MYSTIQUE DAMON/C16 Hope in distress
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MYSTIQUE DAMON/C16 Hope in distress
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C16 Hope in distress

Mellisa flinched back immediately she bumped the dying her. Her hands shook uncontrollably, and her mouth winced, her eyes in pain.

She realized the situation was a wild goose chase. As she seems not to know the way out of that portals. Each door she runs to, she only meets a dead end.

She doesn't understand what this dying her wants and why she kept pestering her soul.

"What are you ? she screamed.

"I am you; Can't you tell…See" she pointed towards a portal. "Your soul is trapped here, and you can't make it out without taking your full form."

"Who are you deceiving with that talk." She replied to her wellies' statement.

"We are trapped here, Mellisa."

And Mellisa quivered immediately she mentioned her name.

"Wait; How do you know my name"

"I know because I am the dying you. We don't have time on our hands. The portals will close, and we will be trapped in here for another thousands of years."

"How do you know all this?

"Mellisa; before any soul existed outside this realm, they once lived in this realm" She spasmed.

Mellisa stood still and watched her wailing soul. She draws back and shut her eyes. Taking a five seconds soul-searching.

She tried to understand If she was dead or if the spirits playing a mind game with her. Why is her other self here? And why should she trust her? Why is she moving around these portals without escaping?

She nervously stepped back. She knows the saying; look before you leap, and she is not going to allow herself to be fooled by this.

Taking a total look at the wailing soul, she shook her head sadly and said.

"My soul can't be this weak." She retorted and ran off, leaving behind the wailing soul.

She started running towards an open portal. Maybe this will lead me out of all the mess.

She speeds up her steps but unfortunately, the portal closed right before she could jump inside it.

She tries to hit on it, but she cut through the air and her eyes widened in surprise.

Likewise, she refused to give up and started checking out different portals but all closed before she could reach there.

She yelled and pulled on her hair distressed.

"Was she trapped in here?


"Hello." Her voice echoes and a wailing sounds gushed and hushed.

Shaking her head and trying to pull herself together, but no. Her vision became blurry and her head started spinning, and then a squalling like some kind of force pulled her backward.

She struggled and attempted to resist, but it gained full force on her, and then a howling wind that sounded like the wailing of lost souls gush through her ears and then hushed.

But the force continues pulling her backward and this time, the wailing continued and she squealed in pain. Covering her ears as the thought of her being dead clouded her memories.

The force tossed her mercilessly into another portal, and she flinched in pain. When she attempted to understand the place, the mysterious force dropped her, then she saw her dying self.

She was ready petrifying, and she crawled towards her as tears rolled down her eyes.

She was going and she wanted to stop her. It was a slow moment like some chemical reactions were happening and the dying her was in her meta·morphosis state.

The more she petrified, the more she felt herself becoming translucent. With pain in her eyes, unexplainable emotions, and a painful heart, coupled with a thousand thoughts. She was forced to willy-nilly accept her wailing soul.

"Such a wimp soul." she sighed in despair and grabbed her petrifying hands.

Immediately her hands touched her wailing soul, a sudden strong, and violent force dragged the two figures up, and instead of squealing in pain, she clutched on her fist and summon her courage and sang her wailing soul a song.

"Beneath the smile is a weary soul.

Beneath the struggle is a dying soul.

Beneath the smile is a soul in a frazzle.

I desired a change.

I show great perseverance in my quest for success, even though my inner me is in shambles.

With persistent pain, I drag her along.

Sometimes I want to shed her from me, but then I realize she is a part of me.

The inner me that is lifeless.

Now I have to be it nourishment.

The inner me that is weak.

Now I have to be its strength.

The inner me that is hopeless.

Now I have to be it hope.

Dear inner me I can't leave you alone; you are me I am you.

Together we will conquer our fears, face our challenges and come out triumphantly."

The force keeps pulling her upward and backward, and she held strong to her wailing soul.

"Hold on tight; we will make it out here, alive." She breathed out.

"You are truly the definition of your name. MEL LISA. The strong and ambitious queen bee. Your nurturing and lovely nature is what you are. Don't let pain or circumstances describe you. MEL LISA is what you are." The voice thundered as the force kept acting on them.

