin, so it is natural that you think that the relationship between the two of them is so fragile that one of them will be convicted and killed. And your cousin is a coward, and Xiao Lan is a woman.

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