MYSTIQUE DAMON/C8 Decisive pt 2
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MYSTIQUE DAMON/C8 Decisive pt 2
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C8 Decisive pt 2

Now he thought of how they brought the lady home, the heart couldn't contain the regret in it.

"How is she responding to treatment" he questioned the clinic, his gaze fierce and intimidating as usual.

"Rumors already flying of him" harboring a spy"

"That is not the answer to my question; when had he ever worried about rumors"

"What if she happened to be one," the clinic doctor said, trying to be positive and choosy with his choice of words, he knows who he's dealing with, one whose anger is disastrous.

"Not that I believe the rumors, but I think he needs to be cautious about whom he's rescuing, and you are his right man should know better."

"Your talks make me sick, when do you switch to becoming a woman," Raiden said before storming out of the clinic.

He knows the doctor was right, but remembering the kind of person he is, he needs to be very vigilant, but for now, nothing has been decided on the rescue, and he wishes he already said something.

Raiden simply stood there, looking at his men and their boss, he knows he doesn't care how fast rumors are traveling, he always does what he feels is right, he never listens to anyone, and he does his things his way.

He walked up to them and all eyes were fixed on him. "How is she" they all rose an eyebrow at him.

Raiden was silent, a lot was going on in his head, he narrowed his eyes at him.

"I think she is fine"

"Was that supposed to be an answer?...damn you Rai; give us a sustainable answer, you aren't even sure how she is" Samie eyes wide confused.

"The Clinic is over there" He pointed towards it before letting out a sigh, shutting his eyes, and running his hands across his head.

"What is our next move now" Arson questioned as the surrounding aura is that of a graveyard.

"Shouldn't we go back home since the lady is already fine" another jibbed in and Arson quietly tapped him to watch his mouth.

"What are we to do to her "Raiden found himself questioning his boss.

There was a dead silence as each waited to hear from him. He stared into Raiden eyes, his phoenix eyes not leaving Raiden.

"Are you planning on leaving her here, she is an intruder and needs to be tortured"

"Don't tell me you pass all this stress of saving her from Garkie and his men just to punish her" Rai found his voice very loud to the surprise of his men.

"You heard me! You are not a stranger, I know you know what to do" He turned to face the wall nonchalantly.

"I think I'm leaving this mess for you to clean up, aren't doing any shit concerning her again" Rai stated without looking his way.

"You dare not disobey me" his thunderous voice came through, at that point the anger in his eyes was visible as he turned from the wall facing Rai. Even his tone increased.

Before Rai will speak, someone beat him to it first.

"I think we need to know her condition first before torturing her" Samie suggested.

No one cares" was the Arson response. "She is already an intruder, and we need to put her in her place as usual."

His boss gazed down at him, and he instantly swallowed.

"I want to speak with you, Raiden."

They could hear the doctor's voice and Arson inhale deeply, at least someone was already safe his ass from such a disastrous look.

"Not me again; that should be him." Rai pointed towards his direction, but a glare from him made him spring up quickly.

"The lady is awake"

"How sure are you, Darshin?

"I know my work, young man," Darshin replied.

"You look scared Darshin" Samie teased the young doctor.

"Who wouldn't, not when your master is keeping everyone on a low."


The door cracked open, and the five men came in, the patient was lying on the bed; her eyes open, but it seemed she still did not know where she was.

The doctor walked up to her and after examining her pulse and realizing she was too weak due to the injuries coupled with her collapsing, at least she is out of the danger zone.

"she only needed enough rest and food." He looked up at the men and spoke.

"Her condition is stable now, she only needs food, a warm bath, and enough rest, and she is still weak to speak because of her dried throat, but with time she will speak."

"We aren't here to nurse her, what in the name of an intruder don't you understand, she is…." Arson spoke but was immediately shut up.

"Do we have to torture her again"Samie chipped in. "I think she has had enough of all this."

"And when did you become this soft and caring" Arson countered him.

