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MYSTIQUE DAMON/C18 The Strange Boy
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C18 The Strange Boy

McCall arrived at Hazel's car, only to meet him in custody of a little boy.

As he approached him, the little boy had his eyes pinned on him. His gaze not leaving him, and it looks like he is calculating every one of the steps he took forward.

He wasn't fazed by his annoying look, he is a handsome man with an elegant stature. His inky black long hair was well combed and styled backward, and a few strands of his hair freely slumped as he strode forward. He knows the attention he attracts each time he passes a couple of people on the road or whenever he is at any social gathering.

Some stared at him with their mouth expansive open, while the men stared enviously at him. He is used to both the optimistic and pessimistic gazes being thrown at him. This correlated with the way he carries his body while walking.

His elegant postures will become the talk of the town whenever he graces an occasion. He always serves the look with his dapper attributes.

His looks alone attract both the men and female gender. The married and the single can't stop staring at him, even children won't stop staring each time he passed.

He is used to all these sudden gazes from countless people, making him never read meaning into it.

A cheap product they said attracts too many consumers, but this time not in his case. Because Inspector McCall put an end to that saying. His appearance alone, coupled with the ambiance encompassing him, tells how precious and golden he is.

He always received praise from various angles. Few proceed forward to organize a secret date; on numerous occasions he also received a bouquet with a text card and some sweet lavishing infused candles, all just to get his attention.

But was he interested?


He just counts himself fortunate.

Now he walked, he wondered why the little boy wouldn't take his eyes off him.

He pretended he didn't notice him, and the more he approached Hazel, the more the little boy trembled to the extent of choking on his food.

Yes; They are visiting a rural community part of the Northern Coast, and it's extremely extensively advisable to bring in some sustenance and beverages to the needy. Not waiting for the governmental alliance to reach out.

It's all their unique IIF skills not only because they are investigating a crucial case, but it is never advisable to interrogate on an empty stomach.

You kill to live, and you eat to survive. So if they must get some rural residents to give them some vital information on Mellisa's disappearance. They got the food in their tummy first.

Buy their trust and watch them say what they know and open some hidden secrets if there are any.

"Sir" Hazel stood up and saluted immediately after he sighted McCall. His right hand over to his head and his left instantly pulled at his back in a straight standing position.

Respect is reciprocal and the vitality of humanity not only to the military men but to every soul living out there.

McCall reciprocated.

"Saw this young lad named Savan." Hazel began.

McCall bent over to take a full glimpse of the boy but was shocked when the boy started crying and ran to take a shield at Hazel's back.

Does McCall look scary, or is something wrong with Savan?

McCall widened his brows in shock and looked at Hazel, a questioning frown displayed on his brows.

He knows as an officer, he shouldn't be bothered by this, kids are often terrified at the presence of a military man, not to speak of an armed one for that matter.

"He said something off about Mellisa disappearing from this place." Hazel began and McCall bent over again merely to get a closer countenance at the boy, but he forcefully close his eyes tight.

Now if he was irate before, he was suddenly furious as he scowled at him. His rage blazes up and the boy tremulously steps back.

McCall can't believe he is having a titanic moment of questioning the boy or leaving him to whatever image the young lad is seeing him.

"What do you know?" His voice came through, deep and void, and the boy shook his head tremulously.

"I have been trying to get him to speak but..., but he kept pointing at the lonely track and saying something about Mellisa disappearing into the wood."

Hazel went ahead to tell McCall the little details he was able to get from the boy after persistent pampering and showering him with food.

He is a cute boy though; with his blue eyeballs which smoldered with anxiety and fear. But the more he tried talking or questioning him about certain things concerning Mellisa's disappearance, he realized the boy wasn't even sure of what he was saying.

Sporadically, he speaks with sense, and the rest he just blabbered what he can't seem to understand, and he wondered if he was messing with him.

"Are you playing with me" He once asked him when he told him Mellisa was in the other Country.

He had laughed at his thoughts and scowled at Hazel for not believing him.

"Don't you think other creatures are existing as you do?" He heard his voice questioning his doubting spirit, and Hazel stood up. Scratching his brows and looking impatient at his sudden and courageous outburst.

The audacity he exhibited in asking that question was alarming, and he wondered if he had gone nut or if was it part of the ghettoization of kids around here.

