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C9 Attempt

Mell was sleeping, when she felt this cold air gushing over her, despite the thick blanket, she was still feeling cold, and she wondered where she was and how come she was feeling this cold.

She wanted to scream, but it was as if her tongue were tied together and her arm stiff. She struggled, but her body refused to corporate.

Suddenly, she saw a silhouette figure looming over her, his blue eyes smoldering over her, they were dark and dangerous, and they pierced her soul.

These eyes looked familiar, and she wondered if this was another kind of nightmare, but knowing this feels so real to be a dream. She lay still, her heart racing up and down.

She looked like a pry to this predator, and she wondered if she will be devoured right at this moment. Likewise, she struggled and struggled, and luckily, she screamed out.

Her voice echoed in the entire room and her eye fluttered open. Her hands flew to her heart and she squealed in pain when she realized the hefty man standing in the door.

She put her hand on her chest, her heart was racing so hard and she trembled heavily.

She freezes as he fixed her with terrifying eyes of his; If she was having dreams before, none could compare to his aura, looking at him alone was a nightmare and no one dared to look at him closely, those tormenting eyes will set someone ablaze, and she wondered what he is going to do to her.

Will he burn her as he said, or will he keep torturing her until she loses her sanity?

The gaze was getting stranger and scary. She wanted to survive, she was innocent, and she wished to be given a chance to prove her innocence, but now things, things are different.

He walked up to her, and she nervously crawled backward, her heart beating erratically.

He grabbed her arms and she squealed, covering her face, but the man stiff immediately after he touched her.

Gently he lifted her chin, his eyes a towering rage, Mell found herself staring deep into those blue eyes, It looked like he was hypnotizing her; her eyes welled with tears, and they streamed freely down her cheeks, and her neck crick.

His gaze widened, towering over her, and he gently released his hold on her. He stepped back and watched her quiver in fear.

"What happened?" He stood and watched her for some minutes, his shoulder shrugged as he leaves the room.

Mell throws herself on the bed, weeping profusely. She wished all this will end, the pain, and torture were too much, and her poor heart couldn't handle it again. She wished for another miracle. Save from hell only to meet another hell. She whimpers, grabbing the bedspread and clenching it like her life depends on there.


"She is something else" The stranger began, immediately Rai materialized in the room. "Keep an eye on her."

Ignoring him, Rai went and lie down on the bed, his lips curved up to something that looked like a smile.

"What are you smiling at, you silly?"

"Do you realize you are driving me crazy" Rai spoke. "What did you do to her?"

"Nothing! Nothing!! Nothing!!" He paced up and down the room.

"She's mysterious." He clenched his jaw. "I should have gotten rid of her earlier that day." He scolded himself.

He knows something was not right with that lady, "how did he hear her plead when he touched her?

He planned to tear her apart, or probably feed her flesh to his dogs, but no; he remembered hearing her voice 'Please save me, I'm innocent, believe me, I'm not what you all are thinking."

He heard her voice and thoughts in his head. Was he able to read her thoughts, or did she speak in his head? What type of creature is she to hide?

Someone is playing games with him, and he wondered who dares disturb the peace of his kingdom. Yes; having a spy in the kingdom means that the peaceful living of his people is at risk, and he's ready to travel far and bring such a person down. He won't trade his people's lives for anything.

"Nothing" he growled

Rai watched his restless state and grinned, seeing him in this state gladdened his heart. At least he's dealing with his emotions, which is probably why he's restless, pacing up and down the room.

"Will you stand and watch, silly? I read her thoughts."

Rai abruptly stood at his statement. At first, they couldn't read her thoughts, but now he can. This new situation raised his curiosity in him. " Who is she and what secret is she hiding"

He signed, frustrated. He narrowed his gaze on him.

"This is all your fault." He clenched his fist, displeased with his decision.

"This is not the time to blame anybody, keep an eye on her" he urged before dragging himself out of his sight.