"Do I look like an Arson to you"

"Shut the fvck up" Arson spoke, his gaze piercing Samie's heart.

"We are taking her home," Raiden heard himself speak, the others looked at him. It didn't sound harsh, either, good; his neutral statement makes him wonder what he was doing. He doesn't understand why he's having this feeling. Yes, this feeling!! He can't explain it either.

He shut his eyes as he felt his heart become 100 times heavier. "What is this feeling?" His eyes flow towards the figure laying on the bed.

"Sedate her, we are bringing her home."

The man's eyes almost bulged out of their sockets when he spoke.

"The fuck, are you doing!!? Why bringing her home all of a sudden" Arson questioned, he couldn't believe this. What exactly was Rai thinking?

Rai didn't respond to his tantrums, he knows within him that he doesn't know what he's doing, he is as confused as his brothers, but what will he do? They need to work with caution, or they might end up messing up everything.

He remembered the heat and trouble they went through just to rescue her, and he believes there is something more to it than meeting the eyes.

He rose and walked up to where she was laying down, she looked too innocent to be what they were thinking. Furthermore, he glared at the men, this was really; hard for them to understand, they never bring a stranger home, and he knows his actions shocked them. Likewise, he wants to explain, but that will take time and the men are already confused. Only Samie understands, even though his face shows confusion, but at least he managed to stay calm.

"I don't know what you are up to Rai, don't just get on Boss' bad side" Calton the youngest of the five speaks. He has been silent, watching as everything unfolded in his eyes, and it seems he couldn't take it anymore and decided to voice out.

Rai froze and lengthy stared at Calton, he was the least expected to speak and Rai knew he already cross his limit of overlooking. Rai realized this was getting too much for him. Exactly what he meant, "Aren't cleaning up the mess for you" Why does he always put him in tight situations and disappears in thin air?

He refused to believe he was passing all through this just because of him, like how… This was not what he wanted. His eyes fell on the fragile being laying helplessly on the bed, his eyes traveled up and down, and he remembered all the pain she passed through from Garkie and his men.

He wondered how she was able to still stay alive after all those pains and torture. But that is not the issue at hand, now he is taking her home, what exactly will he do to make her confess who exactly she is, what is her mission, and why is he bent on bringing her home instead of taking her to their other house?

Rai swallowed, and his eyes widened as if he were forced to do something unbelievable. Samie threw him a disbelieving look before making his poker face. Enough of this look, Rai, now tell me which house you are taking her to?"

What nonsense question is this? I'm bringing her home where you all live." He fired back.

" Don't even think about it…are you listening to yourself; not even Boss brings a stranger home…wait. Wait… Wait; let it not be what I'm thinking… don't tell me you are planning of nursing her after that you will date her.WHAT." now it was Ramsey's turn to tease him.

"Are you planning of going on a fairy tale relationship" Samie chipped in. " I can't wait to be addressed as the Iceland Prince, brother." He scoffed, adjusting his shirt in a mockery way.

Rai hate this, now they are taking turns teasing him. He looked at their faces and wondered why they are always like this on a serious issue.

"How about you two shut up and worry about the rumors"

" Like master like servants," Samie scoffed.

"Since when do we start caring about rumors; I don't want much, just an officiating Minister's post" Ramsey raised his two hands as if he was denying something and in surrender.

Rai knows that the men are teasing him, and he wondered how these two always turn things around, few minutes ago they were worried about the situation and now the two are acting like they don't care.

He can see the confusion still on Arson's face, even though he joined in laughing at their statements, he knows what is going on in that mind of his.

Rai couldn't blame him and Calton for being worried about the situation, he knows that they all understand the situation they are in. Samie and Ramsey had been the epitome of fun to their group, always cheering them up even when they found themselves in tight situations. Even though they display such a cheerful aura, they are also the group serious minded duo, especially when it has to do with life and death.

"Those two are unpredictable"

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