He talks ghoulishly and acts like he is possessed.

How can he be so bold in spitting rubbish?"

Hazel had questioned his thoughts.

He knows, if he happened to be an adult, he should be behind bars spitting out whatever nonsense he thought was good for people to hear.

Hazel waved him off and decided to wait for his superior to come. Maybe McCall can get him to speak up.

But now he is here, he wondered why Savan was acting strange and suspicious.

McCall pinned his gaze on him and Savan choked on the morsel in his mouth, spitting it out and throwing it all over McCall's face and making a mess on his oh-so-good-looking face.

What balderdash. He flicked back immediately.

Hazel's fingers flew to his mouth and he rushed to portray before McCall, his hands cupped up and pleading for mercies.

He knows what this action will attract in the IIF military police rules.

The countless queries he will have to answer from his superior and him being the Federal superintendent.

He is grounded for real.

"I will take responsibility for his actions' sir."

He begged, his face lying low with his head not showing only his cupped hands was pleading for mercies from his superior.

McCall's anger flares up, and he suddenly stood up, removing his suit and wiping his face. He looks disgusted at that moment.

After cleaning himself up and washing himself with a bottle of water, he took it from Hazel's car.

He approached Hazel and saw how scared he looked. He didn't want to act on impulse and ruin his chances of getting a clue about this case. Furthermore, he shook his head, running his fingers across his hair, and clicking his tongue at the same time.

McCall giggled devilishly, bending down and whispering to Hazel's hearing. "Not too bad Hazel..... Don't worry, I will handle it."

And with that, his fingers go up and graze over the boy's chin and immediately pin him on the car.

Having him lean against the car, this time he stared deeply into his eyes as if he wanted to extract information or probably read his mind.

He already got on his nerves and this time he won't let him off the hook.

Yes, he is a child, but such rude and bratwurst behavior he displayed needs to be corrected, and now he wondered if he was being nice by pinning him on the car.

But Savan being a milk-sop child started shedding tears and McCall had no other choice than to release his fingers from him.

He is such a weakling. He spats.

Likewise, he knows something was actually off with him from the way he was staring at him.

An apple doesn't fall far from a tree, and now he wondered who the boy was and what his up to.

"Little boy, what is your relationship with Mellisa?" McCall began calmly.

He knows in situations like this, one has to be extra careful because you don't know who is who and who is being used against you.

Probably Savan might be the enemy pawn this time, and he had to thread with caution.

The boy kept quiet at his question. Making McCall doubt if he heard him.

But he was sure he heard him. So, he decided to ask him again. But this time he chooses to show a not-so-lovely side of him.

"Hello, cutie." He began carefully, holding the tip of Savan's finger and gradually patting his curly, tousled hair. He knows he needs to soothe him first before questioning him.

Likewise, he needs to relax his spirit and make him see reasons he should trust and tell him what he knows.

"She disappeared into the wood, and she is in the other country…. Don't ask me again; We all know this… everybody…. every one of us." The boy blurted out to the surprise of McCall and Hazel.

"Every one of us !!! Who? " Hazel asked, and Savan chuckled darkly.

He was scaring the men more.

"Enough" McCall speak. His tone was firm and void. Now it was Savan's turn to keep quiet.

He looked at Hazel and as their eyes met, he shook his head and said.

"Where did you get him from?"

Hazel remembered what the earlier lady said about Savan talking gibberish sometimes. Now he understands what exactly the woman meant when she said, "I'm the one in charge of the needy here." Savan might be one of the mentally deranged kids.

After explaining everything to McCall, McCall shook his head as disappointment was seen on his face. And then brought out his phone, which had been beeping ever since he was questioning the boy.

He looked at the caller. It was one of his men. He put the phone into his ear and the voice came through.

"Yes…. Inspector McCall on the phone."

It was one of the officers reporting about the sudden arrest of two intruders.

McCall heavy a breath, creasing his brows. The issue isn't that serious, but why would Jasper and his girlfriend always disturb his busy time?

Now he regrets ever bringing them to this place at first. He sucked his teeth and hung up.

Turning to Hazel, he shut his eyes, inhaled deeply; his cheeks puffed up, and said, "Look after the boy I'm coming back"

And then he was gone.

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