Rai frowned, not expecting anything less than this, now they have to brace themselves because it seems something dangerous is going to befall them soon. "That lady is a mystery, and they need to solve her once and for all.

Where there's a will there's a way.

Mell woke up later, her head was throbbing with pain as if she were carrying a heavy load and her eyes kept dropping tears. She knows it was due to the previous cry. All her body aches, and now her throat is dried. The past week had been terror upon terror and when she thought she was safe, she not.

The door opens and Rhoda appears, carrying with her a tray of food and some fruits.

She placed it on the bed facing her, "I will prepare your bath."

"Rhoda." She called in barely a whisper.

"Do I look like a spy?"

She stopped in her track, turning around, her eyes lifted to a gentle smile.

"It's complicated Miss."

"Call me Mell; short for Mellisa." She urged her. "

She didn't expect her to say no or yes, she is a maid. So siding with her master is a way of showing their loyalty and showing gratitude.

Now she wondered who exactly is that man that gives off such dark and intimidating auras. She needs to save herself, and the best way to do it is now talking some sense into one of them. If she managed to get one to believe her, then convincing the rest won't be a problem.

The worst that can happen to her now is dying without voicing out. Her head explodes with different escape thoughts, and it hurts her more. The more she thinks about the man, the more the pain in her head increases.

"Who exactly is he? And what is he up to?"

He remembered him helping her find her way to the bathroom, same him tendering to his wounds; now she thought of that; she started to examine herself and only to see some wounds on her body, some already healed and others gradually undergoing their healing. Now she wondered how such a man could switch from being a savior to a beast.

Something is wrong somewhere. This is not time to dine and wine, if she must escape this place, she needs to work her way out.

"Can I speak to the master?" she found herself asking Rhoda.

"That I won't assure you, Miss"

"Rhoda…. Please..... Rhoda, please….they intend to kill me…look, I'm innocent, and I can't just die for what I don't know about."

Now her voice cracked, and her eyes welled with tears.

"I will handle the consequences of my actions…. I will be responsible for whatever I am going to say… please....." She urged.

Rhoda gives her assuring smile, her gaze fixed on her. She still wondered how she will do it because ever since she had known him, not one had ever stood against him!

"Are you confident?"

"Yes." She responds firmly.


The men were seated in a heated argument, debating on Mellisa's case.

To their master, she is nothing but a mysterious creature and needs an extra eye to watch her, to Arson, and Calton she's a spy and deserves death, these two share the same thoughts as their master.

Samie, Ramsey, and Boyld are the neutral ones and there is Rai. He just seated, his hand supporting his chin, he doesn't provide care about the tension. He just wants his master to pass his final judgment, and he's here for it.

They were still arguing when the enormous door cracked open and there she stood.

Mellisa, appeared in the room wearing a beautiful white gown with a pinky design, her hair was styled in a ponytail with a super-scented oil. She doesn't understand why Rhoda suggested a total make-over instead of allowing her to come as naturally as she was. She knows this is a risky move, but she is left with no options 'Kill or be killed; she argued with her mind.

After Rhoda had helped her to get ready.

"I hope you know how to word your speech" Rhoda had asked her as she led her to the meeting room, as they were walking through the hallway, Mellisa began to notice some differences.

The previous hallway leads to many rooms, and it has stairs, but this is a long straightway, with different. The Chandelier dangles, the bulbs glimmer with all types of colors, and it gives her these chilling feelings, but she shoved it past her.

Different black beautifully designed curtains were hung on the walls with a glamorous large table having on them some candles bras and all the candles were on. As she walked, what caught her attention the most was how all the curtains were tied back, even though there were no windows and the gloomy candles which she couldn't understand. Now this intensifies the doubts in her mind. Why is this hallway giving her such an eerie feeling?

Rhoda stopped as they neared the large door leading to the room. She stared at Rhoda, and she gives her an assuring nod. She stood, and took a deep breath as her hand held onto the door knob, "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." Her mind encouraged her, after standing for some minutes, the door cracked open and she stepped in.

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