She screamed loud when she realized her wailing soul already turned to something like smoke. With the force pulling her now, the smoke vigorously goes up higher than expected.

Spinning rapidly like a vortex and Mellisa found herself caught in this whirling vortex of emotions, and she screamed as the smoke subdued her.

Knocking her into twenty minutes of soul-searching.

Twenty minutes later, her eyes fluttered open, and her strength erupted and she struggled with the force pulling her. She wanted to dist angled herself, but the force was powerful and instead, It starts spinning and spinning her.

Pulling her upwards and backward, her hands and leg dangling in the air, and her shrieking voice echoes the whole place.

The force dropped her into another portal and this time, it was different from all the portals she had seen in the realm.

There was an enormously beautifully designed chair that looked like it a throne. The force lessened on her, and she saw someone standing beside the throne, backing her.

The figure wore a long white rope and had large beautiful wings coupled with his long raven hair that fall freely on his back.

Now she is getting scared and more scared as the force pulling her lessens its hold on her and gently dropped her.

She fell face down as soon as the force acting upon her dropped her.

Now it looks like she has her willpower and can sense exactly where she is.

"Wait…Am I really dead? Her eyes swirl around and trying to figure her where exactly she is.

She was so confused and equally scared of whatever figure backing her.

The wings were so beautiful and magnificent. And the place he stands radiates a significant amount of light so bright that it almost got her blind.

The place looks like the firmaments, but why does it seem like it's moving while it's not?

What an illusion!

She swirled her eyes around. The figure remained where it is.

"Hello," She waved her two hands confused and in despair.

"Please, I need help to leave this place…. She spasms " See I don't understand what exactly is happening. I just open my eyes and find myself in some strange place…. And I don't know where exactly is this place… Please help me."

The figure did not react but remained still.

He who hesitates is lost, so she decided to try another way.

"Hey… please, you are the only one who can help me out now; I don't have time with me and I don't know what is happening." The figure remains calm.

"Am I really died?" She asked herself. "Why can't he hear me."

The figure lifts his wings pointing to the right portals. The wings spread so lovely, large, and magnificently beautiful.

Mellisa followed his wing's direction and her eyes landed on a beautiful gold portal slowly its door began to open and her eyes and lips beamed up with smiles, at the same time shocked.

Immediately the right portals opened, and she muttered a thank you, putting her hands together as a sigh of gratitude to the person she thought was an angel.

She managed to stand on her two feet, amidst trembling hands. She wobbled her way to the right portals.

When she reached the portal, she turned around to mutter another thank you and show her gratitude to the angel that saved her again, but something caught her attention as she came face to face with the supposed angel.

A beautiful face caught her eyes, his raven hair falls freely down his shoulders and radiate the same energy as the bright light in the realm. His ocean blue eyes were the best thing a person will see when passing on to the next life.

His physical features can't be compared to any living soul on earth. His face radiates beauty coupled with his charismatic jawline.

His thick lashes and well-defined lips stand out.

She was drowning in his mesmerizing eyes. He hypnotized her.

Like a force, his beauty pulled her closer and the closer she gets, the more hypnotized she became.

But something was off, as she draws closer to the figure, she noticed something. Amidst having all these beautiful features is a weary soul.

He looked sad, despairing, and cold. Tears dropped in his eyes and a gushed wind of pain pierced through her heart.

She stood there, wondering how a beautiful creature like this should be in pain.

"Or is he paying for his sins? No." She shook her head.

The man shut his eyes and waved her off, just when she was about to raise her hand to wipe the tears away.

A sudden, strong, and violent wind pulled her. And she started moving backward with her hands hanging midair as she tried to wipe his tears away.

The force dropped her down into another portal and this time it was wide open, she wobbled her way out of the portal, and just when she came out, she gave out a loud sneeze and her eyes fluttered open.

Tears streamed down her eyes and when Armstrong approached her with her blurry vision, not understanding where exactly she was, slowly lifted her hands and wiped Armstrong's imaginary tears away.

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