Mysterious Murders/C9 You Want Evidence Right?
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Mysterious Murders/C9 You Want Evidence Right?
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C9 You Want Evidence Right?

Lou Zhen raised his head as the corners of his mouth widened, "The lord has said so much but has no evidence. You've also been involved in torture for many years, so just analyzing it through reasoning is not enough to convict you."

Li Lang was so angry that he laughed instead, "You want evidence, right? I will use evidence to convince you! Master Song, please show us your evidence! "

Master Song, who was standing to the side, handed over an object. It was a piece of paper.

Li Lang pointed and said, "Do you look familiar?"

Lou Zhen's expression changed slightly as he looked at the piece of paper.

"This is the last letter you left for Xiaolan. You let her read it, but when Miss Gao died, she could not escape the responsibility. She thought that once her story was exposed and she left this place, this note would be Lou Xun's last mark, so she left it behind."

Li Chao spread out the slip of paper and said, "Xiao Lan only knows a few words, it's not hard for you to copy Lou Xun's handwriting to hide it from her, but if you want to hide it from everyone in the hall, it's not that easy! Master Song, find the two of them to compare their handwriting.

Master Song was holding two ancient writings in his hand as he walked towards Lou Zhen.

Lou Zhen clenched his teeth and said gloomily, "There's no need to test anymore! The words were written by me! "

The corner of Li Lang's mouth lifted as he coldly snorted: "You admitted it just like that? It's a little early! Since you want more evidence, I will give you more evidence! Yu Yang! "

Yu Yang came in from outside and said while looking at Lou Zhen, "There's more evidence on the corpse!"

"Although Fallen City is slightly south of the city, the climate is still not enough for the opium poppy to grow anywhere, not to mention the opium poppy is a restricted species of medicine." Fallen City is slightly south of the city, but the climate is not enough for the opium poppy to grow anywhere, not to mention the opium poppy being restricted by the imperial government.

"Constable Zhao went there to check the situation, and found out that about a year ago, there was a large loss of opium poppy theft. Then the thief was arrested, and before he could explain where the opium poppy went, he committed suicide out of fear in prison. From then on, there was no proof of where the opium poppy had gone, and the thief's body was found by you, and you wrote that no one knows whether he hanged himself or was strangled to death."

"But I've found traces of the opium poppy in the bodies of the three dead people, and I've connected them with the past. Thus, it has become very thought-provoking."

Yu Yang waved his hand and said: "Of course, this is only a guess and not direct evidence."

Even if you kill someone, you don't need to use the opium poppy. The coroner can be considered half a doctor, so you should understand that the drug has a strong analgesic effect, and its dosage can cause hallucinations. The only explanation is that the victim has to suffer as much pain as possible.

"Why are you doing this?"

Yu Yang's expression suddenly became serious, his eyes containing a trace of anger.

"Because if we want them to live through this, in order to observe their reactions and to probe the limits of what they can bear, how should we cut them? Where? "What will the result be?"

"Those three bodies, one of them had four limbs, one of them had five organs, and one of them was a head. They were just three different experiments!"

Everyone in the hall felt chills go down their spines when they heard this, and they were deeply frightened.

Master Song checked the file, but didn't find any Persian offerings, but found a small matter. Your father, the year before last, opened a man's stomach for an autopsy, and was sentenced to an inappropriate punishment of one year's pay. According to your uncle, your mother died of an illness that year.

When Lou Zhen heard this, he gritted his teeth with anger written all over his face.

Li Chao couldn't figure out why Lou Zhen was so brutal until last night when Master Song flipped through the file again and noticed this small matter. It was this small matter that exposed Lou Zhen's motives and led the entire case to the right path.

Yu Yang took a box of autopsy knives from Constable Zhao's hand, looked at the furious Lou Zhen and said, "I came to your house last night and found this set of tools from under your mother's spirit tablet. Because it was used for too long, the knife's edge even caved in."

"What else do you have to say?"

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