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C2 Doubting

Sitting on the big dressing mirror, she trails her fingers down her neck. Seeing how her body was covered with bruises sent shivers down her body. Just a few hours, she was saying her last prayers in the thick and scary wood. She thought it was over, and her life is coming to an end as she pleaded and beg for mercy amidst tears and fears.

Those evil, crazy, husky huddles with their husky voice that scream inhuman nearly torture and rape her to death.

" was I rape"... She thought her eyes widened immediately after the word escape her mouth.

She closed it as she feels the tears streaming freely down her face.

Just when she has lost hope, then he appeared and saved her.

She feels her tears drop, and her voice cracked up as she stares at herself in the mirror.

She lifted her face looking up at the lady who was combing her hair, and it seems the woman already read and understand her by the way she looked in her eyes and she smiles!

"You are saved now okay...the clinic doctor said you only sustain physical injuries"

She shivers as her shoulders began to shake, her crackly voice gives way, and she burst into a loud cry.

The lady not knowing what to do wrapped her hand around her back trying to soothe her.

"I am safe now . They are gone... won't they come back again for me"..she said in-between sobs, clenching her trembling fists together.

Her brain refuses to process what happened to those husky inhuman huddles, her heartache in pain, her face filled with fears, and her tears shed uncontrollably and her shoulders shake.

The woman, seeing how scared she is even after telling her she is safe, held her close and very tight stroking her back.

When she feels relaxed, she heavy a deep breath, wiping her face with the back of her hands.

She was dressed in a grayish short gown and her hair was styled in a ponytail with a light lip gloss applied on her lips.

Thanks to the woman, she managed to hobble back to the king-sized bed that had a thick blanket and duvet covered with a pinky Barbie design. She immediately looked up at the woman in surprise because this wasn't the way the bed was when she left to take her bath and the woman sensing her thought answered immediately:

"The maids change the bedsheet when you are away"...she said, and she nodded in response.

Sitting calmly on the bed, she took time to study the room.

Starting from the king-sized bed down to the windows that have floral pinky design curtains straight to the cabinet that has different colored mugs and tumblers. On the side of the bed were two-bed lamps standing on a small fancy round table on both sides of the bed.

Also at the center of the room stood a glassy center table with a flower vase in the center of the table. And facing her bed is a large, sizable home screen, and their discord is well-connected. Different colored bulbs were blinking and a two-seater royal sofa aside the room.

Her eyes widened in shock and her jaw hung open immediately after she noticed her luggage already in the room. She countlessly blinked her eyes just to make sure she was not dreaming.

Pointing her finger towards the luggage and throwing a confused look at the woman who has been standing and watching her for a while.

"Master told them to bring it here" she replied in a polite tone.

"Mas. ter Master....who?" she uttered, tilting her head and looking at the woman who chortles at her small display of surprise.

" come. Who are they?"...and this time she has no choice but to answer her question.

"The master that brought you here".

She trembled immediately as the words left her mouth. She wanted to ask more questions but decided to keep calm and watch things unfold by themselves.

"God, please help me, I would rather not be a slave to any master" she prayed inaudibly averting her gaze and squinting her head around the room.

The room was grand and speak luxurious living with different ancient sculptures and art displayed on the wall which added more beauty to the room, but to her, the paintings on the wall scared her as she never thought she will in her life end up in a palace of ancient painting on the wall.

"Who still cherishes creepy arts" she mumbled, looking at the white marble tiles used to beautify the floor.

Everything in the room speaks class and luxury, making her wonder who the master was. She lay her back on the bed, shutting her eyes as a heavy breath escape her mouth.

Immediately she lay down on the bed, she heard the cracking of the door, and she opened her eyes as the knot turned opened only for her eyes to meet a young girl of her age carrying a small with her, a small tray that had a mug on it and in the other hand a small kettle.

Settling it in the center of the table and bowing respectfully to the elderly woman, aroused curiosity in her as she tried to process exactly where she was.

"Am I in some kind of ancient kingdom... No!! No!!.. Aside from this painting, nothing ancient is here. Which ancient kingdom will have a modern home screen and modern marble tiles"... The more she tries to process it, the more confused she is.

While she was wandering with her thoughts the old woman motioned her to stand up thereby tapping her hand and handing her the cup of tea.

"What is this?"...she said, raising and adjusting herself on the bed edge.

"It's a herbal tea that serves as a pain reliever," she said, bringing the cup closer to her face.

"I don't need it".she responds slightly, pushing the tray away from her face.

The woman, noticing the fear and doubt in her voice and the horror in her eyes, moved closer to her bedside and coaxed her to take the tea. Signaling the young girl who brought the tea to leave.

"This is a herb tea that will help you to relax and relieve all the pain you feel in your body, it was naturally brewed for a quicker result," she said, urging her to give it a try.

She threw her a glance, hesitant, but then followed her words by taking the mug from her. Nibbling over it without taking off her gaze from the woman, who kept nodding to her to go on. She took a sip, clenching both her teeth and nodding her head in response to the hotness of the tea.

As she kept sipping the tea, her vision became blurry, and she felt a slight headache, but she thought it was due to the hotness of the tea and kept on drinking as the woman kept pouring increasingly for her.

After what seemed like a minute, her vision became blurry and she felt dizzy.

"Take another sip it will help calm your spirit down," the elderly woman said, pouring another tea inside her mug without processing what she said, she responded to her by gulping down yet another cup without minding how hot it was.

Giving out a belch as she feels the effects of the heat on her.

Her clothes were already soaked with heat and her headache was severe. She grabbed her hand with her two hands as if she was trying to escape a memory. Fixing a threatening glare at the woman.

"What did you add to the tea?" She asked, shaking her head, trying to hold her balance.

"Nothing, just a pain reliever that will work when you sleep, so endeavor to sleep okay" she responds with a smile that boils her heart.

"Liar. liar...liar. she cried, tears streaming down her cheeks "You poisoned the tea because you thought I was sold to your husband as his mistress" Yo....u...yo...u you poison an innocent soul who only seeks to be saved"

She wailed, closing her eyes and holding on to the woman's fabric tight on her neck as if she wanted to strangle her to death, but before she could process what to do next, the young man who helped her earlier in the room was already by her bedside without minding her outburst, carefully removed her hands from the woman cloth, freeing the woman who stood up and bows leaving the duo in the room.

He held her hands as she struggled to free his grip. "Yahhhhhhhh...come here... Yo...u....yo...u poi..... poisoned me" she uttered a yelled.

Her heart pounded so hard in her chest, her hands trembling in fear and her shoulders shake as tears began dropping from her eyes.

Not only that, her whole face was filled with heat dripping like rain falling down her body, she yelled and yelled, but the man held her, and before she knows it, her head began to spin, she blinked it hard trying to stay awake.

"No!! No!! You don't have to sleep... please stay" She tried talking to her body but stopped for a moment, as if controlled by a remote, spinning her head around she falls back on the king-sized bed, dozing off to the dreamland.

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